Dangerous Foods, Definitely Hazardous to Your Health and Vitality

People love dangerous foods. Most have no idea foods might be harmful, but many of the most popular foods - foods which please palates of young families who are too busy to eat well - are having very drastic negative effects on those consuming them.

It's very time-consuming and expensive to shop for really high quality food and prepare it at home.

It's too expensive to eat out at really fine restaurants all the time - especially for young families.

Besides, some of the really tasty items served by fine restaurants are dangerous foods because of the way they are prepared and because of the way the foods were processed.

Young people can get away with eating junk food during their early years - or at least some get away with it.

Many people get sick frequently with many common illnesses, but very few realize that dangerous foods are responsible for their poor health.

Quite a few become really ill with diseases with names not commonly heard in past decades.

Lots of young parents now have grown up eating junk foods during their own childhoods, so they can hardly shoulder the blame - at least not all the blame.

How can a delicious burger and fries be dangerous? What about pizza washed down with a Coke, or cold beer?

These are among the most obvious examples, but the popularity of these foods would lead you to believe that most western humans don't know the dangers. Or, maybe they're sure they're indestructible, so they don't care.

It's true that nobody will fall over dead or quickly contract a serious disease from eating a meal consisting of a hamburger and fries washed down with a Coke or Pepsi.

At least not under normal circumstances.

But the long term effects of lots of such meals is devastating - even for youngsters.

I don't know about you, but I love hamburgers. And fried potatoes are the perfect compliment.

All forms of potatoes are dangerous foods for me. Maybe for many others, as well.

The worst part of a hamburger sandwich is the bun - and if it's a cheeseburger, the cheese runs a close second.

All bread made with white flour is deadly - not immediately - but steady consumption of white flour baked goods almost guarantees eventual sickness and the development of any number of serious diseases.

Eventual means down the road - especially if you're still in your 20's or 30's.

But, if you eat tons of white bread, including hamburger buns, and doughnuts, twinkies, and ding-dongs, along with other white bread sandwiches, pies, cakes and eclairs, you could find yourself in a world of hurt sooner rather than later.

As great as they taste, baked wheat items are dangerous foods.

Many nutritional experts and writers have published books and articles in magazines during the last 3 or 4 decades warning us of the problems associated with much of the standard fare of the common American diet. Unfortunately it's been easy to ignore the warnings.

Many of the foods we've enjoyed all our lives are now known to be dangerous foods.

Most of the time the problem has been political and economic.

The production of beef involves so many middlemen between the ranch and the consumer's table that cattle ranchers are squeezed financially into practices which result in cattle which are unhealthy.

They don't look unhealthy to the untrained eye - but feedlot practices used to fatten the animals are full of techniques which sacrifice the nutritional quality of the meat.

A lot of the beef products sold in supermarkets have antibiotics and growth hormones which result from practices used when the animals are raised and then fattened on the feedlot.

If cattle were still fed grasses as was the case during the 19th century and parts of the 20th century instead of corn and corn products, beef would not be so high on the dangerous foods list.

With beef having occupied a very lofty position in our heritage for close to 300 years, along with the fact that it tastes so great, it's really hard to come to grips with the fact that we would all be much healthier and live longer if we would eliminate it from our diets.

Is it dangerous?

For many of us it certainly is.

Even if we pay the much higher price to get beef which has been organically grown to avoid all the chemicals, there may be dangers in the over-consumption of beef.

Dr. Junger, M.D. tells us about the fact that different foods require differing amounts of energy for digestion. Beef and other meats require longer periods of time and greater energy for ingestion.

Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo in Eat Right for Your Type has shown that only blood type O's should eat beef, and then in very limited quantities.

Dr. D'Adamo is not a medical doctor - he's a naturopathic doctor and internationally known author.

Joyce and I have been using his blood-type guidelines to some extent for the last 3 or 4 years. But we've been reluctant to give up some of our favorite foods completely.

I'd read some articles about a year ago which indicated that over consumption of beef or red meat of any kind greatly increases your susceptibility to cancer - all types of cancer.

The reason is that the specific enzymes required to digest red meat are the same enzymes that provides natural protection against cancer by dissolving the protein lining around cancer cells, facilitating the destruction of the cancer cells as soon as they appear.

These enzymes, trypsin and chymotrypsin, are produced in our bodies in limited quantities.

When we eat beef in large quantities, those enzymes are used to digest the meat, and so they're not available to kill cancer cells.

I'm sure conventional medicine does not subscribe to the theory outlined above.

But it came from a group of medical doctors doing research over a 20-year period more than 60 years ago. If you would like to check it out, Google Drs. Krebs, Burk, Nieper, Contreras, Navarro and Sakai.

The result of that Google search will be only about 590 sites - most of which are highly interesting accounts of research by a group of scientists which led to the discovery of the human body's natural defense systems against cancer cells.

The research also discovered the great nutritional value of vitamin b-17 - also known as nitrilosides - also known as laetrile.

Here's the URL for one of those sites, one which nicely summarizes the 20+ years of research: http://www.anticancerinfo.co.uk/enzymes.htm.

If you're old enough to have been watching the news during the late seventies or early eighties you remember how the media ridiculed the possible use of apricot pits to battle cancer.

Whatever you may think about laetrile, the information about the enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin should make you think twice about eating red meat.

I love beef - but I won't eat it more than once or twice a week - and then only in limited quantities - probably no more than 4 ounces at a time. I'm a blood type O.

