Multiple Sclerosis - One Huge Bungle by Modern Medicine

Multiple sclerosis has been designated as incurable by western medicine.  But it's not.

It may not be curable by the normal methods of western medicine, but there are ways to eliminate the symptoms, permanently.

Many alternative health practitioners have successfully treated patients with MS, and in the process have also seriously upgraded the overall health of the patient.

MS is one of many mysterious diseases which seem to have no known cause. At least from the perspective of the medical establishment.

Medical science likes to be able to  discover pathogens, new or old, which can be associated with various conditions.

Symptoms of MS are not unlike those of other conditions, such as Parkinson's.

If you've been diagnosed by a medical doctor as having multiple sclerosis, you've also likely been told that the best you can do is slow the progress of the disease by using one or more powerful drugs. Most medical doctors are stymied by multiple sclerosis.

They buy into the cause pushed by medical schools and pharmaceutical companies, which consists of some mumbo jumbo about these lesions that mysteriously appear on the myelin sheath which acts as insulation around nerves of the central nervous system.

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When a known pathogen, such as a bacterium, or a fungus, is found in the bloodstream or in an organ of a victim of a person suffering from a disease, the medical folks are always conditioned to believe that the  pathogen is the cause.

With MS, there does not seem to be a pathogen which is consistently present.

MS is often referred to as an inflammatory disease. It's also called an autoimmune disease.

A huge number of disorders or conditions seem to be the result of  inflammation. Often the inflammation can be associated with a germ. Both doctors and patients like that scenario, because an antibiotic can be prescribed to kill the germ, and the inflammation disappears.

Or at least, everyone would like to believe that's what happens. After all, it's the simplified version of the basis of western medical practice.

For many health practitioners, though, the above scenario is really not accurate.

It does seem to  work - sometimes.

In many cases - maybe even most cases - the swallowing of a pill or the administration of a slightly painful injection seems to cure the illness.

But what if something else is going on?

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Many physicians are very aware of the amazing, even supernatural ability of the human body to heal itself. Sometimes the healing is precipitated by a pill or injection - through the powerful mechanism of placebo.

I enjoy - at least to some extent - reading technical dissertations on various conditions, such as multiple sclerosis.

Quite a few very long words are used to describe what seems to be happening to a victim of this disease - just as with victims of almost any disease.

Medical doctors are extremely smart individuals.

They have learned an incredible number of huge words along with latin or greek derivations, and have acquired at least a superficial knowledge of how the human body functions.

I use the term, superficial here only because I think their knowledge is tainted by biases of the various medical schools.

As Dr. Bruce Lipton, among others, has been pointing out for the last several years, medical institutions have fallen way behind in terms of  their understanding of cell biology.

Many non-medical physicians have a much better, much more practical understanding of how the human body functions. A few medical doctors have also discovered this much more enlightened understanding of human physiology.

One non-medical doctor is a Colorado resident by the name of Bruce Fife, N.D.

He has written a book entitled Stop Alzheimer's Now! - How to Prevent and Reverse Dementia, Parkinson's, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, and Other Neurodegenerative Disorders.

That's a long title!  But the part after the exclamation point provides a lot of information.

It tells us that there's a direct connection between all these disorders. They come from the same causes, and they're all neurodegenarative disorders - all disorders of the brain and central nervous system.

This is one of those really amazing books available these days for anyone to discover information that many medical doctors don't learn in medical school. This information is key to allowing you to understand something of the great complexities of the human organism.

In this case, you can gain a far-reaching understanding as to how and why we're seeing a huge increase in the numbers of people in western cultures who are experiencing the devastating effects of these neurodegenerative diseases.

You can also learn how to be of great assistance to a loved one or close friend or relative who suffers from multiple sclerosis or any one of the other related diseases. And still another great advantage to be gained is learning how to prevent any of these debilitating conditions from being a part of your own personal experience.

How do you approach a book such as this one?

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It's the type of book that can overwhelm you with the amount of new information it presents.

But it's also so well organized and so well written in layman's language that you can really start anywhere you want.

I stumbled across the book while standing in the checkout line at Vitamin Cottage. Just reading the front and back covers provided brand new information for me, along with some amazing revelations as to how medical and non-medical health professionals are now cooperating to bring astounding new knowledge to you and I.

Some very important keys for helping our friends and loved ones suffering from dementia, multiple sclerosis, or other neurological disorders, appears right in the middle of the back cover.

Look for the words, ketone therapy and diet, and coconut oil.

Then flip back a couple of pages to the excellent index, and find those words in the index.  Begin reading pages indicated. It doesn't matter which ones you read first.  You will find yourself captivated - if you have any curiosity at all.

I'm not saying that you or anyone can cure himself by reading this or any other book. You can actually do so, but it takes a lot more than just reading the book.

But I know from having talked with friends and family of several victims of multiple sclerosis, Alzheimers, and ALS that it's frequently true that little or no healing is available through conventional medical treatments.

In fact, the use of many medications often makes the problem worse.

One of the primary lessons to be learned from careful reading and study of Dr. Fife's book is that cholesterol is not the villain nearly everyone assumes it to be.

Conventional wisdom is that everyone should know his or her cholesterol number, and should see his or her personal doctor for a prescription to have a high cholesterol reading reduced.

According to Dr. Fife and quite a few medical doctors, the conventional doctrine of the medical establishment along with Big Pharma of prolific use of statin drugs to lower cholesterol levels has been another mistake of astronomical proportions.

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Not only is cholesterol not the cause of plaque in the arteries, there is no reason to ever attempt to lower serum cholesterol. Furthermore, actually taking statin drugs to accomplish lower cholesterol is dangerous because they do lower cholesterol levels, but also because of some very dangerous side effects.

