Stress Symptoms - Are You Sick, or Are You Stressed?

Stress symptoms include a long list of conditions and maladies which include many often attributed to invasions by bacteria or viruses.

Colds, headaches, nausia, diarrhea, constipation, allergies, frequent urination, depression -- to name just a few. A list compiled by the American Institute of Stress has 50 items including both physical and mental-emotional symptoms.

Many of us who rely on medicines may resort to over-the-counter stuff to control the symptoms.

Or we may increase our use of substances such as caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol.

The problem here is that the substances and drugs may cover up the symptoms, but they never actually remove the stress.

Cigarette smokers are convinced that nicotine relieves stress. Some smokers feel quite relaxed while smoking - but soon the relaxation diminishes as the need for more nicotine builds.

Stress levels are actually increased - not only by the nicotine but by the many other poisons, especially carbon monoxide.

Then chain smoking easily becomes the order of the day.

Alcohol use has a similar result, and caffeine is not far behind.

I know too many wonderful folks who have similarly become victims of mind-relaxing drugs, such as valium, xanax, or even more severe drugs.

Clearly the cure quickly becomes the cause.

Some symptoms sneak up on you - such as weight gain or loss without significant dietary changes.

If you notice that you are easily confused or flustered, stressful situations may be getting to you.

Have you noticed that these symptoms actually cause increased levels of stress?

If you don't realize that the symptoms are the result of stress, you can easily get caught in a vicious circle of allowing your mind to magnify tough conditions and diminish your feelings of self worth.

One frequent result is insomnia, which also then works against you as a cause of additional stress.

It's always easy to talk or think about relaxing - but actually doing it when you feel pressure to perform is very difficult.

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