Tyranny in a Free Country

Tyranny comes in many forms these days - even here in the U.S.A.

Maybe especially here in the U.S.A.

Obamacare is one of the most obvious forms of it. Yet many of our citizens are firmly convinced that Obamacare will solve the so called healthcare crisis in our country.

That's understandable when you look at the history of health care, science and technology in America.

The obvious dictatorial nature of Obamacare comes in the form of the individual mandate. Less obvious forms are scattered throughout the entire law - enacted with almost none of the legislators ever having read it.

This website is all about alternative health possibilities, and especially about various ways any individual can choose to facilitate his or her own healthy and happy life.

Obamacare, if fully implemented, would remove that choice along with the freedom to avoid health insurance - a completely unnecessary construct deemed absolutely necessary for every individual.

Not everyone deems it necessary. Millions of citizens are very comfortable staying healthy without health insurance coverage.

Likewise, many of us are very comfortable and healthy with no medical care - knowing that medicine frequently causes more problems than it solves.

Obamacare may well implode before it's even fully implemented.

While the government fumbles through the some 22,000 pages of regulations that have been promulgated from the 2,000 pages of the original bill pushed through congress by the likes of Polosi and Reed, various employers across the country are taking steps to escape some of the most onerous requirements.

Tyranny - Continental Divide from Bierstadt Trail

One of the most tyrannical aspects of the very idea of having a national health program is the idea that individuals should be taken care of by their government.

How on earth did this idea ever gain momentum?

What about each individual's right to be in charge of his own body and soul? How can anyone be comfortable with the tyranny of having the government be in charge of our individual health care?

There would never have been a crisis in health care or health insurance had it not been for the long term efforts of government to create crisis after crisis - on many levels.

The mainstream news media has been a willing partner in furthering the entire crisis after crisis mentality. All of this has been going on during both Democrat and Republican regimes for the last 50 to 60 years.

Just think of all the times we are told of great danger as the result of some alleged food contamination , followed by a massive recall of some food product, such as spinach, or cantaloupe, or tomatoes.

Are they really protecting the public?  Not.

The successful tyranny lies in the continued subjugation of individuals to powerful Federal agencies.

A careful look at the specific facts, including the ages and existing prior conditions of the alleged victims always shows how ridiculous are the allegations of danger.

Tyranny - Bierstadt Trail

Government is not the only culprit involved in this tyranny. Private enterprise - especially Big Pharma, the medical establishment, and most of the educational establishment have had their tentacles solidly wrapped around this effort.

The urge to build financial  and political empires has been the common denominator holding together all the otherwise disparate pieces.

Richard Leviton wrote a monumental book titled Phy*si*cian which was published in 2000. The subtitle is Medicine and the Unsuspected Battle for Human Freedom.

This book is not an easy read, but it's well worth the effort necessary to gain an understanding as to how all the big players have very effectively stolen not only freedom, but health and well-being from vast numbers of individuals in this country.

The big players include government, through the FDA and the USDA -  Congress, the White House, and the so-called Department of Justice, including the Supreme Court. The giant pharmaceutical companies, along with agribusiness companies such as Monsanto and Dupont are also clearly part of the sinister picture.

Another big player is the mass news media, dominated by the interests of all the above entities.

Tyranny - Bierstadt Trail

Sounds a bit like a conspiracy. If it is, I think it's just a coming together of special interests powered more by the financial interests of all the associated entities than domination by any one ideology.

Ideological interests definitely enter the picture, though, especially those of tyrants such as Obama.

Obama could never have been elected in the first place had not the stage been created by a long list of big government advocates including the likes of FDR and Woodrow Wilson.

That statement goes back more than 100 years!

I said long list, then provided a short list.

Not all the names that can be placed on that list are former presidents.

Many are members of the mass media as well as others who've achieved notoriety as educators, lawyers, and most recently, climatologists.

The list consists of prominent folks who advocate for big government with lots of bureaucracies instead of limited government as described by our Federal Constitution.

To bring up the Constitution when attempting to have a dialog with many people these days is to brand yourself as old school, or as an old fogie. The vast majority of our citizens have never read the Constitution. and many of those who have read it say they don't understand it.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle often bring up the Constitution without having a clue as to what it means.  They usually bring it up only when they can use what it allegedly says to support their views.

Tyranny - Bierstadt Trail

Politicians have a very long history of talking about the Constitution - often throwing out quotes from it.  Sometimes Federal Judges get into the act, too.

Make no mistake. Federal Judges are very much into politics - but they also are often outraged by what they perceive as injustice to some individual or group perceived as having been wronged by some level of government or big business.

Just before Valentines Day - or maybe just after - one Federal judge quoted a portion of the liberty clause of the Declaration of Independence, but attributed it to the Constitution.

