Who Doesn't Love Spring Water?

Who doesn't love the sound of spring water? Usually the taste is fantastic, too.

During the six years we lived in Nucla, Colorado we frequently drove to one of several running springs to fill several containers with fresh, cool water.

It was always great to drink the cool clear water right from the spring. It just seemed to taste better right there than later, when we drank it from the container.

It might actually have been better - since our main container was a five gallon cooler which was plastic-lined.

That's the problem with most bottled water available in stores. It's bottled in plastic.

Most water will dissolve a little bit of plastic - so we wind up consuming a certain amount of plastic when we drink it.

If I could get spring water in glass bottles, I wouldn't hesitate to drink it - assuming it had been tested and had no heavy metal minerals.

Unfortunately the labels on most bottled water don't go into enough detail, with a few exceptions.

Our Mom, now 94 years old, along with her 7 brothers and a sister, grew up on the family farm in Northwest Arkansas. All of their water came from a spring. I doubt they ever had it tested.

But it was tested continually by every member of the family - none of whom ever had a problem with the water. I assume that a lot of Americans during those years were doing just fine with water flowing naturally out of the ground.

Some sources have written about dangers of the various kinds of water - especially bottled waters.

Lots of waters coming from the ground have mineral content. Some have minerals such as arsenic and even traces of mercury and lead.

When I was young and blissfully ignorant, I cared much more about the taste of water than about any possible mineral content.

During the decade of the '80's as I began bumping into individuals with backgrounds in the alternative health field, water become a major concern for my family and I.

We've been drinking distilled water as our primary water for nearly 30 years. When we're in a situation where distilled water is not available except in plastic containers, we drink whatever good quality water is available.

No one should drink distilled water out of a plastic container.

Lots of stores, including health food stores, sell all kinds of water.

Recently there's been a lot of publicity about bottlers who bottle tap water and sell it under their label as purified water.

Most municipal water districts purify the water to some extent. Usually it's filtered and chlorinated - and in some cases, fluoridated.

Quite a few health food stores sell water through a vending machine which customers can use to fill their own containers. Usually it's purified water which has been run through a reverse osmosis filtration system.

If you live in a region where there are natural springs available to the public, or if you happen to have one or more springs on your own land in a rural area, you probably drink spring water all the time.

Lots of people do, with no apparent problems - but sometimes toxins from various sources accumulate in your body over a period of years.

If you haven't already done so, you might want to have your spring water tested for mineral content and for contamination by man-made chemicals.

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