Foods that Heal are the Best Nature Offers

Foods that heal are those special foods that facilitate healing in your body. Their value can't be overestimated because they have no side effects, as do medicines.

Besides, medicines don't heal. They only mask symptoms and cause illness through side effects.

The foods themselves don't do the healing - but they provide the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins and energy your body needs to heal itself.

We Americans are so heavily influenced by custom and politics that we've learned to eat and drink stuff that barely qualifies as food. Some of that stuff should never have been included in anybody's diet.

Instead of eating for health we often eat for entertainment and comfort.

Much of the stuff we eat actually triggers sickness and disease, both because of toxins and because the pseudo-food itself only became human food because of profit and convenience. Sometimes things were consumed only because nothing else was available.

Foods that heal help the body rid itself of the toxins accumulated in the body over years and decades of eating the wrong foods and using toxic hygiene products, such as lotions, sprays, deodorants and cosmetics.

Joyce and I, along with millions of other folks, have found out first hand how amazing it is to shed pounds and toxins, and be revitalized by abandoning all the delicious poisonous foods we love, and discovering new, exciting foods which enable our bodies to become young again.

We've had lots of experience changing diets over the years, having tried various plans - some of which we came up with by taking someone else's ideas and adding our own.

Joyce's painful 2-year battle with fibromyalgia produced some of the most valuable changes we've experienced - and just this last few months with the help of Dr. Alejandro Junger's book, Clean, we've learned that we can much more comfortably cleanse periodically than previously.

So some foods are not only foods that heal. They also assist your body in cleansing itself - getting rid of dangerous toxins.

We've gone through other cleanses periodically - including the lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper diet. This diet is called the Master Cleanse - and it works.

The problem is, those ingredients combined into a hot tea made with distilled water, are the only food intake you can have during the cleanse.

Dr. Junger's plan - which we are just now completing - is much easier to complete because it allows your body to acquire more than enough energy from food for normal day-to-day activities - including vigorous exercise.

What are the foods that heal? I'll start with the fruits and vegetables.

Here's a short list: beet greens, beets, broccoli, carrots, celery, collard greens, dandelions, garlic, ginger root, horseradish, kale, okra, onions, parsnips, parsley, Romaine lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, turnips, blueberries, cherries, cranberries, figs, grapes, lemons, pineapple, plums, prunes, water melon.

The foods on this list should be eaten raw in order to get the most benefit. Juicing with various raw vegetables is especially valuable for anyone needing foods that heal. You might want to look at the juicing page for some helpful hints.

There are other fruits and vegetables which may be healing for you depending on your blood type and certain other factors.

To compile this short list, I used the charts in the back of Dr. D'Adamo's encyclopedic version of Eat Right for Your Type. This chart lists foods alphabetically and classifies them as beneficial, neutral, or avoid for each of the four blood types.

For D'Adamo's blood groupings, plus and negative signs for each type don't make a difference.

The foods I've included on the above list are those which are beneficial for at least two of the blood types, and not classified as avoid for any blood type.

Unless you're growing them yourself without chemicals or unless you're able to get them from a trusted local farmer, buying organic produce is nearly mandatory these days.

The highly polished and beautiful appearing produce found in the supermarket may be loaded with toxins. All produce, including foods that heal, is ruined by toxins in many commercially farming operations.

You may wonder why I've omitted certain foods from my list above.

It's true that many other foods, grown organically and eaten raw, promote healing for some individuals. It's certainly true that what works for one person may not work for another.

For example, asparagus is not on the above list - yet asparagus is a wonderful healing food for many of us - including Joyce and I.

Dr. Junger includes asparagus in some of the recipes used during the Clean cleansing plan. Grilled asparagus is especially tasty, but don't leave it on the grill too long. Put it on the upper grill away from the fire.

If the shoots are tender, they could be eaten raw.

Joyce baths the spears in olive oil before they go onto the grill- as instructed by Clean.

Alejandro Junger doesn't claim to know everything about nutritional cooking and recipes, but he consulted with his friend, Jill Pettijohn - who is a raw foods chef, cleansing expert, and a nurse.

The recipes are delicious and wonderfully formulated for maximum nutritional and cleansing value.

Dr. D'Adamo's chart designates asparagus as neutral for all blood type groups - which is the only reason I didn't include it on the list above.

There are undoubtedly quite a few foods I don't know about which are excellent, nutritious foods. Let me know what your experience has been.

One such food we only learned about during our experience with Dr. Junger's Clean program is dulse. We'd never heard of this amazing food previously.

It's a sea vegetable - or seaweed. Apparently a great source of iron and essential trace minerals, it should be added to salads or cold soups, as with some of the recipes in the Clean regimen.

It's pleasantly chewy with a mild, barely detectable flavor of its own.

In addition to the fruits and vegetables listed above there are the nuts and grains.

A grain which should be omitted from everyone's diet is wheat - the main grain staple of the SAD - Standard American Diet. This means giving up all those delicious breads.

Here's the list of grains, taken from D'Adamo's Encyclopedia using the same criteria as the fruit and vegetable list above.

Millet, oats, rice bran, and spelt.

Joyce and I have been eating millet as a breakfast cereal about once a week for the last couple of years. It's delicious with blue berries and a little stevia and almond milk. Occasionally we have some oatmeal.

But we may have to re-think the oatmeal.

Sometimes I feel as though we're depriving ourselves of pleasure when we begin avoiding certain foods we've enjoyed all of our lives. Especially where breads are concerned.

It's a little difficult when we drive by a bakery where they purposely fan the wonderful essences of their fresh-baked products into the surrounding neighborhood.

Joyce even baked our own bread and other goodies during the 6 years we lived in Nucla. And, we got fat.

The rewards of the sacrifice are great. The greatly increased energy, the ability to consistently resist illness and to stay vibrant and healthy seem to outweigh the almost addicting power of all those baked goodies.

We've now learned to enjoy the flavors and textures of highly beneficial foods that heal in various combinations to take the place of the old dangerous stuff.

It's actually exciting to explore all the new flavors with unique richness and satisfaction.

For example, carob is sometimes viewed as a chocolate substitute. It resembles chocolate in appearance and texture. But the flavor of carob is unique - and when eaten with almonds or walnuts, it's rich and satisfying.

Chocolate has been promoted as a healthy food by some - probably by the chocolate companies.

Chocolate must have lots of sugar and other stuff added to make it palatable. Otherwise, it's bitter. It also has some caffeine.

So, by the time enough sugar is added to make it edible, chocolate is delicious, but potentially deadly.

Carob, on the other hand, is naturally sweet and highly nutritious.

Among the nuts and seeds, only walnuts are indicated by Dr. D'Adamo as being beneficial for at least two blood type groups and not categorized as a food to avoid for any blood type.

But almonds are neutral for all blood types.

Lots of people eat raw almonds for protein, along with the other nutritional benefits - not to mention the fact that they taste great.

Joyce and I love almonds and almond butter. One of our favorite snacks is slices of apple with almonds or almond butter. We're willing to pay extra to get organically grown apples and almonds.

Are almonds and walnuts foods that heal? I don't know, but I suspect they are. Several nut experts says almonds and walnuts are the most nutritious nuts on the planet.

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