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Drug effects very often include dizziness, weakness, drowsiness, fever, chills, chest pains, headache, nausea, dhiarrhea, back pain, blurred vision.insomnia, dental problems, runny nose and sore throat.

These are called side effects for tamsulosin - the active ingredient for Flomax.  Side effects should be known as effects - period.

I'd rather just pee slowly. 

If I really want to speed up the rate at which I'm able to urinate, there are a number of ways to do so naturally.  The easiest way is to drink much more distilled water.

Drug Effects - Lake Irene

There may be any number of reasons for difficult or slow urination.  I'm not a doctor for anyone other than for myself - and I don't give out any kind of medical advice.  But as a very healthy seventy-year-old individual who avoids all drugs and medications completely, I'm happy to share things I've learned over the last 65 years.

It seems very obvious that most of the American public has been programmed to believe that their health issues can only be handled by professionals wearing white smocks.  The strong inherent ability of the human body to heal itself is ignored.

Drug Effects - Lake Irene

I'm aware that there are lots of outstanding physicians these days who conscientiously encourage their patients to avoid medications and try to acquire continuous great health through corrections in dietary habits, drinking more pure water, reducing stress, and exercising regularly.

Many doctors have had their fill of unexpected drug effects.

In a small nutshell, that's what this website is about.

The hapless public is bombarded with TV ads for all kinds of drugs.  The ads give the message that your health problems are miraculously erased by taking the pharmaceutical stuff being advertised.  The side effects are typically reeled off extremely rapidly in a way that is not only impossible to understand, but in a way that says these drug effects are rare or maybe never occur.

I think there is strong evidence that any actual benefit is rare or non-existent for any drug. The real drug effect is toxicity.

But that's just my opinion.

Or is it?

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The fact that alternative health care is not only thriving but growing rapidly provides a very strong clue.  More Americans every day are turning to alternative, drugless ways of staying healthy.  And, more and more physicians are joining the movement toward integrated or holistic care which excludes the use of drugs.

The drug effects mentioned above for tamsulosin are also the effects of hundreds of other drugs - though many drugs also have even more serious effects.  Oh yes, they're typically called side effects - which infers that there might be actual positive effects.

Any actual positive drug effect always depends on the patient's strong belief that the drug works. 

If your mind weren't conditioned to believe in the power of pharmaceuticals, there would be no positive effects.

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But wait...

I can hear the drug proponents saying that all FDA-approved drugs have been through a rigorous double-blind placebo study which proves the effectiveness of the stuff.

The actions of the FDA have been to cement the position of the pharmaceutical companies.  Huge profits are what it's all about.

Those double-blind placebo control studies required by the FDA for blessing any new drug are very expensive and are always funded by a large pharmaceutical company.  Do you suppose that the outcome of any such study can be determined in advance?

The veracity of any such study depends on the premise that the participants are sold on the idea that ingesting something produced by a large company which plans to make endless profits will have a positive effect.

And the average drug-dependent person certainly is sold out to that premise. Positive drug effects are expected, but the negative ones often only become obvious months or years later.

Unfortunately, most of us want the quick fix.  We love the idea that we can pop pills and have our ailments disappear.

The phenomenon of placebo effect nearly guarantees that idea.

Which is precisely why members of the placebo group in any study will see the adverse condition improve.  The only reason that 100% of the placebo group members don't experience cures is that some are naturally skeptical, others love their pain, and others are not careful about consistently taking the dummy pill.

Placebo is a tremendously powerful tool not only for physicians, but for individuals who've discovered for themselves the power of belief and the power of the human organism to heal itself.

Interestingly placebo has been disparaged by some medical schools and the doctors who come out of those schools.  Along with faith-healing in general, some doctors feel that placebo amounts to black magic.

Drug effects are so powerfully destructive that many health professionals  use them only as a last resort.  There are evidently times when a patient is on his deathbed and only a severe shock to the system will extend his life.

Ambien is a very dangerous and powerful drug for treating severe insomnia. Its side effects are nothing short of diabolical.

