Whats for Dinner? Is it edible? Is it Nutritious?

Whats for dinner is a frequently used phrase - a question used as an introduction for ads for the beef industry.

But maybe it should cause us to ask what has happened to dinner, and what has happened to every meal we eat.

The junk many of us eat is barely food.

When we hear presentations for various food supplements, and when we walk into health food stores and see shelves full of vitamins, minerals, energy drinks, enzymes, weight control pills and herbal formulas, we should recognize that something has gone seriously wrong with our food industry.

A lot of folks don't have a clue that anything is amiss.

Supermarkets in every city present mountains of produce, displays of every kind of meat, fish, and dairy products - along with isles between rows and rows of canned goods, juices and condiments plus freezers full of prepared TV dinners, pot pies, desserts, and frozen vegies ready for the steamer.

With all the availability of every food product imaginable, and with supermarket chains flourishing, is there really a problem?

Why are so many people overweight and even obese?

I guess it's okay if people really choose to be overweight - or just downright fat.

It really is fine, if they want to be hardly able to move and find it difficult to generate any desire to exercise and become physically fit.

A lot of the authors of health and nutrition books I read say that something has happened to our food supply - that many foods lack nutrition, and are contaminated by pesticides, chemical hormones, and chemical fertilizers.

What do you think?

Is it really the fault of the food industry?

It seems to me that the food industry responds to consumers.

The big supermarkets stock the food products which sell.

I know that many of the products so beautifully displayed in the stores are not worth eating. In fact, some of them are actually poisonous to some people.

But it's really up to you and I as consumers to make our wishes known to the retailers.

We do that every time we enter the store - by the purchases we make.

There's a lot of crap on those shelves, because a lot of people buy that stuff.

No doubt some decisions as to which food products are selected are based on price. It's cheaper to buy the hamburger with the higher fat and water content than to buy the lean meat.

Lots of decisions are based on convenience, right?

Apparently a huge part of the food-buying public prefers the hamburger helper type products, or the TV dinners, or the heat and serve pizzas.

Does anyone in your family ask, whats for dinner?

Sometimes the question is asked because someone wants to know whether they're going to enjoy the meal.

Many times our tastes buds have been trained by default.

We have a taste for the foods that taste great - and those foods are the ones we've learned to enjoy.

We may have learned to enjoy the ones that are the sweetest, or the ones which have the most chocolate.

I would still prefer to eat a lot of steak and baked potatoes, and of course, iceberg lettuce wedges dripping with blue cheese dressing.

The freshly baked rolls with lots of butter are incredible, too.

But the fact is, I really can't get away with that kind of eating any more.

So, whats for dinner at my house?

My favorite dinner is fresh grilled salmon with asparagus and a fresh green salad.

But, I still enjoy a good, lean steak once in a while. No potato, though, and no blue cheese dressing.

Whats for dinner at your house?

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