Free of Drugs = Home at Last

Being free of drugs is the greatest freedom of all.

How many different kinds of prisons are there?

I think the prison of drug addiction may be the worst of them all.

We're talking here about both legal and illegal drugs.

Having been on the board of a non-profit drug and alcohol treatment program for more than 20 years, I've known a lot of recovering addicts.

I've also known lots of folks who've been dependent upon legal drugs, both prescription and over-the-counter.

Clearly not everyone who uses legal drugs is addicted to them - but many are to a larger extent than they realize.

Whether addicted or not, if you feel you must continue the use of certain substances in order to be healthy or functional, the pharmaceutical companies have you over a barrel.

It's okay because it's not only acceptable, it's expected that as we age, we'll have to rely on medicines for our continued comfort and normal existence.

But great health and vitality can only be achieved free of drugs.

Most everyone who uses conventional medicine is really not aware that there's actually a choice.

You could say that many drugs are relatively benign as far as side effects are concerned.

The term side effects is a way of saying that not all the effects of any drug are positive.

Little or no consideration is given to the fact that drugs are retained in your body over long periods of time unless you take some action to remove them - use some type of cleansing method.

What choice do you have?

There are some medical doctors such as Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil along with a bunch of lesser known M.D.'s who know about the alternatives.

They also know about ways of promoting self-healing without the use of drugs.

There are even more non-medical health professionals who are experts in promoting healing without drugs.

Unless you are gravely ill you can likely learn how to handle most everyday health problems yourself through diet, exercise, and mind power.

But you might wonder - why would anyone want to avoid drugs or medicines if you are in pain, or ill - or if you have been told by your doctor that you have a disease?

Lots of folks don't realize that medicines many times don't work.

Often when illness or disease seems to go away, or when pain is reduced or eliminated, it's only because of the body's power to heal itself.

The healing power is frequently released by the fact that the mind believes it will happen.

For example many doctors throughout the last 50 years or longer have prescribed antibiotics for colds and sore throats caused by viruses, knowing that antibiotics are completely ineffective against viruses.

Nonetheless, patients often recover quickly.

Placebo effect is responsible.

Have some doctors used fake antibiotics? Maybe so.

If they have, they should be thanked - for saving their patient from some very serious possible side effects.

It's not only quite possible to be free of drugs, it's highly advantageous to your health.

Consider buying a good, powerful juicer, and start making your own fresh vegetable juice.

The juices of fresh, organically grown vegetables will enable you to empty your medicine cabinet - and you will feel great, soon.

For more detail, visit my juicing page here.

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