Eckhart Tolle - Life in the Present Moment

Eckhart Tolle has had a profound influence on millions of lives across the globe during the last 10 years or more.

Joyce and I are among those millions - and I hope you are too - or that you will join that throng.

It's not necessary to join any organization or movement.

All you need to do is read one or more of his books, or listen to a recording, or watch a video.

His message is so wonderfully simple that many stumble over its simplicity.

That's exactly what I did the first time I read parts of his first published book, The Power of Now.

The Power of Now allows us to discover the great power of being fully aware in the present moment.

I know that to the first-time reader, or someone who has never considered the possibility that western civilization with all its constant busy-ness has forced most of us to operate in a frenzy-induced fog, these teachings are hard to comprehend.

But if you will make yourself read through or listen to his ideas in a relaxed and open frame of mind, you will discover a world you may have never known - or maybe only knew as a child.

Remember the relaxed simplicity of childhood?

I know that many did not have a great childhood, but hopefully at least some parts of your childhood were carefree, joyful times.

When we're lucky enough to have certain aspects of childhood carry over into our adult lives, we can enjoy every moment fully without allowing stress to dominate.

Another great benefit is that we can approach the teachings of Eckhart Tolle in a relaxed way without having our minds work overtime to try to figure them out.

It's probably been 5 years or more since I first read Tolle's writings, and about a year or longer since I've given any conscious attention to the writings.

Meanwhile it's been very rewarding to enjoy greater awareness than anytime prior to learning his simple concepts.

Now I can open any of his books randomly and be reminded quickly of how consciousness has enabled and increased mind power.

A lot of teachers during the last 200 years or more have given us amazing instruction as to how to use our minds to solve problems, to stay healthy and live well.

Eckhart Tolle is the first one I've come in contact with who has provided instruction as to how to escape the tyranny of continuous mind activity.

Some great teachers of the past have pointed the way, too.

Men such as Lao Tzu and others from antiquity have provided the same instruction, but possibly not as clearly as Tolle, writing in contemporary language, relating the same ideas with modern phrases and examples.

It's common for each of us to relate so intimately with the constant inner chatter going on within our minds that we're convinced that we are our minds.

We've all heard the well-known phrase attributed to Descartes, I think, therefore, I am.

Many of us have believed it. I certainly did.

Tolle shows us that great freedom comes from realizing that real consciousness includes cessation of thought. The inner chatter stops, and we finally become aware.

One of the most valuable lessons from Tolle is that most of the mind activity we experience is meaningless repetition.

Our minds typically just go from one random thought to another with little or no creative results. The mind often races with streams of disconnected nonsense.

Finally learning to control this activity in a relaxed way is huge!

A second huge part of Tolle's inspired teaching is the fact of our being connected to each other and to the creative power of our universe.

We discover who we are.

Reading Tolle, or listening to a recording of his talks, is an amazing experience.

If you've read other self-help books on mind power or the subconscious, you may have encountered some very ego-centered authors attempting to convince readers to use a particular plan of predetermined steps or levels.

Eckhart Tolle is a very refreshing change.

He very humbly reveals truth in a simple and memorable way.

I highly recommend listening to a CD or watching a DVD of some of his talks.

After doing so, you can read his writings and hear his voice and relaxed delivery in a way that allows the meaning to easily penetrate previous conditioning.

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