Fruits and Vegetables - Wonderful Food, If...

Fruits and vegetables are natures gift to us.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

That old saying by itself has a lot of wisdom. I've always wanted to avoid seeing a doctor - though there are times when a really good doctor is worth his weight in gold, especially if he's not overweight.

Fresh produce a few decades ago was always wholesome, nutritious food - some specific varieties more than others.

These days, though, we are well-advised to be careful about our selections.

Agriculture has changed drastically as a result of pressure to produce larger quantities of highly attractive products with no blemishes or flaws.

To achieve supermarket display standards of perfection, farmers must use powerful chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Enter the organic food industry, which is growing rapidly.

Some farmers are able to do very well growing organic produce. Organic foods are available in most larger cities.

To learn more about organic foods, please click here.

If you can't afford the extra cost of organically grown foods, you can still do very well by selecting which specific produce you eat.

I was surprised to learn that not all fruits and vegetables are beneficial for all individuals. I had always thought that if it was fresh, clean and tasty, it was great, nutritious food.

Enter Eat Right For Your Type, by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo.

Joyce found this book somewhere, and bought a blood typing kit from the health food store.

Once she knew her blood type, she picked up the small booklet guide for her type, and began following it.

After a year or so of stubbornly refusing, I finally let her get a kit so she could find my type along with the booklet guide for my type.

I was amazed at how quickly I felt better.

Not only did I feel better in general, I slept more soundly, had more energy, and my joints felt stronger and less painful during exercise.

Not too long after I converted, I overheard a medical doctor in a restaurant loudly denouncing D'Adamo's ideas.

I'm sure that some doctors support this well-documented and widely used info.

But many do not. Nutrition remains as a specialty largely avoided by medical schools.

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