Distilled Water is Delicious, Pure Water

Distilled water has been our only drinking water for more than 20 years.

Not only are we not dead, we will likely continue our very healthy lives for another 60+ years, assuming we don't get hit by a bus.

So, Dr. Rona, whoever you are, you have done a great disservice to a lot of people who might otherwise enjoy this purest form of water available.

Many of the writers against distilled H-2-0 are quite motivated by the prospect of selling ionizers at $3-5,000 a pop. Some people just read or hear a quick negative comment by someone who seems to be an authority.

If they happen to also be selling an attractively packaged product involving water filtration, or even promoting a particular bottled water, they can be very convincing.

Joyce and I started drinking distilled after listening to the urgings of her Uncle John.

I had made it a habit to ignore this uncle of hers for quite a few years, but the fact that he was staying very healthy into old age and had been drinking distilled for decades finally took effect for us.

Uncle John wasn't the only trusted source who recommended distilled at a time when Joyce was having some serious health issues.

Our good friend, Jeff Michener, a fine defrocked chiropractor turned health food store operator, was able to demonstrate through muscle testing that distilled water was compatible with our bodies, while other waters were not.

The late Dr. Michener helped hundreds of people return to near perfect health by helping them determine the vitamin and mineral shortages they were suffering from, as well as helping them get rid of toxic substances through juicing and drinking distilled H-2-0.

We all lost a great generous and highly skilled alternative health practitioner when Jeff was killed in a motorcycle accident.

It's common knowledge among alternative health practitioners that distilled water must be stored in glass containers or in ceramic vessels like the colorful water coolers with inverted water bottles on top.

Dr. Terry Grossman, M.D. - one of those rare medical doctors who became an alternative health doctor - gives a solid endorsement to distilled water in his book, Baby Boomers Guide to Living Forever.

Live forever?

Forever is a very long time.

But if we find ourselves, as Dr. Grossman theorizes, in the position of seeing so many advances in health care during the next 20 years that healthy living on a dramatically extended basis becomes possible, I suspect that many people will be interested.

I know I am, and so is Joyce.

Neither Dr. Grossman nor anyone else that I'm aware of would credit any particular drinking water as having the ability by itself to result in unusual longevity.

He does say that you greatly increase your chances of living a long, healthy life by drinking lots of water - preferably distilled.

Very few health professionals are willing to give a really strong endorsement to the idea of drinking only distilled water.

I think it's because they themselves have had very little opportunity to experience the incredible benefits of drinking large amounts of really pure water. It's very common on the planet to take water for granted.

Many of us live most of our lives just drinking whatever is readily available. For those of us who were fortunate enough to experience childhood during the '40s and '50s, part of childhood was the please of drinking cold, delicious water from the garden hose.

For myself and two of my sisters, the hose would have been running in the yard irrigating with well water.

There was never a thought given to the possibility that the minerals in the water might be toxic.

The common belief seems to have developed that the body needs those minerals.

Now we have it on very good authority that the body cannot assimilate any of the minerals dissolved in water. They just build up in excessive amounts and cause health problems.

The buildup is apparently around joints, and one of the most severe results is debilitating diseases of the bones and joints.

Another place in our bodies where mineral build-up is problematic is in arteries.

Now, that's serious.

The build-up of plaque in arteries is typically blamed on cholesterol - but now, after decades of promoting this idea, many in the health-care industries are beginning to realize that cholesterol is actually good for us.

Cholesterol is Good for You is the title of Chapter 12 in Stop Alzheimer's Now! - a fabulous book by Bruce N. Fife, N.D.

So, if plaque in the arteries is not caused by cholesterol, what does cause it?

More than a few health-care professionals identify drinking water as the culprit. They go on to identify distilled water as the only drinking water which prevents plaque.

This is no doubt disputed by the vast majority of the medical community in the United States, which still accepts the theory that plaque is caused by cholesterol.

A search on any of the web's search engines using distilled water as drinking water for the search phrase reveals at least 20 tons of controversy.

It's not easy to separate fact from fiction - but you can and should do it for yourself. Don't deprive yourself of the only pure drinking water available on the planet because of the many cries from self-appointed experts.

As I get time to do so, I'll add more information from other reliable sources.

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