I've enjoyed several interested discussions with individuals who have been taking statin drugs for years with no apparent detrimental effects.

Individual users react in different ways.

Some individuals have some quick, serious reactions to their statin drug.

One, by the name of Duane Graveline, M.D. had sudden amnesia.

Dr. Graveline is a former United States Air Force flight Surgeon and Astronaut.

His story is presented in Dr. Fife's book, but it can also be read on Dr. Graveline's website,

Dr. Fife also provides us with section on the dangers of lowering cholesterol on page 147.

For decades there has been a battle raging between the medical establishment and non-medical practitioners - although it has really been a battle involving only a portion of the huge medical and pharmaceutical forces against non-medical practitioners starting with chiropractors.

Not many chiropractors would ever claim to be able to heal multiple sclerosis or any other specific condition. Chiropractors vary in their abilities to facilitate self healing. Some only claim to be able to  resolve back pain or other aches and pains associated with pinched nerves.

Many, though, have not been satisfied with being spinal adjustment technicians. They've become effective physicians through non-medical means - in many cases through nutrition and exercise. Many have become highly trained naturopathic physicians.

And many have had great success in working with victims of multiple sclerosis.

Googling multiple sclerosis and chiropractic brings up a long list of sites, some of which are extremely informative.

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There is a particular specialty in the chiropractic world which is able to claim extensive success in treating both MS and Parkinson's.  It's called Upper Cervical Chiropractic, and is practiced by a relatively limited number of chiropractors - though I suspect many more chiropractors may move toward this form of chiropractic.

One site provides the history of one multiple sclerosis patient for a period of five years, a lady who had the usual  experience at the hands of her medical doctors.

But after four months of upper cervical chiropractic care, all symptoms were gone. They remained absent for the duration of the 5-year observation period. The chiropractic care had continued for two-years.

Another site provides general statistics regarding 81 patients - 44 of which were MS victims and the other 37 were victims of Parkinson's. According to the published results of the study undertaken by a Boulder,Colorado Chiropractor, 92% of the MS patients treated over a period of five years experienced improvement, along with 91% of the Parkinson's patients.

By reading several entries from a forum whose participants were mostly multiple sclerosis patients looking for the right chiropractic approach, I learned that there are several upper cervical techniques including NUCCA, Atlas Orthogonal, and HIO.

The provider of that information is a Doctor of Chiropractic whose daughter with multiple sclerosis.

His brief entry into the forum was very informative. It included the following plea:

...please remember, upper cervical, full spine, diversified, Gonstead, etc, etc, any chiropractic technique, may, MAY, help a person with MS and may relieve some, none or all of that persons symptoms; each person will have to see what works best for them and so having a doctor that has a wide range of techniques in their "basket" may be a better choice of doctor.

He goes on to say that each person is different, and that good chiropractors don't just address the mechanical issues, but will also be able to assist his patient with the nutritional issues.

Now, that is profound and then some.

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Thank God, we've not had any direct experience with multiple sclerosis in our family.  My wife, Joyce, however, did go through a year-long bout with fibromyalgia. It took longer than the year to fully recover and regain her strength, but she did so with no drugs whatsoever.

It was accomplished because of the expertise of our chiropractic doctor, who is very highly regarded by all his patients. Dr. Honert understands the absolute necessity of correct nutrition for each individual.

Next time I see him I'll ask him whether he's treated patients with MS.

While reading books and scanning the the web for information about MS, I came across an amazing alternative health practitioner who practices in Australia.

His name is Noel Batten. I hesitate to mention his name and his methods because he seems to have triggered mixed reactions - at least from what you can gather by Googling his name.

I've spent maybe an hour or so on his website reading and watching videos.  I think he's credible.  If I had a friend or loved one with MS or Parkinson's, I'd suggest that they give him a try.

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At the very least, his approach is very much in line with that used by many chiropractors as discussed above.

Like many practitioners, Noel Batten began acquiring his healing abilities when he was able to heal himself from from epilepsy for which his medical doctors could only prescribe dangerous drugs - telling him he would be on them from for life.

As usual, he was also told that the drugs would only enable him to control the seizures somewhat.

Batten is now 60+ years old and clearly has been able to help a lot of people regain great health after being assigned to lifelong pain and debilitation from side effects of non-effective drugs.

His ability to heal himself is not anything that you and I don't possess.  It's simply a matter of realizing that we do, in fact, have that ability - that great power to bring about our own healing.

He was 13 when the seizures began.

He credits his family doctor, who apparently understood the mind-body connection very well, for guiding him to a drugless recovery. Batten also became a devoted weight lifter under the tutelage of a Dutch weight lifter.

Batten tells us on his site.

Due to what Dr. Elliott and Rudy taught me, I not only regained my health and my life, I became one of Australia's strongest weightlifters.  You too, can achieve amazing things in your life, if you ignore the negative people, believe in your potential to succeed, and follow my lead.

See how oxygen therapies saved my life as a teenager, and how respiratory exercises, blood flow exercises and developing my personal contentment, have enabled me to maintain my youthfulness even at 60 years of age.

Noel Batten is among that group of people on the planet who have been shown first hand how to effect their own healing.  The group includes powerful individuals such as Alejandro Junger, M.D., Deepak Chopra, M.D., Max Gerson, M.D., Martin Brofman, Phd.,  Lorraine Day, M.D.

These are just a few of many who not only have discovered the innate self-healing powers we all possess, but they also have published books or websites to pass the information on.

We can learn a great deal from them.

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