Foot Reflexology - Healing and Relaxation From Foot Massage

Foot reflexology seems weird to traditional medical doctors - as well as to many of their patients.

Here we have another simple and effective path to relief from pain and discomfort as well as to increased energy, health and vitality.

Each foot has numerous points which correspond to various glands, organs and muscles all over the body.

The same is true of the hands. Some practitioners of reflexology even use corresponding points on the ears.

The feet offer us more opportunities for dramatic results - possible due to the larger number of nerve endings in the feet.

As with other alternative health practices which have come to us from antiquity, my first reaction was rampant skepticism.

You might have had the same reaction - or maybe you're having that reaction now, if this is your first encounter with foot reflexology.

My first encounter came about 20 years ago.

I met a fine older gentleman through a search for a commercial real estate lender.

A friendship developed.

Joyce and I learned a lot from John and his wife, Betty - mostly having to do with alternative health practices.

Betty was a skilled reflexologist, and Joyce was able to acquire some skills from Betty.

Joyce and I were both able to overcome initial skepticism after experiencing quick relief from some common ongoing maladies - such as sinus pain and headaches.

The practice involves applying varying amounts of pressure to the precise locations on toes and other parts of the foot.

Anyone can learn how to apply the therapy to his or her own feet.

While it can be a bit painful, the overall effect of having someone else perform foot reflexology is very pleasing as well as quickly effective.

Joyce uses it often on her own feet - and if I'm experiencing congestion in sinuses or throat, she knows exactly where to rub on my toes.

I think she enjoys inflicting the initial pain - but as the pain subsides, the relief is often very fast in coming.

Sometimes the pain is almost unbearable. But if I take the initial pain for a few seconds, not only does the pain on the foot subside, but something happens to the corresponding body location.

The action is most dramatic for me if my sinuses are congested.

Some skeptics say that if some sort of change occurs through foot reflexology, it's just placebo.

Sometimes that may well be true. But if it is, no problem. Placebo is often a great healer.

It simply verifies the importance of mind power for maintaining our own excellent health.

Foot reflexology experts seem to differ on what makes it work.

Some say it's some sort of energy connection that works through the same meridian system of acupuncture.

Others say it works through the nervous system by means of electrical impulses.

For a lot of people it doesn't work at all - because their minds defeat the simple procedure. Skepticism can be powerful.

How well I know the truth of that statement.

Just the fact that reflexology has been around for thousands of years should provide a clue that there's something substantial here.

Research shows that it was used extensively in Egypt, China, Japan, and India as far back as 2700 B.C.

I've hardly used it at all - just when my dear wife will insist on rubbing my feet when I'm having some obvious discomfort or pain.

She has persisted over time - and now, finally, I'm a believer.

It's easy to learn. We can use it on ourselves to provide quick relief from stress or pain.

About 6 or 7 weeks ago, I managed to tear my left rotator cuff muscle. I've been using the great skills of our favorite chiropractor for treatment - with huge success.

But at times, I can get remarkable relief from arm and shoulder pain by rubbing two proximate areas on my left foot.

The areas are just below the little toe - one on the bottom of the foot, and the other on top.

If I rub with a fair amount of pressure with the thumb and index finger of my left hand for about 45 seconds, relief, sweet relief.

The rubbing is very localized. Just pivoting on the same location - a rocking motion while applying some pinching pressure between the two digits.

Other points have to be rubbed with just one finger or thumb.

A pencil with a new eraser serves well sometimes. But when Joyce rubs her own feet, or my feet, she just uses her fingers.

Nice. And effective.

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