Parkinsons Disease - Another Result of Toxic Living

Parkinsons Disease has been thrust into the forefront of our collective attention as a result of so many well-known people who have experienced the ravages.

I remember thinking how sad and ironic it was when Muhammad Ali finally appeared to have lost his incredible physical abilities, and having similar feelings when Michael J. Fox began to experience the same symptoms.

This page on Parkinson's is a small part of - a website which I've been working on now for the better part of four years.

Neither one page nor the entire site can replace careful treatment by a qualified health care professional - for Parkinsons Disease or any other condition.

That's the standard and necessary disclaimer.

The key is knowing that you determine who is qualified and who is not.

You need to know that simply having the letters MD following a practitioner's name does not mean that the person is actually qualified.

There is much you can do to facilitate healing for your loved ones who may show the symptoms of Parkinson's or of the other related conditions.

The slurred, hesitant and intermittent speech patterns, involuntary spasmodic movements including tremors - all these and more are hard to watch in someone who had been so vibrant with life and apparently so very healthy.

One of the most critical actions of family members of anyone who has been diagnosed with Parkinson's or who is showing the symptoms is to look for a doctor who practices holistic or integrative medicine.

Use your computer online and search for physicians using the keywords integrative or holistic health care for your area.

Dr. Alejandro Junger, author of Clean, recommends you interview your doctor carefully - asking tough questions as to his knowledge of alternatives to prescriptions of toxic medicines.

If he sneers or otherwise acts as if he doesn't have time for you or your questions, find a new doctor.

Medicines can reduce the outward signs of Parkinsons Disease for a time while actually perpetuating or facilitating the cause.

Michael J. Fox has done everything he can to bring the disorder to public attention - victoriously pursuing his acting and directing career in spite of the incredibly difficult disabilities forced on him by Parkinsons Disease.

He has raised millions for funding research for development of ways to treat Parkinsons.

Joyce and I have been among the throngs of Americans and Canadians who have been well entertained by Michael J. Fox since he first appeared in the TV sitcom Family Ties.

Family Ties provided bright, cheery entertainment for all of us during the eighties - at least for all of us who were on the planet then.

So it's been a shock to all of us to see the devastating effects of the disease.

I wish all the money raised was actually producing fantastic results - but as long as most of the monies are spent searching for the elusive mechanism or organism responsible for the condition, it's doubtful to me that any real progress will be made.

That's just my opinion, of course.

On I see that lots of apparent progress has been made.

One research group has shown that infection by a brain parasite may be responsible.

Another has delved into the possibility of reprogramming brain cells while yet another has identified Parkinsonian Worms - but maybe the worms are the same as the brain parasite.

I see also that Parkinsons Disease may be providing a market for the continued development of stem cell research - in this case to be performed by special surgeons.

To me, this is all nonsense.

An here's another approach: an exercise bike proven to reduce the symptoms - called the Theracycle.

That last one may seem to many like a blatant attempt to capitalize on the misfortunes of victims of Parkinsons Disease.

Anything related to exercise is probably very helpful.

There's a very close relationship between Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Huntington's and other similar brain disorders.

Obviously all are related by the fact that they are all brain disorders.

They are further related by the probable real cause of all of them. That cause is toxins ingested from foods and certain heavy metals and other toxins from the environment.

Stop Alzheimer's Now! by Dr. Bruce Fife, N.D. is an amazing book I stumbled across at the Vitamin Cottage here in Arvada, Colorado.

The book could easily be titled, stop Parkinsons Disease Now.

I've heard and read criticism leveled toward natural doctors, nutritionists, and other alternative health professionals decrying their lack of scientific research and training.

When you read this book you discover that the author has expended endless hours of research and studied the science behind his conclusions to the extent that you are satisfied that his presentation is genuine and highly effective.

The Foreword, written by Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D. is a ringing endorsement of the book itself and of its author.

Here's a very small part of Dr. Blaylock's Foreword:

I would encourage everyone faced with the possibility of encountering neurodegenerative disease, which now includes most of us, to read this book carefully. It is a treasure trove of invaluable information and practical advice.