And Joyce will always try to find lean beef grown organically. She doesn't eat beef at all. She's blood type A.

Dr. Junger, in his book, Clean, tells us that red meats require great amounts of energy for digestion. And, if we eat a big dinner consisting of beef with all the trimmings, the amount of energy required for digesting the food may actually be greater than any energy produced.

So, prolonged sleepiness ensues. If we can't nap, all we can do is barely function for a period of time. Meanwhile, the toxins accumulate.

If that big meal included dessert loaded with wheat flour and lots of sugar, and maybe one or more cups of coffee, we've just blasted our system with a huge overload of proteins, carbs, and fats - and probably more than enough caffeine to choke a horse.

So what's the big deal with caffeine?

I don't remember how or when I first heard that caffeine was toxic.

I just remember finally realizing that the single cup of coffee I was enjoying in the morning was causing problems. Frequent dull headaches became the rule a few hours after the coffee.

I went to decaf. Not surprisingly, I drank more decaf - probably 2 or 3 cups instead of one.

Eventually, though, I found out that decaf still had some caffeine, and the headaches persisted.

Quitting coffee and all caffeine containing foods and drinks was easy - in spite of the severe daily headaches during withdrawal. When they subsided, the relief was almost like an epiphany.

As far as I'm concerned, all foods and beverages containing caffeine are dangerous foods.

A good friend who was a chiropractor and wonderfully trained nutritionist explained very simply that caffeine is a bomb to your adrenals.

When you bomb your adrenals, you cause the same internal stress as being chased by the biggest thug in the ghetto.

Dr. Junger covers caffeine in part in his chapter on toxins.

One of the amazing aspects of that is that Dr.Junger is a medical doctor.

I began hearing medical doctors poo-poo the idea of toxins in foods 50 years ago, when I was a teenager. Several times over the years, I've heard various physicians casting stones at alternative health ideas - especially toxins, - usually in casual conversations at restaurants or in church.

I guess their disparagement of the idea that foods could be toxic, should be understandable - since medical schools didn't cover nutrition at all. Apparently, that's beginning to change.

Another reason may be that some of the most toxic substances ever ingested by humans are the medications prescribed by doctors.

Back to dangerous foods.

Gluten has received enough publicity that a lot more people should be aware of the dangers of the gluten-containing grains - especially wheat.

Recently the Vitamin Cottage stores advertised a discounted price on a couple of books published in 2002 and 2003. I couldn't resist buying them - since they both would be full of info for this site.

One of them is Dangerous Grains by James Braley, M.D. and Ron Hoggan, M.A.

Grains such as wheat, barley, rye, and even oats might be dangerous foods? I knew wheat contains gluten, but I didn't know about these other grains containing gluten.

About 12 years ago when Joyce was experiencing fibromyalgia, Dr. Honert, her chiropractor physician suggested she give up all grains - which she gladly did.

Actually she was not glad at all during that time. She was in constant pain and misery. All because of dangerous foods consumed over decades.

Dr. Honert is a fine nutritionist. He lead Joyce to give up most high carb foods, including certain fruits and vegetables, and even some high protein foods.

She eliminated nearly all the foods she loved and the symptoms of the fibromyalgia began to subside with no medication being used.

While muscle testing for food sensitivities as some foods were added back to her diet one by one, it was determined which foods she could eat.

The grains were not allowed back into her diet. Neither were any other dangerous foods.

Meanwhile, we were both reading about certain other, lesser known grains and seeds which are highly beneficial to everyone, including those whose bodies react dangerously against various foods.

Many people who have learned to be responsible for their own health know that wheat and certain other grains are dangerous foods for continuous use.

Wheat is important to know about because its use is so widespread. Nearly every comfort food you can think of uses wheat - including lots of non-bakery processed foods.

As much as we both love breads of all kinds, we've completely eliminated wheat from our diets.

Joyce has recovered wonderfully from the fibromyalgia without ever having taken any medications.

Part of her success was due to daily brisk walks, also strongly suggested by Dr. Honert.

My own health has benefited greatly from eliminating wheat, as well.

I know of several people who have benefited greatly by eliminating wheat from their diets.

Now we have this book, Dangerous Grains, along with lots of articles and other publications warning us about the dangers not only of wheat, but those of other grains.

Many other foods become dangerous depending on how they are prepared.

On this page, I've discussed only the most dangerous foods from my experience and based on my own reading.

You should not rely on this material or any other printed material for your own decisions. You need to look to your own resources - try eliminating various foods. Find an alternative health physician who knows how to muscle test - or learn to muscle test at home with your spouse or partner.

It's extremely vital to learn which foods are problematic and even dangerous for you. The books I've mentioned on this page are extremely helpful - and you don't have to read all of them.

Dr. D'Adamo's Eat Right 4 Your Type comes in small, pamphlet size versions for each blood type. I think it's a great way to start. Blood type test kits are available from health food stores.

Joyce and I have been maintaining our own great health for decades. The journey has been one which has progressed over the years, with our diets changing step by step with more and more foods being eliminated all the time, and new foods being added.

The new foods are only new to us - and they are incredible.

Fruits and vegetables, and even some grains or seeds we previously hadn't eaten, are valuable, healing foods - and they make your personal diet experience a great adventure.

If you would like to see more information about foods that heal - at least the ones we know about, please click here.

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