Gallstones Can be Eliminated Without Surgery

and you can keep your gallbladder.

Gallstones are a serious problem to large numbers of people in Western cultures - mainly because of our typically unhealthy eating habits.

Multiple sources indicate that over 500,000 per year have surgery to remove their gallbladders.

That piece of information is shocking to me. It's easy to gloss over a number like that, but half a million people every year is huge. Over ten years, 5 million folks lose their gallbladders.

By Googling gallbladder surgery I see that a lot of the surgical patients have been young people. Folks in their 30s -even some in their 20s.

I guess when someone is in severe pain it's easy to accept a doctor's advice to yank that thing out of there - especially if the doctor says you can live just fine without it.

When gallstones become large enough to cause pain, nausea and vomiting to the extent that the victim may be in a near life-threatening situation, panic sets in and the scalpel comes out.

Hopefully one of the effects of more and more people turning to alternative health will be the reduction in the number of unnecessary surgeries.

Gallstones can easily be prevented just by eating the right foods and drinking lots of pure water.

Using the detoxification routine described in Clean a couple of times each year will not only clean out the toxins. It also gets you onto the right path for correct eating habits.

Clean by Dr. Alejandro Junger is only $15 - and can save you tens of thousands of dollars in medical and surgical costs, and it can save your gallbladder - and maybe some other vital organs.

Is the gallbladder some extra appendage to the liver, something that was put there to make lots of money for surgeons and other medical folks?

If you're experiencing the incredible pain of one or more gallstones, you just want the pain to stop, ASAP. But there are completely non-invasive, non-medical ways to manage the pain while you're solving the problem.

Further on down on this page I describe a gallbladder flush. There are several around which are very effective.

Paavo Airola simply tells us to stop eating for 2-3 days and drink lots of pure water until the acute condition subsides. Then, he says, have nothing but juices for the next few days - specifically pear juice and beettop juice intermittently.

If juicing is new to you, for best results always juice at home with fresh, raw, organically grown fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Airola also advised using an external compress consisting of a cotton cloth saturated with olive oil applied under a heating pad directly over the upper right abdominal area while laying down.

Joyce tried this, and it works.

When my Mom was in her 40's she was experiencing the pain and discomfort of gallstones.

Oral Roberts was preaching the gospel on TV - black and white TV no less.

When Oral invited anyone in the TV audience who was in need of healing to walk over to the TV and put their hand on the set while he prayed for them, Mom responded accordingly.

Her pain disappeared - never to appear again.

Was she miraculously healed? Absolutely. Was it divine intervention?

You could call it that.

It could also have been the power of her faith along with the God-given power of the human body to heal itself.

Mom is now 100 years old and still has her gallbladder - along with all her other organs.

I assume that a lot of folks have had similar experiences with healing from within - or without - depending on how you view it. Some medical folks refer to them as spontaneous remissions and just dismiss them as inexplicable anomalies.

I'd be willing to bet that large numbers of people around the globe rely on spontaneous remissions along with excellent eating habits and exercise for gallstones as well as most other maladies.

There are any number of websites offering gallbladder flushes you can buy for anywhere from $60-120. Most of them probably work - depending on how well they're sold.

If you buy one of them and you're convinced it will work, the power of your mind will cause it to work.

We have a little booklet that Joyce bought from Vitamin Cottage for $10. The title is Liver Cleansing Handbook, by Rhody Lake. It's published by alive books. They don't capitalize their company name.

Rhody tells us there are many recipes for a liver and gallbladder flush and that any procedure using lemon juice, garlic, cayenne and olive oil will work, more or less.

We also have Paavo Airola's book, How to Get Well. When we bought it back in the -70s it cost $10 also - for the hardbound edition.

Some sources say we all have gallstones, but that most of them are very small and cause no problems. I guess we have no way of knowing whether that's true.

Preventing problems with the liver and gall bladder is not difficult.

Effectively doing so involves doing the same things as staying healthy in general, which means drinking lots of pure water, eating mostly raw, organically grown vegetables, and doing a periodic detox as recommended by Dr. Junger.

I have a little more detail on my liver cleanse page. Doing a liver cleanse will also benefit your gallbladder, and probably eliminate the gallstones - at least the ones big enough to be a problem.

Permanently changing your diet to mostly raw stuff as indicated on the nutritious foods pages will enable you to avoid liver and gallbladder problems permanently.

Allow me to say it again: Drink lots of pure water. Check out the Water, Water Everywhere page.

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