Precocious Puberty is Closely Linked to Childhood Obesity

Precocious puberty should make it more clear than ever that there are serious problems with our food supply.

Those problems could be blamed on the food industry. But we really have to look at what we, the consumers, demand of that industry.

Convenience and ease of preparation of meals along with a certain amount of tradition all cause many parents to be very sloppy and lazy when it comes to planning for meals. Harsh words for parents - but their laziness seems to be born of necessity - when both have to work just make ends meet.

The situation for the huge numbers of single parents is terrible.

The use of the microwave oven and high carbohydrate packaged foods most certainly are strong detrimental factors.

The American Dairy Association has accomplished an amazing feat. It has convinced a massive number of households that all those rich-tasting products are very healthy. The amount of pasteurized milk, cheese, butter and ice cream consumed by people of all ages is beyond belief.

What could be more wholesome than a glass of cold milk? And, no preparation is necessary. Just pour it from the carton or plastic bottle.

Did I say plastic bottle?

Unfortunately, even the container is suspect.

The milk itself most likely comes from cows whose production has been drastically increased through the use of certain hormones, and maybe even some genetically modified grains.

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Children are often very picky eaters.

Following their toddler years, their taste buds have already been trained to favor the carbohydrate-rich foods.

Macaroni and cheese is a huge favorite.

Just think about what they're getting from a serving of mac and cheese.

The macaroni is pure starch - most likely made from wheat flour.

What's wrong with that?? - most likely asked with a lot of indignation by many young parents.

Entire books have been written to tell us exactly what's wrong with any and all food products made from wheat.

The short answer is that it's loaded with gluten, and most wheat products, including macaroni, are high in carbohydrates.

Then, there's the cheese.

I've always loved cheese. Some many flavors to chose from. Everything from the various cheddars, to the jacks, the edams, Gouda, Brie,and Feta.

Feta is actually goat cheese. Some other cheeses may be made from goat milk. Some goat cheeses are very healthy foods, depending on the processing.

But, never mind all of that. If you're a young parent on a budget, and hard pressed for the time necessary to prepare a meal from scratch, you just take whatever comes out of the box.

The cheese out of boxes of macaroni and cheese, as well as cheese out of any boxed food product is highly suspect.

I see that SpongeBob SquarePants has prevailed on Kraft to remove some of the yellow food dye from its mac and cheese. I guess that's supposed to make parents more comfortable about buying the crap.

Any cheese out of a box necessarily has had all the liquid content removed from it. Powdered cheese. Powdered cheese plus some chemicals.

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So far I've only picked on one commonly used food aimed at children which is likely responsible for childhood obesity and for precocious puberty.

If you've come directly to this page on my website, you most likely already know quite a bit about precocious  puberty.

In case you don't, it simply means early onset of puberty - sometimes early by several years - occasionally early by 5 or more years.

It must be shocking to discover that your 5-8 year old daughter is already developing breasts and pubic hair.

It also happens with boys - though not breast development, usually.

Apparently the problem is more prevalent among girls than boys. At least there seem to be more studies involving girls than boys.

The mac and cheese theory postulated above is just one example of convenient or fast foods which probably should be eliminated from any child's diet whether the child is experiencing precocious puberty or not.

Carbohydrates are nearly impossible to avoid when packaged foods and fast foods provide the majority of the diet. We've all been conditioned to eat mostly foods rich in carbs, as opposed to proteins.

Cereals and breads - grains and wheat flour - are so prevalent that we just expect to eat a lot of them. We even become addicted to carbs.

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Some doctors have identified a particular hormone, leptin, as a culprit in their research to try to determine the cause of early puberty. Apparently leptin is a messenger which signals the brain as body mass increases.

This is at least part of the reason for the connection between childhood obesity and precocious puberty.

Other researchers are suggesting that some of the many chemicals being ingested are causing the problem.

One which seems very likely to me because of its toxicity is fluoride.

You think that the fluoride theory doesn't make sense, because it's been around for decades in the water systems of many cities and towns. If fluoride were the problem, wouldn't precocious puberty have shown up during earlier times?

There is some evidence from the mid fifties that early menstruation was observed in some very young girls where fluoridation was instigated in New York State. The two towns involved were Newburgh and Kingston.

Newburgh fluoridated its water supply from 1945-1955. Kingston did not.

Girls living in Newburgh began menstruating 5 months earlier, on the average, as compared to girls in Kingston.

Apparently there was no follow up and the documented result was ignored.

I have a separate page on this site which deals with the bad science of water fluoridation, as well as the terrible science pertaining to the use of fluoride for dental care. There you can see some of the strong evidence showing that fluoride does nothing positive for your teeth, and it may well sabotage your brain as you age.

So it's likely not a stretch to assume that fluoride, a dangerously toxic substance, could be one of the toxins responsible for precocious puberty.

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Phthalates - a word I have no idea how to pronounce - evidently identifies a group of compounds found in a lot of household products. When I say a lot, I really mean an enormous number of products.

Everything from plastic food containers, shower curtains, plastic toys for children, adhesives, coatings, and paints, to consumable items such as pharmaceuticals, food supplements, perfume, eye shadow and other cosmetics, liquid soap, and hair spray.

Phthalates are often called plasticizers. I assume that term means that the flexibility of certain previously existing compounds is  increased by adding a phthalate.

A lot of sources seem to stress the idea that there is no chemical bond holding the phthalate to the primary compound - which means the phthalate is easily leached out into the atmosphere, or in the case of food containers or wrappers, into the food product itself.

Another plasticizer suspected as a potential cause of precocious puberty is known as BPA - Bisphenol A. It's an industrial petrochemical that acts as a synthetic estrogen, and can be found in plastic containers and tin can linings, in dental sealants, and on cash-register receipts.

Non-stick cookware and non-stick sprays for cooking have some potentially dangerous chemicals, including BPA and phthalates.

I remember when we got our first and only teflon coated skillet. I also remember when Joyce read of the dangers, and threw it out.

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There seems to be no proof of the connection between precocious puberty and these chemicals. But in some cases there's at least some circumstantial and anecdotal evidence implicating them as a cause.

Some of the above information comes from

Some also comes from

It's fascinating to me that this last webpage is a publication of the IJC, or, International Joint Commission formed in about 1912 to facilitate a treaty between the U.S. and Canada to prevent and resolve conflicts over shared waters.

A visit to the homepage of the IJC site quickly gives access to an enormous amount of history surrounding the Boundary Waters Treaty which came out of some basic disputes between farmers using waters flowing across the border between Montana and Alberta.

If one of your children, or a child of a close friend or family member is showing signs of precocious puberty, there are some steps you can take which will likely help the child to normalize and return to an enjoyable, healthy childhood without the stress and potential depression of very early development.

The medical world either wants to say that precocious puberty is just sort of happening - or - they say the children should be medicated.

I would guess that parents can make some drastic changes in the child's diet - with a strong effort to avoid packaged foods, dairy products, wheat and other grains, as well as eliminating all soft drinks and other high carbohydrate foods and drinks, they could see the signs of precocious puberty go away.

If your water supply is fluoridated, stop drinking it. Also, don't drink water from plastic bottles.

The last one may be hard to do. But you could invest in a distiller to make your own distilled water for your family.

Try to get one that doesn't have any plastic interior parts that come in contact with the steam or distilled water.

Some years ago we could buy distilled water in our own glass containers from a health food store. When that source went away, we bought a distiller that can make all we need for Joyce and I and our adult kids and their families. It cost us about $1,400 including a reverse osmosis filtering system for filtering the water before it goes into the distiller.

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