Natural Pain Relief- Wonderful Side Effects

Natural pain relief is an important part of great health. Pain itself is an important part of great health because it provides essential signals about what's going on in your body.

Pain comes in several different forms and we sometimes separate them into categories.

Physical pain, mental pain, and emotional pain are three common categories, but they overlap each other a lot. Frequently one causes one or both of the others.

For many just the sound of the word pain is painful.

I guess I've observed a lot more pain in others than I've personally experienced.

I know I've been greatly favored somehow, because I've really had minimal pain compared to many of the folks I've known.

Part of my situation has been minimal contact with the medical and pharmaceutical establishment.

Natural pain relief follows painful events or episodes - just as morning follows night.

Many who are in pain all or most of the time accept their condition as permanent or lifelong because they've been diagnosed with a devastating disease, such as MS, or fibromalgia, or arthritis.

If you fall into that large category, you've likely been told you must take certain powerful drugs to make the pain manageable. Then more drugs come into the picture to control the side effects of the primary drugs.

Acceptance of chronic pain by so many in the population is a great victory for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. That acceptance allows the sale of huge quantities of drugs - including medical marijuana.

Some advocates no doubt label weed, or 420, or MMJ as natural pain relief.

But that's not the kind of natural pain relief I'm talking about.

Using marijuana or any other powerful mind-altering drug is a huge mistake.

How can I possibly know? Especially since I haven't tried it, right?

Actually I have tried it but I did not enjoy the sensation of being high. To me it's quite different than being slightly tipsy or buzzed from enjoying a glass of wine.

My one experience with marijuana was not pleasant.

I'm privileged to have personally known several continuous users of cannabis.

They're all folks whose lives are a shambles. Two of them are dead - and I'm pretty sure that if they'd been able to avoid the use of drugs, they would still be alive and happy.

Many of those who are still among us either don't know, or they don't care.

Opiate of the masses - an oft used phrase - often refers to TV, but apparently an awfully lot of folks use marijuana every day. Here in Colorado, there are doctors who specialize in the licensing process for the so-called medical marijuana.

Natural pain relief is only occasionally necessary if you are rarely in pain. But if you have chronic pain, or frequent painful episodes, determining the cause is really the key to healthy, permanent relief.

A lot of chronic pain is the result of poor eating habits.

If your regular diet is loaded with lots of carbs including high glycemic index foods like sugar, white flour, potato chips and soft drinks, getting rid of pain may be as easy as eliminating all that stuff from your diet.

Your body, having developed a dependence or craving for those foods, may present some extra strong cravings as you try to change your eating habits.

But finding really healthy replacements for the carby stuff will really pay some huge dividends.

Go to a diet of mostly raw, green leafy salads and juices made from organically grown produce.

Eliminate all wheat and wheat products from your diet, and eliminate all processed foods - packaged foods with preservatives and flavor enhancing chemicals.

I'm sure many would say eliminating the foods they really enjoy is painful. But there are so many highly nutritious foods that also taste great that anyone can enjoy eating them as well.

It's true that initially you may not like some raw foods because your taste buds are spoiled by the overcooked and over processed foods which have excessive amounts of sugar and MSG.

The texture of foods - including fast foods - is also something we easily become attached to.

Pick up a copy of Clean by Alejandro Junger. Read it carefully, and follow the instructions for the 21-day cleanse using the recipes in the back of the book.

Along with a great diet, exercise is very important for eliminating pain. Regular, vigorous exercise is an amazing means of natural pain relief.

You may think of exercise as actually painful in itself.

It may well be painful, if you have gone for a long time with little or no regular exercise.

Muscles, bones, and joints become inflamed with irritants - chemicals ingested from processed foods along with other irritants from dairy products and foods which really shouldn't be part of anyone's diet.

Pain, pain, and more pain.

This site has a page called Dangerous Foods. Check it out here if you want more information about foods that not only cause pain, but also cause disease.

It seems to be very true that individually we all have different pain threshholds. I'm not sure that's the right way to express it, but it seems as though we each feel pain differently.

I think we all feel great when we have no pain at all. But, if we never experience pain we would have nothing with which to compare the times when we're pain-free.

Some pain is positive - especially the pain that comes from physical exertion.

It's a bit of a paradox, though. One of the best ways to enjoy natural pain relief is to be involved with regular strenuous exercise - preferably aerobic exercise. Yet the exercise often causes certain levels of pain - pain that is sometimes exquisite.

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