Fear Factor - Eliminate it to Live a Rich Healthy Life

Fear factor is much more than a TV show. Fear is all too real for many people in western culture today.

I remember how governmental agencies conjured up fear even during the fifties and sixties, when all us school-aged children went through those air raid drills. Luckily we had a hard time taking those drills seriously.

We seem to go from one fear producing drill to another.

Today we have multiple scenarios designed to produce fear, and the need for the government's protection.

Castlewood Canyon Fear Factor

Leading the list for several years has been the global warming fiasco. The government has made carbon dioxide into a pollutant. Another scenario many citizens are hard-pressed to take seriously.

Every time some new threat to our health comes along, the so-called news agencies gobble it up and blow it out of proportion - adding to the fear factor.

The FDA has created fear over eating spinach, tomatoes, meat and eggs.

FDR was right decades ago when he said that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself - but the EPA, the FDA and lots of other alphabet soup agencies seem to go out of their ways to generate fear.

If you have been told that your genes leave you vulnerable to various diseases or conditions, your fear level has been increased exponentially - if you believe what you've been told.

The medical establishment and the big pharmaceutical companies love it.

How can you eliminate fear from your thinking and from your life?

Castlewood Canyon Fear Factor

Make fear elimination into a project. Ignore the sensational fear-generating headlines designed to sell newspapers and advertising.

Learn to separate fact from fiction where the evening news is concerned. We would all be better off if we just didn't watch the news programs. We could easily just watch the weather channel - but some of the weather-guessers manage to make their forecasts pretty scary, too.

Another fear eliminating step is to realize that politicians have a lot to gain by convincing you that you need government with all its regulation.

The production and sale of pharmaceuticals - both prescription and over-the-counter is huge beyond belief. The drug companies are very adept at making themselves indispensable to a very large segment of our population.

The fear factor is one of their most important tools.

Find out first hand that your body can heal itself of any and all disease and illness, and that all of those conditions can be prevented.

Your mind power is your most powerful tool. When your doctor says something that scares your, express your fears and ask questions.

Use your mind to remove the fear factor.

Especially if you're caught in the web of strong medications with multiple side effects.

Continue to use the internet to find the right information, but realize that not everything you read is good, true information.

Lots of folks live without fear and without disease and illness.

Were they just born with extraordinary natural strength or great immune systems?

Castlewood Canyon Fear Factor

Yes, we were born with wonderful immune systems and incredible nervous systems, all perfectly designed to keep us healthy and happy.

But nearly everyone was born with the same natural healing abilities.

No doubt, some were born with some disadvantages. But those unfortunate individuals are much fewer in number than seems to be the case. Birth defects are tragic - and may be the result of certain medications foisted onto moms by their misinformed doctors.

Multitudes of people in our culture are sick only because of the fear factor which has entered their lives from the outside.

A prime example is the epidemic of obesity.

It's really difficult to learn how to eliminate fear or control your appetite if you're always fatigued from carrying 40-150 pounds of extra weight.

Chances are, you're addicted to carbs. The typical American diet with lots of gluten-laden grains, lots of corn syrup and refined sugar, tons of high-fat burgers and fries, pizza, pasta, twinkies and other snacks - all washed down with gallons of sodas - not only load you down with extra pounds, they also keep your mind locked in a state of mental fog and fatigue.

But you can get yourself well. Some great alternative health professionals are available to help. There are also many really good, unusual medical doctors who practice integrative health care which often includes non-medical methods.

Select one or more of these carefully. Don't go to a fat one.

And if you find yourself being advised to use drugs to alter your appetite, or surgery to alter the size of your stomach, run to the nearest exit.

Castlewood Canyon Fear Factor

For anyone carrying extra weight - whether a little or a lot - I strongly recommend Clean, by Dr. Alejandro Junger, M.D. If merely reading a book and following its directions would be impractical, maybe the book along with Dr. Junger's website would help.

The website also puts you in touch with consultants and enables the purchase of supplements.

Dr. Junger was convinced by his personal experience with serious illness to look beyond the confines of his formal medical training for restoration to great health.

What he discovered is what multitudes of alternative health practitioners have known for decades - that toxins are responsible for most if not all diseases suffered by Americans and other Western cultures.

He certainly overcame the fear factor.

For more information, take a look at this page on my site.

The general acceptance of the germ theory of disease has caused much of the rampant fear of disease in our country.

Castlewood Canyon Fear Factor

The attempt is to turn us into clean-freaks. We're constantly being admonished to wash our hands before eating or touching food.

Hand-washing is definitely called for if I've been handling anything toxic - but the number of germs on my hands is minimal by comparison to the number already residing inside my gut.

None of us would be alive without the billions of microbes thriving in our intestines.

Remember the stories about the so-called flesh-eating germs?

All the germaphobes on the planet can do themselves a huge favor by opening their minds and realizing that the germ theory has never been proven.

The powerful media along with the political structure of government have put us in a state of fear.

Headlines and sensational stories often make rare situations into epidemics. Even in those rare situations the actual cause of rampant infections is most likely a body which is terribly toxic due to really bad eating habits and lack of exercise.

Sometimes the electronic media scoop the print media, and other times the print media blast it out first. Either way, fear and increased fear factor is the result.

So, if it's all nonsense, why are so many people so sick?

Largely because of the fear factor combined with terrible nutrition and a sedentary life style.

It's amazing what damage your mind can do if it's convinced that we're at the mercy of tiny, unseen and out-of-control enemies by the billions.

In addition to devastating effect of fear, our food supply has become toxic - especially the highly convenient packaged foods relied on by so many consumers.

As if that weren't enough, the grains we've long been trained to trust are highly toxic to many individuals - maybe to everyone to some degree.

Maybe this information would produce fear. Some might react by thinking that there's nothing left we can eat.

Not true, though. Getting away from wheat, barley and rye is not easy - but the health dividends for doing so are huge. When you discover millet and teff along with an amazing variety of other extremely healthy foods, your world expands, and you reap the benefit in health and vitality.

For much more information, take a look at my nutritious foods page, here.

One of the most important aspects of living well is pain.

Pain is a great ally because it's indispensable for excellent health maintenance.

Pain helps determine the nature of specific health problems, and provides the way to knowing when we've found a healthy solution. Covering the pain with so-called medications is usually a mistake.

No pain, no gain - a saying usually heard from body-builders and other athletes - is true in countless situations.

Yet we're conditioned to fear pain.

This is largely accomplished through the entertainment industry - through films and TV - along with expensive ad campaigns for pain relievers.

The fear factor causes pain to be much more severe than it would be otherwise. When we fear pain, we begin to feel it before it even becomes serious - so we're likely to seek relief as quickly as possible without determining the cause.

Most if not all pain medications are very toxic. They may cover the pain, but the long term effects can be disastrous. Fear often replaces wisdom or sound judgement as to the use of pain drugs, both legal and illegal.

The result of fear is stress. The result of stress is illness and disease.

Explore my site for lots of great information to help you eliminate the fear factor.

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