Both of these documents are extremely important to you and I as individual American citizens, so we owe it to ourselves to know both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution very well.

Maybe if many more Americans really knew and understood these two founding documents, many more would become interested enough to actually vote intelligently every time there's an election at the State and Federal levels.

Doing so could remove much of the tyranny which is now standard practice among most career politicians.

Tyranny has reached outrageous levels because so many of us as citizens have stood around and allowed it to happen without so much as a whimper.

Much more on the Constitution here and, see my page on the Declaration of Independence here.

Several paragraphs earlier, I mentioned Richard Leviton.

His book that I'm most familiar with, Phys*si*cian, has been around for almost 14 years. I've had a copy and have been studying it off and on for about 5 or 6 years.

I know I'm a slow learner, but I also know Leviton's writing in this book is a bit pedantic.  That's probably by design.

He wants to sound like an expert. He actually is an expert, but does not have any of the standard credentials - especially a doctorate - attached to his name.

Now he's a certified clairvoyant.

I just discovered that fact a day or two ago when I was searching for information about this Richard Leviton.

Though he's younger than me, he's completely credible and almost a hero in my eyes. I thoroughly enjoy his writing and agree with most of what he says. I must admit, though, some of his writing has been a bit of a mystery to me.

I admire his writing because he writes the truth.

Consider the following statement from his book, Physician:

In this reconfiguration, the enforced domination of one paradigm--in this case, the allopathic in our acutely medicalized America-- is philosophically mistaken, sociologically criminal, and environmentally antidemocratic.

Even though I've taken the statement out of context - context which the author had carefully established, you can quickly see the critical truth contained in the statement.

Within the statement, his phrase, the enforced domination of one paradigm--in this case, the allopathic in our acutely medicalized America--        sounds like tyranny to me.

And it is in fact, tyranny.  Enforced domination means that the paradigm has been selected as being paramount over all the others, and the selecting entities are governmental, industrial, and even cultural.

But it's only cultural because of the overwhelming support given by the mass media during the last 100 years. That support was likely bought and paid for by the AMA.

Public education gets into the act by its determination as to what curricula consist of. The math and science offerings of the public schools have been dominated by a purely mechanistic view of nature and the human organism for most of the last 100 years.

Newtonian physics - even though physics as a subject is only taken by a few students - is the basis of the very limited science classes, including any and all biology courses.

For the vast majority of citizens and even academics, the assumption is that the determination or establishment of curricula which brainwashes us while we're young and impressionable is not a problem.

Tyranny results from the fact that students at every level in our public education sytem are forced to take required classes which concentrate on socializing everyone into the same mold.

But the result is that the vast majority of us wind up being woefully ignorant as to the power and freedom of the individual human organism especially relative to each individual's ability to maintain excellent health without allopathic interference.

The tyranny exists in the fact that for most people, there is no choice - no alternative to the allopathic paradigm because most people are not only not aware that other paradigms exist, they believe that only the uneducated person would even consider another way.

Tyranny - Bierstadt Trail

There are many aspects to allopathic medicine which are tyrannical.

One is the requirement for vaccinations. This is a genuinely controversial subject. Many fine Americans are convinced that they and their children are provided with protection against certain diseases by vaccinations.

Another is the treatment protocol sanctioned for some diseases, such as cancer. How is it that a condition which is the result of bad nutrition along with other poor personal habits should be treated with radiation and chemicals the effect of which may actually result in the more rapid death of the patient?

Yet another example of tyranny is the bad name given to cholesterol - a natural fatty substance which is absolutely necessary for brain health, and is actually produced by the body itself.

Allopathic medicine along with Big Pharma are responsible for this ongoing falsehood. The government, through the FDA, also continually contributes by its stamp of approval on the standard treatment - prescription of dangerous statin drugs for a condition which should not be altered.

AIDS is not an aspect - but rather a condition which may or may not exist as a separate illness or disease. Unbelievably scary quantities of scary misinformation about AIDS have been used to beat multitudes into submitting to blood tests as well as submitting to treatments using strong poisons labeled as medications.

Tyranny - Bierstadt Trail

Many, if not most, commonly accepted allopathic treatments for conditions easily cured by correct nutrition, or homeopathty, or chiropractic, acupuncture - or even just drinking great quality water - are actually made worse by the use of medicines or surgery.

That's tyranny.

Finally, just within the last 10 or 15 years, there are growing numbers of medical doctors who are practicing what is called integrative medicine.

Depending on the individual physician, integrative medicine uses allopathic only as a last resort.

Dr. Alexjandro Junger, M.D. - the author of Clean is one of the well known examples of an integrative doctor.

Meanwhile, the tyranny continues for most Americans involved with standard American allopathic practice along with the ongoing interference exerted by the FDA, Congress, and the current President of the United States.

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