Self Health Care Comes Naturally

Self health care was something that huge numbers of people did automatically before medicine became such a huge business.

A lot of folks all over the planet have been taking care of themselves, and doing so very well.

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Go back 50, 75, or 100 years and check the lifestyle of people who were involved with rural living.

I was close to both of my parents, so I've been able to find out a certain amount of detail regarding the lifestyle for lots of folks living in farming and other rural communities.

Mom grew up in a large family living in the Boston Mountains of Northwest Arkansas.

The services of a doctor were rarely used - partly because the doctor was very far away - but mostly because of a very physically demanding lifestyle, and because my grandparents and their offspring were very strong in their faith.

Even during the first 2 or 3 decades of my life during the '40's, '50's and '60's  there was much less obsession with medicines and all the diseases that seem to occupy so many lives now.

Self Health Care may include the use of health professionals!

Self health care results from the patient taking the initiative. Health professionals may be a great help to the individual being afflicted with a condition which is causing pain and other forms of discomfort or stress.

Fibromyalgia is a disease which only recently was recognized by the medical comkmunity

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My dear wife is an amazing example of a determined individual who was willing and able to respond to treatment by our naturopathic physician, who is a fine chiropractor and applied kinesiologist. Her condition was diagnosed as fibromyalgia.

There's a scientifically determined reason that everyone is actually capable of taking care of himself.

It's called homeostasis.

Homeostasis is why we all have mind power for self health care.

Homeostasis is a fancy name for the fact that the human organism is so well designed that it is capable of maintaining all the critical elements of life within narrow parameters.

As an example, if your body temperature becomes elevated, mechanisms are automatically activated to cool you down.  Or if you get cold, other actions automatically take place to warm you.

Much more sophisticated and sometimes minute adjustments are made for other changes to your internal environment - changes to maintain optimum blood pressure, blood ph, blood sugar levels, and so on.

These days we all have access to much more information about nutrition and exercise - which are vital for good self health care.

As I approach my seventies, I feel great nearly all the time.

The only time I don't feel great is when I eat or drink something I shouldn't.

I think it's primarily because of having always had a strong inner desire to be very active physically.

I haven't always eaten as well as I do now - but lots of exercise has allowed me to get away with eating habits which were sometimes less than optimal.

At various times when I was younger, I was sick - sometimes very sick.

I was very lucky - because I usually was too broke to go to the doctor. 

Looking back, I'm sure that my occasional illness was due to poor eating habits -usually too many carbs - and certainly eating lots of grains - especially wheat - had a lot to do with it.

But I was always confident that I would quickly recover - and always did.  I almost never missed a day of work - or even a part of a day.

I'm sure many who read this page have had experiences very much like mine:  if you feel less than great, you get some extra rest, lay off the food for a while, and your body heals itself.

Or, maybe your spouse fixes some fresh juice from your favorite combination of organically grown veggies.

That's self health care.

What has been the key for you?

Fear Causes Many Folks to Rely on Medicine

Very few people realize that the prevailing germ theory of illness and disease has not been proven.

Nonetheless governmental agencies at all levels are completely sold out to the idea that we are always at the mercy of these microscopic organisms.

The entire medical establishment in this country is built on the premise that most illness and disease are the result of  invasions of bacteria and viruses. 

For anyone to suggest otherwise until recently would result in serious scorn and derision.  Even now the mainstream media is used effectively to promote fear of microbial lifeforms and sell more pharmaceuticals.

Fortunately lots of us common folk along with some uncommon folk are able to ignore the propaganda machine paid for by big pharma and even governmental agencies.

You and I are fully capable of determining for ourselves the best ways to maintain our health at optimum levels.

Not only are there highly effective alternative health care professionals available, but there are many individuals who have always felt very comfortable managing their own health care rarely using the skills of anyone outside their own families.

That's self health care.

If you start with a relatively illness-free childhood - other than the usual bouts with childhood measles, mumps, the occasional sore throat or cold, you find yourself in the strong position of being able to handle everything that comes along.

Some never have more than a taste of illness during childhood.

Others seem to "catch" everything that comes along.

What makes the difference?

Parenting is a huge factor.

While I was a public school teacher it was easy to observe a lot of different parenting styles.

It was also easy to notice which students were being smothered by very protective parents.  Those were the students who were frequently absent - and who often had lots of medications to take nearly all the time.

Some conditions seem to have become epidemics.

If you're a parent now with school-age children, you might have a child who has been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder.

ADD is very common these days - but it's one of many disorders which can best be handled in house.

Self health care by wise parents is far superior to the use of prescription drugs.

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Economics is another factor.

When you're a child you don't have control over either one - so if you had some negative factors working against you in those areas, you likely need some help.

But look at the evidence.

It's pretty well known that medical approaches to health are extremely expensive.

If you rely on medicine for your health care, health insurance is required.

It's funny that it's called health insurance - because it doesn't really insure or assure anyone's good health.

For some health assurance that does work, please click here.

But those expensive procedures not only often don't work - they frequently produce conditions more serious than the one they're supposed to solve.

Real help comes from the alternative health pros. Some of them are medical doctors - enlightened ones who recognize all the dangers of prescription and non-prescription drugs.

There are ways to overcome a difficult childhood and adolescence health-wise. Some just grow out of certain chronic conditions.