Dr. Blaylock goes into considerable detail with lots of scientific language to demonstrate his own thorough knowledge and his agreement with the advice offered by Dr. Fife.

Other endorsements by medical doctors appear on the back cover.

Dr. Blaylock himself has written some books identifying excitotoxins as the culprit for these various neurodegenerative diseases.

One of his books is titled Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills: Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life.

Excitotoxins is a word used by Dr. Blaylock to describe chemicals we encounter in the environment.

These chemicals include all the bad boys we now hear about form time to time, including, mercury, lead, fluoride, aluminum, various pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

Believe it or not the excitoxins also include stuff routinely added to processed foods along with foods served in many restaurants - such as MSG.

You may or may not recognize these three letters - but MSG is a flavor enhancer which is still added to many commercially packaged foods, including soups, frozen dinners, pizza, gravies, sauces, chips, croutons, lunch meats, bouillon, canned tuna and salad dressings.

This short list along with lots of information about MSG is on page 95 of Dr. Fife's book.

On the same page, Dr. Fife tells us why Dr. Blaylock came to be so vitally interested in researching Parkinsons Disease. Seems his parents were both afflicted by Parkinson's.

The dedicated work of these doctors along with many other specialized health professionals has produced a strong body of evidence which indicates that sufferers of Parkinsons Disease can benefit - maybe even reverse the symptoms - by making certain drastic changes in diet.

Dr. Fife's book, Stop Alzheimer's Now! is packed with indispensable information, and I can't possibly present a summary which would do it justice.

Along with other extensive detail, he tells us how and why Alzheimer's and Parkinson's are very closely related as to causes, cures and prevention.

Not only these two conditions, but other neurodegenerative conditions are included as well, including MS and ALS.

The book provides extensive detail about our brains and how they function - but the information includes just the right amount of technical language, which is quite limited compared to other books I've read and studied.

Dr. Fife also presents a strong case, carefully documented, for realizing our eating habits through the last century have actually caused dramatic increases in the incidence of Parkinsons Disease along with other diseases which attack the brain.

I mentioned above the situation with MSG.

Several other chemicals commonly added to foods by manufacturers and sometimes by consumers are also included as causes.

Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame are especially devastating when used over extended periods.

It's very easy for us to become addicted to rich, sweet tastes.

Just consider the tremendous success of the soft drink industry, and think about how much soda we as a nation drink on any given day.

Dr. Fife, along with Dr. Junger both present the hard evidence.

America (and most of the western world) is addicted to carbohydrates.

Fats, especially saturated fats, have been demonized by many experts.

Turns out our bodies - especially our brains - really need those saturated fats. It seems that saturated fats are actually essential for ongoing brain health.

Most people with a TV are aware that cholesterol has been given a bad name - even to the extent that most of us have believed that it's imperative that we avoid cholesterol like the plague.

Dr. Fife has an entire chapter devoted to delivering the truth about cholesterol. Another author -Sherry A. Rogers, a renegade M.D. - has written an entire book about the cholesterol hoax.

Joyce and I love eggs - and I'm sure we're not alone. People all over the world still eat eggs.

Farm fresh eggs from cage-free chickens have an amazing flavor and are highly beneficial to your health. How you prepare them makes a big difference.

Soft boiling to avoid over-cooking is great, as is careful poaching so that the yolk remains runny.

They can be fried in coconut oil, taking care to fry them carefully at a low temperature.

Coconut oil is a miracle health food.

My goal is to present enough information to interest you in pursuing your own path in determining the best treatment for your own health and the health of those close to you.

The medical profession as a whole has failed to pursue all possible paths for healing - not only for Parkinsons Disease, but for nearly all conditions.

By allowing itself to be dominated and controlled by the big pharmaceutical companies and the FDA, medicine has forced us to take responsibility for our own healthy living - which we should be doing anyway.

Dr. Alejandro Junger, M.D. told one of his patients that there are no incurable diseases - only incurable patients.

I think that statement is true - and that it applies to every disease - even Parkinsons Disease - and to every patient.

But it doesn't matter what I think. What do you think?

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