The U S Constitution - Protection from Tyrannical Government

The U S Constitution is the most amazing founding document on the planet - at least in terms of its brevity and profound importance.

About 22 years ago Joyce and I had the pleasure of participating in a small class of citizens who studied this document under the leadership of a fine senior citizen and Navy veteran Leonard Holder.

Holder was not related to the current attorney general, and unfortunately for us all, he passed away sometime during the '90s.

Under Leonard's tutalege we went through it multiple times, line by line, phrase by phrase, even clause by clause.

Most class members had a little previous exposure to this master document of self-government, but never had had the opportunity to gain the understanding afforded by Leonard's leadership and method.

The most important aspect of understanding gained by our meticulous study had to do with the ability to read the simple, everyday language of this instrument.

Every time educated men and women attempt to read anything, we do so through eyes and mind prejudiced by prior experience along with exposure to dogma and propaganda. This is especially true during these times saturated with the sounds and images of the electronic mass media.

No wonder that the U S Constitution is vulnerable to the distortion promoted by greedy, power-hungry politicians and others eager to build empires and reap their own selfish goals.

Political parties and other organizations and individuals can easily twist the words of any document through the use of seemingly innocent rhetoric to make it seem to say something entirely foreign to the original intent of the author or authors.

This has most certainly been the typical approach and use of each of the founding documents of our nation, the result of which has been to make the U S Constitution and the Declaration of Independence nearly meaningless to vast numbers of citizens, as well as to enemies of the state.

You may wonder how any of us as ordinary citizens with no formal credentials can possibly approach the U S Constitution with the intent of understanding how it affects each us.

There's an important parallel here.

We've been conditioned to feel insignificant compared to those who claim expertise in areas of law and government - and equally so in areas of health or health care.

In both of these very important areas, each of us as adults and even many children, have the opportunity and the duty to know and understand as much as we need to in order to prevent domination and tyranny by others.

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You may wonder, as I occasionally do, how can the U S Constitution possibly help us return to liberty considering how very far we've moved away from it.

The answer is that this great document, the Supreme Law of the Land, is still intact. It's our duty as citizens to understand it along with the limits it places on government.

That understanding will enable each of us to move with certainty at the right time to implement the return to liberty. 

Is our destiny preordained?

When we take the time to consider our history as a nation - a nation under God - it's hard not to conclude that we've been favored by a higher power.

Although there are certain events in our history which seem to be inimical to that idea.

Many history books have glossed over or even eliminated certain parts of history in order to glamorize it - to make it seem something it is not.

One very obvious example is the history of minorities in the U.S. and how they've been treated, especially the division and Civil War which happened as a result of slavery.

Slavery lasted as long as it did in this country because of ignorance and greed on the parts of those who benefited from it financially.

The fear factor could also have been a part of it.

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The U S Constitution along with the Declaration of Independence provide us with the all important means of maintaining our focus as a nation.

If more Americans of all ethnical backgrounds correctly understood the U S Constitution, many or even most of the problems we're experiencing would be solved.

Attempted power grabs by various groups would be stopped before they gain momentum.

The current power grab by the Obama administration is not unique. It seems unique and even very frightening to those who seem to be its victims.

Yet a short glance back in time reveals that other administrations have seemingly committed very similar kinds of tyrannical acts.

That it's happened before does not excuse the current administration.

And it does not justify the illegal and unconstitutional actions of Obama, his cabinet or his various czars. Just the fact that he has czars is unconstitutional.

The czars wouldn't be unconstitutional if they did nothing but have an occasional beer with Obama - assuming they would not be on the government's payroll.

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This page really is not meant to be a verbal attack on Obama. There are enough of those elsewhere on the web.

I certainly am very critical of Obama and all other liberals who would either ignore the U S Constitution, or, as in the case of Obama himself, have studied it carefully and know exactly what needs to be done to avoid the consequences of exceeding the constitutional limits of power.

The U S Constitution has been under attack by various powerful people almost since the day it was adopted.  That it has been diluted is a matter of history.

Or, at least it seems to have been diluted.

There has been little or no dilution as far as the original words and intent of the document are concerned. It is in the application or lack thereof that has caused deviation from the Constitution.

The dilution has occurred primarily because very few Americans have really understood the U S Constitution. This is especially true today and throughout the 20th century.

It's not that it's difficult to understand - rather it's simply true that an extremely small number of citizens ever take the time to read and study it.

