Stress Free Living:  First Understand the Hows and Whys

Stress free living is very healthy living.

You may think it's next to impossible - especially if your job or career is stressful.

But stress is very harmful.  To reach this conclusion is an intuitive reaction for most of us.

Humans are very adaptive.  When we allow stress to gradually increase in our lives, we may not notice it happening.  Suddenly, we might get a wake-up call in the form of a health catastrophe.

A lot of highly productive individuals are surprised when they suddenly reach a health crisis of some kind.  Some are not surprised; instead, they're suddenly dead.

The stress response of the body often pushes you into unhealthy habits - including bad sleeping and dietary habits. Snacking is a favorite means of coping with stress. Most of us think we'll be able to stay relatively healthy if we eat according to a balanced diet. What that balanced diet might consist of could be very stressful internally.

Sometimes you can be living a relatively stress-free life, not realizing the subtle ways stress can sneak up on you.

For example, I've known lots of folks who take certain family relationships so seriously that when something small goes awry, they worry quietly over a period of time, not realizing that they're actually causing internal health problems.

If you're frequently sick, or if you find yourself drinking more coffee, or using more of your favorite over-the-counter drug, maybe stress has caught up with you.

Take a look at some common stress symptoms, here.

Stress has been pinpointed as the cause of a lot of diseases, both physical and mental.

Are you stressed most of the time? Check this out to find out how to manage or eliminate stress from your daily life.

Having lived on this planet for more than seven decades, and having been in a variety of career situations, I'm aware that many individuals seem to thrive on stress.

They seem to relish pressure cooker situations with no end of exciting action.

They seem to have nerves of steel, so maybe they don't react to the pressure with stress.

I admire people who are able to function well in those situations - assuming that it can be done long term with no harm to their physical and emotional well-being.

But if you don't enjoy that lifestyle and have been caught in it, you would likely do yourself a huge favor by removing yourself from it.

Or if you find yourself requiring various medications, lots of alcohol or caffeine, just realize that you may have some real problems ahead.

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I alluded to it earlier on this page, but it's worth getting into more completely or thoroughly.

A tremendous amount of stress results from eating incorrectly. Incorrect eating means not only eating the wrong foods, but eating at the wrong time.

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Teenagers in modern Western Cultures are in a category which is the result of complicated and serious pressures imposed by parents, educators, and by the teens themselves.

Not all teens have problems going through adolescence - but if you're a teen experiencing lots of stress, or the parent of such a teen, please click here.

Regardless of the situation you're in, it's quite possible to enjoy stress free living.  Unfortunately, many go to their graves without discovering how great life can really be.

Sleep is a vital part of everyone's life. It's not possible to function at optimal levels without regular, excellent quality sleep.

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