Mind Power - Yours for Great Well-Being

Mind power is the key to great health, freedom, and power.

If you can read these words you can use your mind to stay healthy and to enjoy life every day.

Even non-readers use their minds for health maintenance all the time - maybe more easily than us so-called educated folks.

You already do it to some extent - maybe to a very large extent. Most of your health-sustaining mind activity automatically goes on continuously.

Lots of Meds Interfere with Mind-Body Communication

We all likely personally know or are acquainted with wonderful people who are trapped in a life of misery and pain by pills, liquids, injections and procedures.

Some will never leave that world, because they believe they have no choice. In some cases, their minds may be in a fog as a result of medications.

The good news is that there are doctors who know how to wean anyone off regimens of prescription drugs and procedures. These alternative health physicians are highly trained to help you learn how to be healthy - healthier than you've ever been before.

Is your Doctor moving away from prescribing drugs?

Some of these professionals are medical doctors - that is, they've been through medical school, and have realized that medicines are dangerous.

They've also realized, sometimes through their own personal health crises, that non-medical approaches to healing are much better, safer and more conducive to real health and well-being.

Many are not medically trained. They've been highly trained in other disciplines, such as chiropractic, acupuncture or massage - and there are many more such disciplines.

Maybe you need an alternative...

Sometimes it's helpful to use more than one - but it's often possible to become completely healthy on your own.

Your mind power can take you to that point and beyond.

I think a lot of people just stumble onto this situation - which is essentially what happened with us.

First we discovered the fallibility of the medical establishment when Joyce was hospitalized with pneumonia. Someone managed to give her the wrong medication, which nearly killed her.

So we took her out of the hospital against the strong protestations of the staff, and began juicing with raw vegetables.

She began feeling better so quickly that her mind quickly knew that she would recover fully.

Luckily we had never really relied on the medical folks.

During the six years we lived in Nucla, Colorado there were hardly any medical services available. When those people are under the weather, rather than running to the doctor, they just rest until they feet better.

Or sometimes they might use a home remedy that might have been in the family for generations.

There were a few medical professionals available - who were amazing in their abilities to help in emergency or extreme situations.

No need for meds, prescription drugs, or procedures

Mind power for great health often just develops as a result of circumstance. You just learn through experience that your body can heal itself if you give it a chance. It sometimes heals itself even when you don't give it a chance.

Do you live in an area where there are few or no medical doctors or clinics?

Maybe that's been a great advantage for you and your family as it was for ours.

Part of the advantage is that you avoid the medicine habit.

It's too easy, sometimes, to get a prescription every time a bug comes along.

Folks who move to a small town from a big city are often uncomfortable if there are limited medical facilities. But it's really an advantage.

You find out that when illness comes, you or your child can recover quickly without complicating the illness with side effects from medicines.

Overuse of medicine stifles natural immunity.

I'm sure that many who read this page have already escaped from the medicine trap.

Does this describe you? Consider sharing your story on your own web page. To do so, click on the picture below.

An overactive mind creates problems...

Do you experience constant self talk or inner chatter?

It's a common problem. And, it actually limits mind power.

I have a separate page on self talk, which you can go to if you wish.

You may have come across the teachings of Eckhart Tolle.

His writings have helped me greatly for limiting self talk, which allows my mind to become much more creative.

You might like to visit my page devoted to his teachings. To do that, please click here.

Tolle teaches without preaching.

His lessons allow us to learn how to use our minds in powerful ways without mental tedium. We find that the most effective mind power is accomplished with no effort.

Complete awareness of life is key.

Another contemporary teacher who demonstrates through the biology of cells how your mind affects health, well-being and even healing, is Dr. Bruce Lipton.

His wonderful book, The Biology of Belief, reads like an excellent novel. It's hard to put down.

Dr. Lipton's teachings are not only available within the covers of his exciting book, they are also available in video form, as many entertaining lectures have been recorded.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Lipton and his message, please click here.

The most powerful influence our minds have over our bodies is what Dr. Lipton calls the belief effect.

You and I have heard of it to some extent by the label, placebo effect.

Some meds are effective ONLY because of placebo...

The medical profession in all its hugeness has treated this valuable concept with a wide range of reactions - with many practitioners wisely using placebo in the treatment of all kinds of conditions, to others who treat it with scorn - calling it quackery.

but they all still have serious side effects.

To learn more about placebo, which is solid evidence of mind power, please click here.

You might like to know something about why placebo effect works.

It seems that since about 1970 a lot of research has developed around mind-body communication.

This research has produced a solid basis for communication between cells by means of neurotransmitters, and the resulting biochemical mechanism is known as psychoneuroimmunology.

How's that for an impressive sounding word?

It's there for you whether you know the terminology or not - always working, always effective.

To gain more understanding - in a mostly non-technical way, please click here.

Joyce and I have read a lot of books on the subject of mind power.

Some have been very technical - to the point that we can only understand some general principals.

Dr. Lipton's recent and amazing book, The Biology of Belief, is highly exceptional. His ability to communicate highly technical material in ways non-technical people can understand has made his book indispensable.

I'll go into more detail on the mind over matter page.

How do you interact with pain?

With a few exceptions it's not possible to live without some pain - and some of us are in a lot of pain all the time.

Pain, though, is a great tool which can be used by your mind for staying healthy and for enjoying life.

For more on this subject check out my natural pain relief page.

I hope I haven't caused you to assume that a certain level of intelligence is necessary for mind power to be effective.

Let me assure you, it's not.

Mind power for great health is there for everyone.

I'm not particularly smart. I have a decent education - not a great one, no graduate degree, and I'm strictly mono-lingual.

Yet my mind works automatically to maintain my healthy existence - just as yours does ... or will, if you let it.

For most of my life I've been aware that my mind is able to control most if not all the physical functions of my body - but I've not really known how that's possible.

During the past 6 months or so, I've learned that there is actually a solid scientific reason why it's not only possible, but that it's the result of how each of us as human beings is designed.

Quantum physics is something I've heard about and read about to a very limited extent. But until now I have not realized the amazing power of this field of study, even though it's been around for almost 100 years.

It's actually been here during the entire existence of the universe, but humans have only studied it for about the last 100 years - at least in any formal way.

To learn the basics of quantum physics and how it relates to mind power, please click here.

When fear enters the picture, the natural power of your mind is often short-circuited. Read more here.

You might think a certain self confidence or self esteem to be necessary. I don't think so.

But since so much print space along with cyberspace is dedicated to the idea of self esteem, you can find my limited understanding here, if you wish.

The fact that many of our family members get sick and die prematurely is strong evidence of negative mind power.

It's so easy to be swallowed up emotionally by allopathic medicine, especially because of the constant support of medicine by the media.

AIDS is a prime example.

It's clear to me, as it is to many other consumers of health care services in this country, that AIDS is the strongest evidence we have of the dismal failure of the western medical establishment.

Western medicine may have invented AIDS out of thin air. My opinions, backed by information from other sources, can be found on the page titled AIDS cure.

For some of us, short phrases or concise verbal messages - sometimes called proverbs - can be keys to realizing mind power.

Take a look at some of my favorites, here.

For some short phrases which may be helpful in defining success, please click here.

There are certain axioms which we can rely on as anchors or anchor points in our lives. One such axiom is the law of abundance.

Sometimes all we need to restart our creative juices is to consider some brief thoughts from someone else who has struggled. These are often summarized in relatively few words which you can find here.

Some well-known sayings can be motivating as well as inspiring. See whether you agree as you look at this page.

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