The Law of Abundance and Human Consciousness

The law of abundance is difficult for me to write about - but it shouldn't be.

I've believed this law for decades, but I guess maybe I haven't really understood it.

Or maybe some of my self-doubts have prevented me from realizing its possible personal impact for me and everyone else.

One of the problems for me is the term, universe, or universal.

This law probably has more than one expression - or set of words for expressing it.

As I understand it, the law of abundance goes like this:

The universe holds unlimited resources; everyone can have everything he or she desires.

Or, There is so much abundance in the universe that no one needs to lack anything.

It seems obvious that there is no limit to the abundance in the universe. But what about right here, right now? There is a lack in my bank account - and maybe in yours, too.

Our bank account may be in the black today, but it might be overdrawn tomorrow or the next day.

So many pundits would have us believe that the problem is in our mind - or the way we're using our minds.

The pundits - those who would have us buy their books and CDs - say all we need to do is learn to think correctly - or to think about abundance, and do so with emotion.

There's a certain amount of truth to those ideas - or at least I think there is.

It seems clear that each of us must go through a certain amount of calamity. These days, with economies in a state of retraction, there seems to be more than enough calamity to go around.

With millions of families losing their homes and unemployment on the increase, it's hard to focus on all the abundance in the universe.

What I want to focus on is how to solve the problem the world is going through right now.

There is no end to the finger-pointing going on - especially within the world of politics. Each party blames the other, conservatives blame the liberals and visa versa.

Just as there's more than enough abundance, there's more than enough culpability within the political world. The fact that our government is all about politics is the root of the problem.

We could talk or write about the inherent problems having to do with our debt-based monetary system, corporate greed, governmental corruption within all three major branches of our government, abandonment of constitutional precepts and moral underpinnings - all of which are part of the problem with the economy here in the U.S.

And since the world has relied on the U.S. economy for most of the last 100 years, the entire world is suffering economically as a result.

So, can we just think really positively, in tune with the law of abundance, and turn this entire world-wide problem around?

That may be possible.

But there are those who are prospering as a result of the miseries of the multitudes - or at least that's what they claim when they send out those emails inviting us to prosper as well.

All we have to do is subscribe to their newsletter, and try their investment strategies.

Yeah, right.

My writing on the law of abundance has turned into a bit of a rant.

But I still actually believe in the law of abundance.

I believe that the very strong negative idea that we are all separate has caused the serious recession we're going through.

It's hard to believe otherwise when we've all been taught this idea of survival of the fittest, and that there are always winners and losers.

Even our religious organizations teach the idea of separatism.

Most of them teach the idea of good versus evil.

But if God created everything and everyone, along with the law of abundance, where did evil come from?

Within Christianity and Judaism, evil somehow crept in when God wasn't looking. Satan or Lucifer was this amazing angel who suddenly became jealous and ambitious and fell from glory - and from then on he was the origin of evil.

So those humans who accept Christianity or Judaism are the favored ones, and those who don't are the evil ones - separated from the fold, and destined to eternal suffering.

Yet there's also a separation between Judaism and Christianity. In Christianity, those who don't accept Jesus as part of the Godhead, are deemed to be lost.

Even within Christianity there are deep divisions and separations between denominations - with a lot of seemingly petty disagreements over minute questions of doctrine.

A lot of modern philosophers have found and now hold onto ancient ideas which refute these ideas of separatism.

They use a combination of ancient, pre-organized religion teachings along with relatively new ideas of quantum physics to prove that we are not separate. We are connected by the fact that we are all part of Being, or part of that eternal Creative One Life which has always existed.

I first encountered these ideas through the writings and recordings of Eckhart Tolle.

You may have encountered them elsewhere, such as from Lao Tzu, or Thich Nhat Hanh, or maybe Deepak Chopra.

Richard Leviton, in the introduction of Physician, relates the ongoing problem of separatism - even the ultimate, original separatism - under the heading, Why Pandora's Covenant Must be Renewed.

He relates this separating force to conventional medical practice as the standard way of forcing certain beliefs and procedures down the throats of millions of patients.

At the most critical point in our existence as humans, if the law of abundance does not relate directly to our ability to be physically healthy, our ability to have everything else we want is meaningless.

In the first chapter, Mr. Leviton quotes Deepak Chopra, M.D., who would bring about a melding of conventional or allopathic medical practice and empiric or holistic health philosophies.

Human consciousness is...

...the unified field, the self, pure Being, which is the source of all abundance and affluence in the universe...the mind of God, the field of all possibilities...a field of infinite, unbounded intelligence.

Here's a lengthy sentence from page 75 of Physician - the same page and appearing a few lines before the Chopra quote:

Ultimately, the whole created universe is a field of consciousness, say the Eastern sages; matter is densified consciousness; the whole world is the manifold myriad play of consciousness; the ultimate particle is consciousness.

Here Richard Leviton defines human consciousness in the same way as it's described by Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra.

Tolle talks about consciousness throughout his writings and on his recordings. Tolle's writings and lectures are the epitome of economy of words.

Consciousness is the intelligence, the organizing principal behind the arising of form. Consciousness has been preparing forms for millions of years so that it can express itself through them in the manifested.

I've had the pleasure of reading and re-reading Tolle, starting with The Power of Now followed by Stillness Speaks then A New Earth.

The short passage above I lifted from Tolle's Oneness With All Life, which is a compilation of inspirational selections for A New Earth. Chapter 8 of Oneness With All Life is titled, CONSCIOUSNESS.

An entire chapter consisting of inspirational words about consciousness. Very enlightening.

In the Power of Now the second chapter is titled, Consciousness: The Way Out of Pain. To be completely conscious is to completely present - in the present moment - the now.

Here's another terrific quote from Chapter 8 of Oneness:

Although the unmanifested realm of pure consciousness could be considered another dimension, it is not separate from this dimension of form. Form and formlessness interpenetrate. The unmanifested flows into this dimension as awareness, inner peace, Presence. How does it do that? Through the human form that becomes conscious and thus fulfills its destiny.

and another from Chapter 8:

The next step in human evolution is not inevitable, but for the first time in the history of our planet, it can be a conscious choice. Who is making that choice? You are. And who are you?

Consciouness that has become conscious of itself.

My conclusion is that the law of abundance is closely related to consciousness, as defined by Tolle, Chopra, Leviton - along with many ancients.

The law of abundance is not limited to financial or economic abundance. But financial abundance is not excluded.

Another important inclusion is physical well-being, or continuing great health.

Knowing and understanding the law of abundance in its close relationship to human consciousness enables you to be a part of universal abundance in all areas of your life.

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