Tremendous satisfaction comes from knowing that you can take care of yourself.

Self health care is the way to go.

Self Health Care Meadowlark at Rabbit Mtn

Strong self motivation helps.

For many, though, this is easier said than done.

It's way too easy to become dependent upon drugs or medications, especially if you've become attached to a medical doctor or clinic which more or less treats you like a machine.

Some of our friends are very dependent upon public health care systems - community hospitals and doctors.

There are some incredibly fine doctors and nurses within those systems.

The downside is that it's really hard to break away from those clinics, and many never will.

Freedom from drugs of all kinds is a highly desirable goal.

If you're finding it hard to break out of the medicine trap you might find help from some great books written to strengthen self reliance.

Many doctors and other professionals have written about the amazing resources we all have within. To learn about my favorites, please click here.

I know several individuals who live in a drug-induced fog, addicted to legal prescription drugs such as Xanax and Klonapin.

Throughout our culture millions are more or less addicted to various types of drugs as a result of over prescription and sometimes as a result of tragic circumstances in individual lives.

A long term treatment program may be necessary to get out of that fog and into self health care.

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Some have a strong will and other character traits required to get out on their own.

Mind power is the key.

Sometimes the mind power comes in realizing that you need help from others - maybe other doctors who are well trained in drugless therapies.

To read more about life without drugs, please click here.

Some of these doctors are nutritionists and kinesiologists who are able to help patients move toward self health care.

If you fit in the category of the millions who have depended on both legal and illegal drugs, and you want out, find an alternative health care professional, and find a program such as Stout Street Foundation.

Nearly all chronic diseases, such as multiple sclerosis are actually worsened by prescription drugs.

It's paramount that you develop the desire for self health care - the ability to take responsibility for your own excellent health.

Maybe you have enough desire to break free by yourself.

Possibly you're fed up with being dependent on medicines or drugs for feeling well and having lots of energy.

If you're using prescription drugs ask your doctor about getting off the medications - see if there's a way to improve without taking the medications with side effects.

If the doctor responds negatively, maybe it's time to look for an alternative health care professional who will provide non-medical ways for healing.

The idea of asking your doctor about getting off the medications he prescribes is like asking your travel agent whether you shouldn't just stay home.

Self Health Care White Ranch Hillside Restless leg syndrome is one of those conditions which responds readily to dietary change and exercise.

Do you drink coffee? Use tobacco? Alcohol?

If you answer "yes" to any of the above, the obvious first step is to stop using any of those products.

Even consuming soft drinks, or any carbonated beverages can be very damaging.

Take an inventory of your regular diet.

Maybe you consume too many high carbohydrate foods - too much sugar, too much white flour.

For many of us, eliminating breads, potatoes, and desserts is absolutely necessary.

Many choose to stay with the medical route - choosing to deal with symptoms by covering them up, rather than finding the actual cause of health problems.

Of course, most people in our culture are not aware that there's a choice.

Self health care starts with using your head regarding the foods you eat and eliminating destructive habits - even the consumption of caffeine.

Do you think that's extreme?

Many experience severe withdrawal pains - especially headaches - when they reduce or eliminate caffeine.

That should tell you something.

I'm amazed at the numbers of folks I know who drink coffee and take so-called sleep aids or sleep medication in order to get enough sleep.

Sleep deprivation is a serious problem for lots of people.

This is a situation anyone should be able to handle through self health care without medication. Please click here for information on sleep deprivation.

Learning how to manage pain without taking pain medications is a necessary step for successful self health care.

If you have frequent or even occasional headaches or migraines, finding the cause is very important, as opposed to taking something to cover the pain.

Another type of pain you may have to deal with is the pain connected to dental problems.

For more about toothaches and occasional severe distress from tooth pain, Please click here. Self Health Care Rocky Mtn Rock Tapestry

While western medicine has failed dismally in its attempts to treat those who become ill with various forms of cancer, many individuals all over the planet have found highly effective non-medical treatments.

An exceptional medical doctor by the name of Max Gerson designed one of the most effective non-medical treatment plans not only for cancer but for nearly every disease on the planet.

To learn more about the Gerson Therapy, Please click here.

The Gerson approach to healing can be used by anyone to facilitate recovery from almost any condition.  Diverticulitis is a condition which will respond very nicely to the Gerson approach.

To read more about diverticulitis, please click here..

Do you know someone who is caught in the trap of being sick all the time?  Maybe they would like to break free, but can't?

Possibly lack of self motivation is the problem. A very common malady which is the result of fast food and the Standard American Diet is low blood sugar, also known as hypoglycemia.

This is definitely a condition which is easy to treat using your own resources.

The great thing about self health care is that there are an endless number of ways of approaching it - maybe as many ways as there are individuals willing to fire their medical doctor and take over the job yourself.

I read briefly on line that one author has written a book with the title, Doctor Yourself - or something very similar.

Being your own medical doctor is not possible or even advisable - since the vast majority of medical doctors work with medicines, also known as drugs.

Medicines don't heal or promote healing. They are actually poisons with serious side effects.  Side effects would more properly be called effects> or results or more serious disease or illness.

How do you approach self health care?  What's your secret??

Were you getting worse under a doctor's care?  How did you escape into the freedom of self health care?

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