Placebo Effect - It's Automatic!

Placebo effect is a term invented by the medical profession to describe something we've always had available.

That something is very powerful - and it is automatic.

It's automatic in my experience, and from what I've read and heard from others, it most likely is automatic for anyone who is even a little optimistic.

And if you cultivate that natural feeling of well-being that comes from a happy childhood by simply dwelling on it mentally and reading material which reinforces it, placebo effect becomes a powerful tool useful against every potential health issue.

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It's really not necessary to use the terminology.

You may not have come across the words previously - yet you know about its power intuitively.

If you're not right with me at this point, maybe your life has demonstrated something different.

If you're among those whose experience has not included a pervasive feeling of well-being and continuous optimism, not to worry.

You can fix the problem.

It may not be easy, but you can do it.

Before I get into possible ways of accomplishing that task, let me present my views of the situation.

If you enjoy life, if you look forward to every day and savor both positive and negative events, you most likely have experienced a relatively pain-free and disease-free life.

If your life seems to be dominated by misery and you are in the situation of having to take a lot of medications - all of which have side-effects, you will have a tough time swallowing the ideas I'm presenting.

Since I'm now in my late sixties, I've had the opportunity of knowing a lot of wonderful people on both ends and in the middle of the pain-pleasure spectrum.

Many have overcome terrible pain and suffering to be productive and happy individuals.

I've come to believe that most painful conditions are the result of dietary deficiencies. This statement by itself is clearly a serious over-simplification.

But if you consider the probability that each of us inherits not only certain genomic information from our parents, and that we also inherit certain dietary practices and habits, you might come to realize the benefits of looking carefully at an amazing wealth of dietary information available.

Whatever the cause of pain or discomfort your primary goal while you're experiencing the pain is relief from the pain.

This is where the value of placebo effect comes in.

If your mind knows that some action on your part will relieve the pain, relief is quickly at hand.

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Like many others, I had recurring headaches.

Sometimes the pain was excruciating to the point of nausea and vomiting. Other times it was just severe.

Early on, popping a couple of aspirin would bring quick relief.

Sometimes the relief was the result of placebo. Because I fully expected relief from the aspirin, it worked.

My Dad was Type I diabetic.

He often experienced severe headaches when his blood sugar was low. So, he got relief from a glass of orange juice.

As a young kid, I hadn't gotten into the habit of using aspirin.

By observation, I thought orange juice cured headaches.

So, for me, orange juice worked for childhood headaches.

I've had friends who have migraines on a regular basis - including one lady who had them nearly continuously.

For many people in this situation, no matter what they try - including various prescription and non-prescription drugs, the migraines persist.

Having experienced brief periods of migraine pain, I don't know how they cope.

There are some for whom placebo effect has worked for migraines.

But sometimes, placebo is only part of the picture.

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Placebo often goes hand in hand with nutritional changes. Body chemistry, including blood chemistry, is used by many alternative physicians - and even some medical doctors who use alternative methods as a means for diagnosing and solving various physical problems.

When blood sugar levels reach extremes - either very high or very low - severe headaches often ensue.

Correcting the blood sugar problem often alleviates the headache pain. It doesn't take too many life experiences with low blood sugar for the connection to be established in the mind.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. calls placebo effect, belief effect.

He points out on page 107 of The Biology of Belief that this concept has been glossed over in medical schools so that students can get to the real tools of modern medicine, such as drugs and surgery.

This, says Dr.Lipton, is a huge mistake. Here are some of his words:

This is a giant mistake. The placebo effect should be a major topic of study in medical school. I believe that medical education should train doctors to recognize the power of our internal resources. Doctors should not dismiss the power of the mind as something inferior to the power of chemicals and the scalpel.

I'm sure that many doctors are positively aware of placebo and have seen their patients put it to use all the time.

And I'm also sure that countless instances of mind power healing through placebo occur every day, all over the planet.

I've experienced it repeatedly, many times over throughout my life, and I've seen family members use it automatically as a matter of course.

If you don't think you've experienced it, maybe you really have, and simply haven't recognized it.

Check it out. It's wonderfully powerful - and illustrates the great power all of us have been given.

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