This Health Assurance Avoids all the Hassle and Expense

Health assurance is health insurance, according to various insurance companies.

You might think Obamacare is health assurance. I see by some reading after Googling Obamacare that some think it is.

Just yesterday a Federal judge in Florida entered a summary judgment in favor of the plaintiffs in the suit by 26 State attorneys general to have Obamacare declared unconstitutional.

Or, it may have been to have the mandate for everyone to participate that was declared unconstitutional.

There's no question that the health insurance industry is a mess, especially since government has been messing it up.

I've always felt that most health insurance is worthless as far as any benefit to the insured is concerned.

Forty some years ago we were enrolled in the Kaiser Plan.

Back then it was a terrific plan which covered prenatal, birth and postnatal care for mothers and babies.

It was the plan offered by the school district where I was teaching, and it was very economical.

Joyce's parents also had Kaiser during the last decades of their lives. That's when we bumped up against the limitations.

During the last months of her Mom's life in her battle with Lou Gerhrig's Disease, we experienced many problems with that plan.

But really, when you realize that insurance companies must make money, or they would not exist, all the plans must have limitations.

I guess some politicians and others feel that a government system would be best since there's no profit motive.

Personally, I'd rather not have government at any level involved with my health.

Regardless of how you feel about a government health care system, you might want to consider that the best way to deal with it is to avoid illness and disease.

In many ways we've been programmed to assume we'll get sick and require medical care.

In some ways we've done that to ourselves - we can hardly blame the medical system or government when as a culture we demand quick cures for conditions we wouldn't experience if we were careful about our diets and took time for lots of exercise.

It's overwhelming to consider that we can be responsible for our own individual health.

That's really what this website is all about.

Not everyone can do it right now - but many can - maybe even the majority of us can.

Huge numbers of people are very involved with nutrition, exercise, weight loss and overall fitness, and use of alternative health services is continuing to increase.

I'm amazed at how many people of all ages can be seen walking, running, biking, and hiking.

It's great to see a lot of overweight folks out walking and jogging - obviously working hard at losing the extra pounds.

I'm sure many are using various types of diets to limit calorie and carbohydrate intake, as well.

This is what real health assurance is all about. It's about taking responsibility for your own health care.

If you feel compelled to have some health insurance, just get an economical catastrophic plan with a large deductible.

But don't automatically assume you must have it.

Everyone actually has the ability to become healthy or stay healthy. But most depend on doctors, medicines, clinics, and hospitals.

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