Dr. Alejandro Junger, M.D.states in his best-selling book, Clean, that only half of most drugs prescribed actually work for the patients for whom they're prescribed.  He points also to the damage done by unwisely prescribed drugs as reasons for the growing use of personalized  medicine.

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In relating the story of his encounter with failing health while still a young doctor doing the required residency Dr. Junger provides us with wonderful information about the pitfalls of relying on drugs.  His personal history begins in Chapter 2 of the book.

In Chapter 1 Dr. Junger sets the stage for Clean.  He does so by presenting information which is probably very disturbing to anyone who is sold out to the drug-dominated medical establishment.  When I read it, I could hardly believe my eyes.

Here's a medical doctor telling anyone who will listen that prescription drugs and surgeries that we've all been taught to rely on are nothing but worthless pennies in a culture of vast riches.

Listen to his words from the beginning of Chapter 1: 

You are sitting on a familiar box, begging for pennies to survive, unaware that inside the box is a treasure that will not only fund this survival, but will also give you wealth beyond your wildest dreams....

The pennies you are asking for are the prescription medications and surgeries that you have been taught are essential to remedy your problems. So you leave your hand out and collect what you can, waiting for the help promised to you by doctors, drug companies, and advertising.

But the truth is different. The power to heal lies somewhere much closer. You already have it, and you don't need prescriptions, treatments, or expensive experts to get it.  In fact, you're sitting right on top of it.

That familiar box that's supporting you, almost unnoticed, is your own body, run by its incredible natural intelligence.  The wealth beyond belief is the vibrant well-being and longevity that are your birthright.

Following this introduction, Dr. Junger reveals to all of us that detoxification is the means by which each of us can unleash our own body's natural healing and immunity capacities.

For decades, those of us who have been involved with alternative health methodologies and regimens have been learning about the toxins in our foods, in our water supplies, and even in the air.  We've also been learning about the terrible toxicity of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Some folks have known all their lives that drug effects are the same as any other poison.  It's just that the drugs usually act more slowly than, say, arsenic or strychnine.

So far I've been discussing primarily prescription drugs - which is what Dr. Junger deals with in the first chapter of Clean.

Some prescription drugs have been developed to solved problems which are only problems in Western medical practice.  One prime example is cholesterol.

Cholesterol is only a problem because medical doctors have made it into a problem.

Lipitor is a very high profit drug of Pfizer - one of the numerous statin drugs manufactured to lower cholesterol levels.

Turns out that we all need cholesterol, and we're all better off with high cholesterol than with even one milligram of any statin drug.

Crestor is a another one of those statin drugs. Plavix is a blood thinning drug which works very well - often too well with disastrous results.

Some of the worst drug effects are from non-prescription drugs such as Tylenol and other acetaminophen drugs.  Lots of unsuspecting Americans make heavy use of acetaminophen for relief of pain and inflammation as symptoms of arthritis or even for relief from recurring headaches over a period of years.

Lots of us as part of the health services consuming public have heard that aspirin is hard on the stomach and other components of the digestive system

So when acetaminophen came along with its fast action for pain relief, huge numbers of people began to rely on it for safe pain relief.  What nobody knew for years is that prolonged use of acetaminophen meant serious - even fatal damage to kidneys and liver.

It's not difficult to document the fact that acetaminophen and ibuprophen have a serious damage effect on the liver and kidneys.

The price of the quick fix is terribly high. the payment is unnecessary pain and suffering.

We should probably realize that if we have recurring pain, whether as headaches, or as arthritis symptoms, something serious is causing the pain.

The symptoms can be dealt with through drugs - but when the symptoms are handled in this way, only the symptoms are being handled.  The root cause is not being handled.  When it's not taken care of, it's likely to eventually turn into something life-threatening.

By making careful use of the 21-day cleanse detailed by Dr. Junger, anyone can take the first step to permanent natural inner cleansing.  The cause of every disease can be eliminated.

Not quickly or easily - but in a way that results in true health and longevity.

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