Nutritious Foods - Should We Eat Whatever We Want?

Nutritious foods are readily available everywhere!

Nutritious foods are sometimes difficult to find in your supermarket.

So, why are so many people overweight or malnourished?

And why are so many people dependent on medicines in order to feel healthy and full of energy?

When I was young I ate pretty much what I wanted to eat. But I was lucky.

As a child, I was provided with wholesome, well prepared meals with lots of salads, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Lots of children now are not so fortunate.

Sometimes both parents are too busy to cook meals at home.

So the children in those households get a steady diet of fast foods, including hamburgers, tacos, fried chicken and pizza.

Another staple of the current American diet seems to be carbonated beverages.

If you and your children fit in that category, you're very fortunate.


You can drastically improve your diet and your health just by eliminating the pop and fast food from your family's diet.

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But actually doing that might be problematic.

Lots of people, including children, have become addicted to the sugar and caffeine in soft drinks.

Removing them from the diet can cause severe headaches and feelings of lethargy or sluggishness.

To learn more about consequences of quick and easy meals and snacks for children, please click here.

Poor Nutrition for Children can have Serious Consequences

I'm amazed at how frequently families can be observed dining at fast food restaurants. Once in a long while might be understandable, but many young families are making a habit of fast food, 3 or 4 times a week or more.

Obviously it's much easier to get toddlers and young children to eat good-tasting junk than carefully prepared vegetables and salads and other highly nutritious foods.

Junk foods are actually dangerous for everyone - but especially so for those who have been consuming junk for decades.

There are other foods in addition to fast foods which are dangerous.

Clicking here will take you to an informative page about dangerous foods.

Some of us senior citizens have lived our lives in times that were less hectic. There are many advantages to that scenario, one of which is that we have enjoyed more opportunities to observe more generations growing up.

I was very lucky to enjoy teaching in the public schools for several years during the  '60s and '70s.

One big difference between the pre-teens and adolescents of those earlier time compared with the youngsters of today is that those of earlier times were more mature mentally and emotionally.

The young people growing up now tend to have more physical problems which cause more mental and emotional problems.

One example of such mental/emotional struggles brought on by poor nutrition is  the phenomenon of precocious puberty.

To find out about the relationship between poor nutrition and early puberty, please click here.

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During the first three or four decades of my life I thought I was eating very nutritiously.

Compared to the fast food and soda pop crowd, I was eating mostly nutritious foods.

But, as I learned gradually over the next 3 decades, there was a lot of improvement to be made.

A lot of what Joyce and I learned over time we learned by trial and error - mostly error.

So many foods are so incredibly tasty!

Who doesn't love a thick, juicy steak with a huge baked potato loaded with butter, sour cream, and chives?

And wonderful salads with blue cheese dressing.

Then, of course, there are the desserts.

Fresh baked apple pie with home made vanilla ice cream - the pie still hot from the oven, melting the rich ice cream faster than you can eat it.

When we were young, we could get away with such self indulgence.

Well, maybe we didn't really get away completely scott free.

After I gained an extra 45 pounds, we went on the liver and onions diet. Salads with no dressing, or a little lemon juice.

It wasn't really just liver and onions. They were probably the best part.

We thought, incorrectly, that we needed to drastically reduce the fat in our diets.

But fats - especially the right fats - are vital at every age level.

All Natural Fats are Beneficial...but...

Frequently fats encountered in our food supply have been tinkered with by "scientists" working for big agri-business. 

Their goal has been to produce fats for restaurants and general consumption which are very economical.

Fats, these days, are subject to a lot of confusing labels.

We can find saturated, unsaturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats.

And, we can find a lot of differing opinions as to which are healthy or beneficial, and which are not.

Coconut oil is, very possibly, the fat which has more beneficial characteristics than any other.

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Nutritious foods are everywhere - but they are often surrounded by foods which would best be avoided.

Some of the best foods nutritionally are found within the broad category of fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately not all fruits and vegetables are great for all people.

To learn more, please click here.

As a kid, I had a hard time choking down certain vegetables. Any of the yellow squashes, such as acorn squash or banana squash were hard for me to swallow, or even put into my mouth.

Even bell peppers and some onions, along with celery were foods I avoided whenever possible.

Fortunately, I now really love all bell peppers and onions. They are among the healthiest of nutritious foods you can buy.

Celery I can still live without, but I eat it anyway, because I know it's incredibly nutritious. It's hard to find anything more beneficial than celery juice made fresh from organically grown celery.

Organically grown fruits and vegetables are now readily available in most larger cities and towns.

While we do still eat non-organically grown produce, much of our diet consists of the organic foods.

To see why we and millions of other consumers are willing to pay the extra cost of organically grown foods, please click here.

Is it necessary to eat only organically grown foods?

I don't think so. In fact, it's possible to eat lots of nutritious foods without eating organically grown stuff.

Organically grown vegetables and fruits are especially necessary if you juice.

This word, "juice" is usually a noun. But it has been used as a verb by those who make their own fresh juices at home.

You can get various juices in cans or bottles at the grocery store, but the great advantage to making your own juice from organically grown vegetables and fruit is that the juice is many times more powerful when it's consumed immediately after it's made.

To find out more about juicing, please click here.

It's important to be selective as to the specific food products you routinely buy from the store. If you go to restaurants for some meals, as most of us do, you do yourself and your family a huge service by being very selective in your choices as to restaurants.

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When our kids were growing up, we often heard the question, "What's for dinner?"

The answer to that question in your house may determine whether you are planning for optimum health and nutrition.

Maybe your planning is just fine.

But if you want to read more ideas from the perspective of an old but very healthy person whose eating habits have changed drastically over the years, please click here.

If you happen to be among the millions of chronically ill and overweight folks in our country, you might want to consider trading in the many medicines you rely on for some powerful foods that promote healing naturally.

The very best nutritious foods are loaded with vitamins and minerals along with other nutrients necessary for staying vibrant and healthy

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