Organic Foods - an Expensive Fad?

Organic foods were the norm durng the early times in our country's history. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides had not been invented.

I know that many people steadfastly resist the idea of buying and eating organically grown produce.

No question, the organic produce is significantly more expensive.

But, I'm convinced it's worth the cost.

Consider the plight of apples grown commercially.

All those beautiful displays of polished apples in various brilliant colors make your mouth water.

Assuming that you like apples.

I'm amazed at how often I run across people - especially young people, who don't eat apples.

Well, maybe the non-apple eaters are better off.

The quantities of chemicals used to grow beautiful, firm, flawless apples commercially would choke a horse.

Most supermarkets now offer organically grown apples - but those displays are noticeably less attractive.

Organically grown apples are often smaller and contain blemishes.

They are also not polished. But not being polished is a very positive factor, in spite of being less attractive.

The very best apples are those grown in private orchards without use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Here in Colorado, some of our small towns, and even some larger towns and cities still have apples trees in residential areas.

Of course, anyone can plant one or more apple trees, and avoid the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

Our next door neighbor had a bumper crop of apples from a tree in his front yard. We were blessed big time with a lot of apples off that tree.

Little or no care had been given to the tree or its produce, so there were plenty of worm holes and other blemishes.

Those apples were big, juicy, and very delicious.

Not all fruits and vegetables grown commercially rather than organically are as chemical laden as apples. Still, organically grown produce is safer.

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