Physical Exercises - Vital Activity for Your Health and Longevity

Physical exercises provide the opportunity for each of us to stay strong and healthy for a very long time.

They are essential for great health no matter what other means you are using for health care.

Our bodies were obviously designed for continuous movement. We even move around while we're sleeping.

My favorite time for exercise is during the early part of each day - at least for the more focused part of my exercise. Many really healthy individuals find ways to exercise throughout the day.

Obvious examples of that are letter carriers, or couriers who use bicycles for their deliveries.

Biking is wonderful, exhilarating exercise. For more on biking, please click here.

Incorporate exercise in your daily routine by looking for opportunities to use stairs instead of elevators.

If you happen to work in a high rise office building, you can use stairs for 3 or 4 of the stories.

I've seen young athletic types who do 30 or 40 stories of stairs multiple times during their lunch breaks.

Stair climbing is incredible exercise, but it needs to be done carefully by most of us. If we jump in and start doing too much too fast, we may find ourselves unable to move the next day.

If you've been sedentary for a long time, you will most likely need some self preparation or training before you start a regular program of increased exercise.

To learn about some great ways to prepare, please click here.

Becoming much less sedentary every day is extremely important for your health - especially as you get older. The key is to keep your legs as strong and healthy as possible, as emphasized on this webpage.

If you're overweight, be especially careful with any physically demanding activity. You must start slowly and gradually increase the demands you place on your body.

If you're 50 or more pounds overweight, examine your diet carefully and start your exercise program with walking, and use a heart monitor to make sure your exercise doesn't tax your heart too much.

Aerobic exercise is any exercise which increases your heart rate to a certain point, but not beyond. The correct rate to maintain during exercise depends on your age and your physical condition.

To learn more about aerobic exercise, please click here.

Some of us absolutely love physical exercises.

If you are not among that group, you can cultivate that feeling. It's highly beneficial. Your entire outlook on life can change to the strongly positive.

Physical exercises are incredible for anyone who suffers from any form of depression.

But do start carefully and modestly.

Over exercising if you have been mostly immobile for years or decades can be disastrous.

Some folks really get into intense, anaerobic exercise. To learn about anaerobic activity, please click here.

Walking is wonderful - and it may be all you need.

My Mom is a very healthy 94, and walking has been her only exercise.

That doesn't mean she just sits around when she isn't walking.

Like most active adults, she's been involved in normal day-to-day routines of home and yard maintenance, grocery shopping, using stairs, gardening and all the rest.

Our naturopathic physician strongly recommends daily walking to his patients.

Walking is very beneficial no matter how you do it. The important thing is to walk often, ideally every day for no less than 45 minutes to as long as you wish.

To really burn calories and lose weight, power walking is amazing. Click here to learn more.

Jogging is another great exercise to use regularly if you're physically capable. If you're afraid of jogging, you might want to try a variation of jogging - something less demanding - which I call jogging exercise.

Check it out by clicking here.

Do you have a regular exercise routine?

It can be very simple, such as taking a brisk walk each day.

Adding components to your routine can be extremely beneficial. For example, you can easily add a little very fast walking, or even jogging during your walk.

Over a period of time, add other activities to your routine. Adding resistance training to the routine is not only extremely beneficial, it's vital for bone health as you age.

Please visit my weight lifting page for more on the importance of resistance training.

It just seems natural to begin simply with regular walking, and to add other activities over time until you have a comprehensive exercise routine that you can follow every week.

I like having a certain routine one day, and another the next.

Having a regular routine of physical exercises that you follow on a daily basis for at least four or five days each week will extend your life by decades - really, as many decades as you want.

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