Psychoneuroimmunology - Another Word for Mind Power

Psychoneuroimmunology - often shortened to PNI - is closely related to placebo response or placebo effect.

PNI is the reason placebo response works.

I would certainly not know of the existence of this long word if I hadn't read and studied Richard Leviton's amazing book, Physician, Medicine and the Unsuspected Battle for Human Freedom.

Bruce Lipton discusses many of the same biochemical relationships in Biology of Belief, but he doesn't use this word - at least not that I can remember.

You and I make use of the phenomenon every day, whether we use medications or not.

Many medications, whether prescription or over-the-counter, only work because of PNI.

So, we might as well not bother with the medications, and just unleash PNI.

Amazingly no specific action is required. All we need is confidence in our own mind-body organism and the informed determination or knowledge that we will triumph over any adverse condition.

Richard Leviton and Bruce Lipton provide the scientific basis of how PNI works.

Mr. Leviton cites the work of numerous researchers whose work goes back four decades to the early 1970's.

One of those scientists is Candace Pert, who is also cited by Bruce Lipton in Biology of Belief.

Not surprisingly, PNI works because of the existence of somewhere between 100 and 200 neurotransmitters.

Dr. Candace Pert and her research partner Michael Ruff referred to these neurotransmitters as a "neuropeptide and psychosomatic network" founded by a vocabulary of biochemicals.

I could go into much more detail regarding specific neurotransmitters and their actions and reactions as they react to emotions and various other stimuli from conscious and unconscious human activity.

Not that I have any real understanding of such things, but the authors of the various books, including Leviton and Lipton present highly fascinating information about these biochemicals.

My understanding is limited to the validation of the powerful mechanisms within our physical bodies which enable us to stay healthy by knowing that we have this automatic self-preserving power which responds to our conscious and unconscious mind.

Placebo response is healing and health maintenance by self-directed signals sent along chemical pathways using the vocabulary of biochemicals identified by the likes of Bruce Lipton, Candace Pert, Michael Ruff and many others.

Do we need the technical understanding in order to make use of the amazing power of psychoneuroimmunology?

Not at all.

But having some understanding and knowledge of the mechanism should provide solid confidence in its utility.

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