An extremely small number of citizens ever have the time, and so most of us just rely on those few lawyers, teachers, professors and other experts who have looked at it and interpreted it for us.

Many lawyers, including legislators and Supreme Court justices, have carefully misinterpreted the U S Constitution, because they believed they could benefit by advocating for big government.

If we as individual citizens give any time or effort or even recognition that the document exists we will at least add impetus to anyone who reads and studies it for himself, refusing to believe those who want to interpret it out of existence.

A class on the U S Constitution should be a part of the curriculum for every high school student in our country.

Even though many instructors would probably get it wrong, at least many more students would have contact with the instrument, and most likely, some would be inspired to really study it.

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We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more  perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

A careful look at the preamble helps establish the basis for understanding the entire document.

It's interesting to note that the writers themselves considered themselves to be among the People of the United States. So, the people granted certain powers through the Constitution to the three  branches of the government.

As you read through, you see that in granting certain powers, the writers also placed severe restrictions or limits on those powers, and specifically withheld many powers from the government.

Many powers were reserved to the States, or to the people themselves.

On the tyranny page of this website, I write about the government's strong tendency to try to take care of us as individuals - recently by attempting to force private citizens to buy health insurance.

Not only would they mandate the purchase of insurance, but the so-called Affordable Care Act tries to prescribe the exact parameters and details of any insurance policy we might buy.

Anyone who thinks this is a good idea or thinks it might be  Constitutional should notice that the Preamble says Promote the general welfare - not provide, or even provide for the general welfare.

What about each individual's right to be in charge of his own body and soul? How can anyone be comfortable with the tyranny of having the government be in charge of our individual health care?

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The whole health insurance and health care situations didn't just suddenly pop up during the last 20 or so years.

Lots of other circumstances have occurred in which it seems that the government has gone into rampages of usurpation of individual rights and responsibilities.

The government would hardly be able to usurp anything if we the people were sufficiently prepared to fend off unconstitutional power grabs.

But while we sleep, the government does grab in lots of seemingly innocuous areas.

One of those areas is in education.

As a former public school teacher, I've witnessed first hand what federal government meddling in education has done to our schools. I remember very well the education I was privileged to gain all through the 12 years I spent in public schools during the '50's and '60's, then through another 4 years as an undergraduate at San Diego State College.

After graduating from high school in 1961 then college in 1965, I've seen a very steady decline in the general level of education during the years and decades since.

And, I'm pretty sure it had already declined considerably prior to those years.

The sad truth is that rising control from Washington has probably damaged American schools by reducing local flexibility, retarding innovation, and burying school administrators in regulations. Federal involvement should be ended, and it should be up to the states, the schools, and parents to boost school performance.

The above paragraph appears on the CATO Institute website. It was written by CATO scholar, Chris Edwards.

Another sad truth is that it's a common experience of many of us to come across young people working at restaurants and retail jobs and find that they cannot make correct change when completing transactions at the cash register.

It's so bad that if we give our young clerk a ten dollar bill along with a quarter and two pennies to pay our tab of $5.27, the young adult clerk is often completely stumped.

They often pull out a calculator to figure out the higher math in order to make correct change.

These young folks are often high school graduates - and sometimes even college graduates.

Even more hideous than the fact that high school and college grads often cannot add and subtract is their complete lack of historical perspective resulting from little or no coursework in U.S. history.

Or, in many cases the U.S. History being taught is far from accurate, and is taught so poorly that students develop very little interest in the subject.

The text books now are filled with disinformation which negatively impacts students as far as a correct understanding of the importance of individual rights are concerned.

I remember sitting in faculty meetings during my early years as a teacher listening to some veteran teachers lamenting the imposition of more and more regulations coming from the Federal Government. They especially lamented the fact that the regulations were seriously reducing instructional time in the classroom.

The reduction in instructional time was and is only a part of the problem.

The other part is having the financial burden of requirements - often connected with the implementation of the requirements.

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I can only imagine what those same well-educated experienced teachers would say if they knew what's happening in education now as a result of the activities of the U.S. Department of Education during Obama's tenure as President.

Many provisions of  No Child Left Behind installed by the U.S. Department of Education under George W. Bush were bad enough. It seems clear that NCLB has not resulted in any improvement.

It may well have resulted in substantial damage to schools.

But now, during the Obama administration, with Obama's creation of a Safe-schools Czar within the U.S. Department of Education is an even more flagrant violation of the Constitution in more ways than any previous effort on the part of the Federal Government.

