Homeostasis - You Can't Live Without It

Homeostasis sounds like some kind of disease - but it really describes the natural mechanism present in everyone which automatically keeps us alive and healthy.

It's part of the mind-body connection that regulates temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and metabolism. These are only a few of nearly a thousand different internal variables which are automatically handled by the incredible mind-body alliance.

Other aspects are also affected - aspects such as emotions and mind power.

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Knowing something about how homeostasis works is very helpful for maintaining our health and longevity.

It's easy to take for granted the amazing power of our own beings.

All animals also possess this same ability to constantly regulate themselves automatically.

As humans, though, we have the additional ability to plan and manipulate various factors to our advantage as we age.

Some scientists have written that our innate resources diminish as we age.

There is a growing body of evidence and information which says that we can limit and possibly even eliminate the downward trend of this natural power.

There have been those nutritionists and naturopathic doctors such as Dr. Bernard Jensen who have provided information about the effects of nutrition and exercise on homeostasis going back some two hundred years.

Information was available on a more limited basis even in previous millenia.

For our purposes it's only necessary to look at information available now. Of course today's information is the result of research done decades ago along with current observations and studies - all readily available through the internet, books and magazines.

Whenever any expert talks or writes about the human body's natural ability to heal itself, homeostasis is involved.

Sometimes our homeostatic powers actually have a negative effect when they're overwhelmed by ingestion of poisons. They can also be overwhelmed by the effects of trauma and fear.

Nobody in their right mind runs out and drinks poison, but fast foods and even many foods on supermarket shelves are loaded with poisons - also known as toxins.

Short of trauma, stress is a huge factor which often interferes with homeostasis.

Stress frequently comes from eating the wrong foods.

I've read about the processes in general terms from a lot of different sources. Most of these sources have been books.

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I have a bit of information overload in regard to this topic, so it's helpful to me to look at some online sources to help me to zero in on the essentials.

The article on human homeostasis in Wikipedia says the liver, the kidneys, and the brain help maintain homeostasis. But every organ in the body could be listed, since all the organs are certainly involved.

As many organs and complex systems as there are in the human body, in comparison to a single cell - which is also a living organism - reveals the brilliance of design characteristics of both organisms.

Even the single cell has the ability to maintain its internal equilibrium by adjusting the various chemical processes which keep it alive.

That this has to do with quantum physics and chemistry is wonderfully clarified by Bruce Lipton in his Biology of Belief.

The subtitle of the book gives some clues as to the far-reaching nature of the built-in mechanisms we enjoy as human beings in the 21st century.

Here's the subtitle: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles.

Some of the books I've read multiple times require more than one reading for me to understand them.

This book by Dr. Lipton is so well written that it's understandable the first time through - but the impact is so great that it draws you back for more readings.

I first read Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz sometime during the late '60s. This book is all about changing your life, including your physical well-being, through your mind power and programming your conscious and subconscious mind.

Now Dr. Lipton's book and other works are available to strengthen the premises of Maltz and many others who have previously told us about not only controlling our physical bodies through the mind-body connection, but how to vastly improve our abilities to resist illness and disease.

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Homeostasis is an automatic physiological function, but as human beings we're able to strongly affect the efficiency for highly positive results in our health and well-being through understanding how it works and the ways of using our minds to bring about that efficiency.

One very important use of the mind is understanding the role of nutrition to facilitate natural homeostasis. Unfortunately many medical doctors know little or nothing about nutrition, so many of them actually deny the role of nutrition.

Increasing numbers of medical doctors are realizing the vital importance of nutrition.

Alternative practitioners such as chiropractors who are also trained in nutrition and applied kinesiology have known and made use of nutritional therapies for decades.

Dr. Max Gerson, who was able to successfully treat patients with a wide variety of diseases - including various types of cancers - left us with the Gerson Therapy.

The centerpiece of the Gerson Therapy is 13 hourly feedings of 8 ounces of raw fruit and vegetable juices consumed immediately after pressing or extracting the juices from organically grown vegetables.

The product of this procedure is live food in concentrated form - which furnishes enzymes, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals in their most useable form.

In The Gerson Therapy written by Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker, homeostasis is mentioned as the desirable natural power of the healthy human body which is preserved and protected by the best nutrition.

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Dr. Alejandro Junger writing in Clean, his recent national best selling book, makes this statement pertaining to an effective detoxification program:

Sometimes a body that has been dulled with processed foods and deprived of nutrients responds in a dramatic way to eliminating toxins and obtaining adequate nutrients. The immune and repair systems can suddenly bounce back into full working mode...

When he uses the words, immune and repair systems, he's talking about the systems of homeostasis, and like the late Dr. Max Gerson and Gerson's daughter, Charlotte, he's telling us that detoxification through the purest nutrition available is necessary.

Our natural homeostatic systems keep us functioning for long periods of time while we thoughtlessly ingest all kinds of toxic chemicals from our food supply and eat steady diets very high in carbs and animal protein and dairy products.

At some point, though, the naturally powerful systems of many people are overwhelmed, and homeostasis is defeated.

The result is extreme illness or death.

If you use the services of the typical medical doctor, you will actually add to your internal toxicity by using prescriptions which mask symptoms.

You may temporarily feel a little better. Meanwhile, your systems are being increasingly devastated by the additional toxins and lack of real nutrition.

You can quickly reverse that situation by weaning yourself off the medications.

If you haven't talked with your doctor previously about concerns related to being on medications with side effects, ask your doctor what could be done to eliminate the drugs and to restore your health.

Should your doctor not be open to discussion, and not want to consider your input, you might want to look for a new doctor - or even an alternative health care provider.

Dr. Junger confirms that western civilization is in the midst of a big shift in health care moving medical professionals toward holistic medicine.

In his chapter titled After the Cleanse one of his suggestions is that you interview your doctor as if she were applying for the most important job in the world.

If you haven't read Clean and haven't gone through the cleanse detailed in the book, buy the book, read it and follow the instructions for the cleanse very carefully.

You will restore homeostasis, you'll achieve your correct weight, you'll feel great and have amazing energy.

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