The Gerson Therapy - Life Saving Procedures 

with no drugs or surgery

The Gerson Therapy is a treatment for cancers of all types with some variation depending on the type of cancer being treated.

It can also be used successfully for nearly any condition - though for advanced cancers careful adherence to the therapy is advised for complete remission.

I've looked at a lot of cancer cures described online. Many have some similarities to Dr. Gerson's approach.

Dr. Max Gerson lived from 1881-1959. About one year before his death, he published his book, A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases.

His daughter Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker, D.P.M. have co-authored The Gerson Therapy. My paperback copy shows the copyright dates as 2001 and 2006.

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This book not only describes the Gerson Therapy in detail, it also provides in narrative style the stories of several patients who had been given a quick death sentence by oncologists.

The book also presents a lot of information about Dr. Gerson's life and work.

His life story is fascinating not only for what he accomplished as a medical doctor using non-medical methods but for incredible information he left that anyone can use to enable his or her body to heal itself from various diseases.

His therapies demonstrate that not only do chemotherapy and other standard medical treatments work only in isolated cases, but they're actually part of the cause - at least the cause of the death of many patients.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are known to medical practitioners to be highly toxic, yet oncologists continue to sell them to their patients. To do otherwise is somehow still considered quackery.

The Gerson Therapy is a simple, straight forward therapy which not only works for cancer, it also works for most other diseases.

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That cancer is more of a symptom than a disease is well-supported by large numbers of alternative health practitioners and patients. There are also other medical doctors, who like Dr. Gerson, realize the true nature of cancer.

Quacks such as Stephen Barrett and their buddies at the FDA always jump up screaming about the lack of so-called scientific proof.

The only scientific proof acceptable to them are the rigged double-blind placebo trials costing so much that only the backing of large corporations - the manufacturers of pharmaceuticals - enables any drug or procedure to be approved.

No such corporation is going to fund such a trial unless it stands to gain huge profits on its investment.

The core of the therapy is a mostly liquid diet consisting of thirteen 8 ounce glasses of various raw organic juices from vegetables and certain fruits - every day.

For any cancer patient whose cancer is advanced, all the other parts of the therapy are also vital.

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The Gerson therapy does include some strange sounding procedures, but when you take a close look, the procedures correctly understood each have a great advantage. Many involve natural vitamin and mineral compounds well-known throughout the world of alternative health.

Those of us who use lots of different food supplements for preventative and cleansing purposes don't find anything strange or startling about any component of the Gerson therapy.

Coffee enemas are a very important part of the therapy.

The closed minds who consider themselves to be scientists - those who use pejorative phrases involving the word quackery - may one day be glad that alternative seekers such as Drs. Gerson and Burzynski have allowed themselves to explore ideas outside of the tightly closed medical box, where nothing not FDA approved is allowed to be effective.

Many medical doctors have already become advocates of alternative or complementary practices after experiencing the reversal of deadly conditions themselves through therapies such as those advocated by Dr. Gerson and Dr. Jensen.

The fact is, most of the substances approved by the FDA are highly toxic poisons.

Read the list of side effects for nearly any medication. The dangers are enormous.

Raw organic vegetables, fruits, and their juices consumed immediately after their production in your kitchen have no side effects.

Neither do coffee enemas.

I'm very pleased to know there's a highly therapeutic use for coffee.

I quit drinking coffee years ago - even before I knew about coffee enemas.

The Gerson Therapy in a supervised setting may only be available through a Tijuana, Mexico hospital - since the FDA and various state medical boards egged on by the FDA have shut down therapy centers stateside.

Anyone can make good use of the Gerson Therapy right from the book - though anyone who is seriously ill would need a caregiver. The caregiver would need to be someone who is very detail oriented - able to follow instructions carefully and construct charts or check-off lists to make sure daily regimens are meticulously followed.

There are some similarities between the Gerson Therapy and the cleanse procedure detailed in Dr. Junger's book, Clean.

The Gerson Therapy is necessarily much more rigorous and much more demanding.

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Just the time involved in preparing the quantity of fresh juices along with the cleanup makes the Gerson Therapy a daunting task for anyone attempting to do it at home.

The Gerson Institute, located in Bonita, California has a training program for anyone interested in becoming a Gerson Home Set-up Trainer. As explained on the Institute's web site, Home Set-up Trainers can work as independent contractors.

Gerson Home Set-up Trainers do not provide medical advice or prescribe anything. Rather, they are trained to help implement a schedule from a Gerson clinic or help the client use the Gerson material to design their own program.

Check it out at

The fact that the Gerson Therapy was originally designed by a medical doctor is only important because of the ingrained bias many of us have in favor of M.D.s.

Max Gerson was a highly talented man. Albert Schweitzer called him a genius - the phrase he used is I see in Dr. Max Gerson one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine.

Dr. Schweitzer himself was a medical doctor, but he was also a humanitarian, theologian, and a musician. His high opinion of Max Gerson was no doubt a result of Gerson's having cured his wife of tuberculosis and of Schweitzer himself having overcome adult onset diabetes through the Gerson Therapy.

When we were kids during the '40s and '50s we heard bits and pieces about Albert Schweitzer from time to time. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1953 when the award still meant something.

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Now, let's see. Dr. Gerson is vilified by the likes of Stephen Barrett, and described as one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine by Dr. Albert Schweitzer.

Dr. Gerson's work could easily stand on its own but for the ignorant rantings of Barrett and others promoting the standard conventional medical and big pharma line of huge profits costing millions of lives.

It's fascinating that in 1946 a U.S. Senate subcommittee listened to testimony from Dr. Gerson.

The story, as presented in the book by Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker, is a strong indication of politics at work.

Congress could have moved decisively to bring the Gerson Therapy to the forefront of American therapeutic practice - to the benefit of everyone.

But that would have likely been the beginning of the end of the financial empire of western medicine - which also would have been to the benefit of everyone.

There's no doubt that certain aspects of conventional medical practice are beneficial.

Emergency trauma care is often life-saving.

Beyond that, I really have to wonder whether there's value to anything commonly practiced by an industry which causes sickness and death through prescription and over-the-counter medicine.

The Gerson Therapy uses heavy doses of organically grown vegetables and fruits consumed as juices to be consumed immediately after prepared raw - either at home or in a supervised setting.

It's simple, but the details of its implementation are critical when the patient's life has been endangered by decades of accumulating the toxins of processed foods and the chemicals from medicines.

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