The only activity on the federal level should be of the nature of supporting the right and duty of local school districts to improve their schools using local resources and ideas.

The fact that a tax-payer funded event known as a lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Youth Summit was organized and carried out in secrecy - with no reporters admitted - should alert every adult in the country that something very sinister occurred.

Where's the Constitutional authority for such an event?

How does having a secret summit involving LGBT youth increase safety in our schools?

For many citizens - especially those who consider themselves to be part of the LGBT  community, such activities by the Federal Government are considered to be strongly positive.

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Why is any political leader interested in promoting the agenda of the LGBT community?

A decade or so ago, there was still debate going on as to whether sexual preference could be a civil right, guaranteed by the U S Constitution.

Apparently that debate is still going on in some circles.

That fact brings us back to the question as to the Constitutional authority for the Federal Government to sponsor a secret convocation to promote the gay life style among children.

Even if it were limited to adults, if it's funded and promoted by the Federal Government, there's no authority in the U S Constitution for any activity which is highly personal in nature.

Lack of authority under the U S Constitution has hardly been a deterrent to many actions taken by the current administration.

To many or most liberals, that fact is positive.

And it's especially positive to the libs when the same government leaders seek to control the personal lives of protected classes through regulations promulgated through bad legislation and unconstitutional executive orders.

By far the worst result of most government controlled public school educations gained by today's students is an utter failure in the area of reading.

This failure has been going on for decades.

I'd always thought I was able to read well until I crossed paths with Leonard, the gentleman I mentioned near the beginning of this page.

During the summer about 22 years ago while privileged to study the U S Constitution under Leonard's leadership, I discovered that my reading skills were sadly lacking.

It's easy to read something for the entertainment value, but when it''s necessary to read important passages for correct understanding, bad reading habits cause nearly anyone to fail to realize the true message intended by the writer or writers.

Even Supreme Court Justices - or especially Supreme Court Justices - frequently fail to derive the correct understanding of the Constitution.

They often understand it according to their own political biases.

We should all be aware that many Supreme Court decisions have been rendered by the narrow margin of 5-4. This is true with some of the most vital cases to come before the Supreme Court.

Further, several Supreme Court cases have been overturned by later courts, and a few have been overturned by amendments to the Constitution.

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One of the great features of the U S Constitution is the fact that, in spite of its brevity, new vital truth can be extracted from it every time you take enough time to look at it carefully and study it.

For example, look at the ninth amendment:

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

That's what almost anyone might consider great empowerment with economy of words.

It's so important that every American should memorize it.

I must admit that I've hardly looked at it until now. But it's so short and so incredibly important that I'll certainly commit it to memory now.

I wish I were smart enough to have realized its importance on my own, with no prompting from any source beyond myself.

My prompting came from Timothy Sandefur, as I was reading the first chapter of his book, The Conscience of the Constitution.

We often hear about the Fifth Amendment, and lately, very much about the Second Amendment. But how often do we hear about the Ninth?

It's similar to the situation among those of us who are fans of classical music. We often hear the Fifth Symphony of Beethoven, and also his Ninth. His Sixth Symphony is also popular.

But Beethoven's Third, his Seventh and Eighth, are much less frequently heard live by modern symphony orchestras.

Not a very good analogy, really.

The Ninth Amendment to the U S Constitution is vital - but its truth would still be there if it had never been written.

Having it in writing, as part of the Bill of Rights, is exciting and empowering to any American who feels constrained or frightened by the vast over-reaching activities of the Federal Government, or by any other level of government within the United States.

As Timothy Sandefur tells us, the framers of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence knew first hand what individual rights are and where they came from.

But they weren't at all unified in their opinions.

Somehow, most likely supernaturally, the words and phrases within the U S Constitution as they were penned by Madison, Jackson, Washington, and a host of others, were solidified and enacted into the Supreme Law of the Land.

This page of my website,, will necessarily grow over time, as I' m able to research the vast number of writings in books and on the web pertaining to the relevant history.

It may seem strange to you that a page on the U S Constitution would appear on a site about alternative health.

I'm convinced that our health as individuals is deeply affected by efforts of politicians - many of whom are power-hungry tyrants - who desire to control the masses, destroying our God-given rights in the process.

The best antidote to this activity is for masses of us dumb citizens to increase our understandings of the U S Constitution. To realize that the original words in the main body of it and the amendments, give us the power to return control of our country to those who are dedicated to the Supreme Law of the land, also give each of us the ability to claim all of our natural rights and power under common law.

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