Juicing With Raw Organic Vegetables

Juicing means making fresh, delicious liquid from raw organically grown vegetables and fruits, with no non-organic additives - then drinking it slowly while it's fresh.

Using the green vegetables along with carrots, beets, and ginger root in various combinations is very rewarding. If you typically don't eat many raw vegetables, you may have to acquire a taste for it.

I've made some of my favorites for friends or family members only to have them turn up their noses.

But many combinations taste great immediately!

My personal favorite is carrots, beets and spinach with just a little bit of ginger root. Delicious and powerful.

This combination is very therapeutic for many reasons - both healing and prevention. Great eye health is just one of the many.

Be careful not to use too much beet. Maybe only half of a 2" diameter beet will probably be enough. Use more if you have a problem with constipation -- get the picture?

Lots of experienced juicers love apple with celery in various proportions - usually having mostly celery with a thin slice of apple. Adding a little ginger root adds a wonder zest, along with more vital antioxidants.

Ginger root is great with most combinations, but just use a small amount. An amount roughly equivalent in size to a dime for each 8 ounce glass may be enough, but feel free to experiment with more.

When Joyce was recovering from medical mal-practice, we bought carrots fifty pounds at a time - and used the 50-pound bag in a week.

This rewarding activity can cure nearly any condition - if it's used as the primary or only diet component.

There are many folks who have employed it to successfully battle various forms of cancer.

There are lots of brands of machines available. The Champion is still one of the best. It's simple and powerful.

We've used a Champion for years - one that we inherited from Joyce's Mom. Now we have one with Jack LaLane's name on it.

Using organically grown produce is very important, since juicing concentrates nutrients, but also concentrates toxic chemicals present in non-organic produce.

If you live in the country or have a large yard, you might greatly enjoy organic gardening.

One of the joys is experimenting with all the various possible combinations of vegetables along with a few fruits.

The vegies are best in most cases, since fruits are higher in carbs. You will most likely want to drink your juice very slowly.

That's the best way anyway, to enable complete enjoyment - savor the flavor, as you often hear.

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