Crestor Side Effects: Loss of Mental Function

Crestor side effects are among the worst you can suffer for any drug.  Yet some people, including some doctors defend the use of this stuff.

It must be  tonic to hypochondriacs.  It causes perfectly healthy folks to get sick.

Crestor side effects include back pain, pain in the legs, joints, arms, hands and feet.  Extreme fatigue, cognitive problems, fuzzy thinking.  Muscle pain and extreme weakness.  Abdominal bloating, red, itchy blotches or hives.  Neuronal Apoptosis or brain cell death and stroke-like episodes.

These come from  They weren't written down by a doctor or pharmacist.  They were written by those who suffered the side effects.

Several of the posters were furious.  One even mentioned punching his doctor in the mouth.

But it's not too hard to find folks who swear by the stuff.

Crestor Side Effects - Lake Irene

WebMD only lists one common side effect for Crestor:  Muscle pain - which it calls, severe.  It lists depression, urinary tract infection, fluid retention in the legs, feet, arms or hands, and chest pain - all severe.  But it says these are infrequent side effects.

WebMD lists about 20 more infrequent Crestor side effects as less severe.

Then there are some 13 rare side effects which WebMD calls severe.  Here are some of the scariest:  muscle damage due to autoimmunity, serious muscle damage that may lead to kidney failure, liver failure, heart throbbing or pounding, bloody urine, loss of memory, trouble breathing....

I really don't understand why anyone takes this stuff.  Some folks who have taken it call it poison.

But, because a trusted doctor runs trusted tests, and convinces you that you're going to have a heart attack if you don't lower your cholesterol, you're scared into taking poison.

Crestor side effects are similar to side effects of the other cholesterol fighting statin drugs.

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Much more serious than the Crestor side effects are the actual results of taking Crestor - which apply to everyone taking the stuff - not just those who  suffer some side effects.

Crestor reduces the liver's ability to produce cholesterol.  That is the intended function of the drug. 

Cholesterol - including LDL, the so-called bad cholesterol - is actually essential for good health. It is not dangerous in any way, and it does not cause heart disease.

Do you look forward to getting old and losing your mind?

How old do you have to be to be considered a senior citizen?  How old do you have to be to lose your mind?

Crestor Side Effects - Blue Lake

For my part, I do look forward to getting old. It's something I can do without exerting any effort.

We all age, but we have a lot of choices as to how we age. If we decide to do it, we can actually become physiologically younger as we age.

This is contradictory to common knowledge.  I come into contact with people all the time - people of all ages.  No matter their chronological age, there are folks who are vivacious, highly active - moving around quickly as a youngster moves.  Others seem withdrawn and lethargic, moving as if they're struggling in pain.

From time to time we read about young people in their early twenties and thirties who've been diagnosed with diseases of the elderly.  Neuro-degeneration comes in several different forms.

Stop Alzheimers Now is a highly informative book written by Bruce Fife, N.D.  The full subtitle on the cover is How to Prevent and Reverse Dementia, Parkinson's, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, and Other Neurodegenerative Disorders.

Some folks might discount the validity of health information from non-medical sources. It's worth noting that Dr. Fife's book is endorsed by quite a few medical doctors, including Dr. Russell L. Blaylock. M.D., who wrote the foreword to this amazing book.

Here are two very relevant statements from Chapter 12 of Dr. Fife's book:

The liver carefully regulates the amount of cholesterol in our  bodies, so  it doesn't really matter how much saturated fat or cholesterol we eat; the liver will only manufacture  the amount we need to maintain homeostasis.....

Forcing cholesterol levels down by drugs or drastic dieting can upset cholesterol homeostasis, leading to some very serious  consequenses, particularly in regards to brain function.

Crestor Side Effects - Blue Lake

So, not only are the Crestor side effects terrible, but the main effect of the drug, drastic lowering of cholesterol levels, is terrible as well.

It's not only terrible, but a huge mistake on the part of Western medicine.  Some individuals see it as much worse than a mistake - calling it fraud, or a scam calculated to make huge amounts of money at the cost of millions of lives.

Most of the cholesterol in your body is produced by your body itself.  Various sources tell us that more than 80% of your cholesterol comes from internal sources, with most of it being produced by the liver.

Cholesterol is actually vital for human life.  Our bodies produce about 1,000 milligrams every day. Some humans produce more, some less.  Individual levels vary, and may be determined genetically.

Cholesterol is part of every cell in our bodies.  In fact, it's a vital part.  The cell can't live without it and neither can any human being - or any mammal.  Have you had your dog's cholesterol checked?

I hope not.  Your dog doesn't need drugs any more than you do. Both you and your dog would be 100% healthier without them.

Crestor Side Effects - On the Trail to Blue Lake

The brain contains more cholesterol by far than other parts of the body.  The brain contains nearly 25% of the cholesterol in your body - yet it is only about 2% of your body's mass.  I lifted this information from Dr. Fife's  book, but I most likely saw it elsewhere as well.

Dr. Fife also tells us that the brain's need for cholesterol is so great that it makes its own cholesterol to supplement that produced by the liver.

One of the Crestor side effects is liver damage. Doctors who prescribe Crestor and other statins for their patients monitor liver health through frequent liver function tests.

But statins also interfere with cholesterol production in the brain.  Do the docs also monitor brain function? 

One doctor discovered the connection between statins and brain function through his own experience.

Crestor Side Effects - On the Trail to Blue Lake

Dr. Duane Graveline, M.D. is a former U.S. Air Force Flight Surgeon and Astronaut.

During a routine physical examination, Dr. Graveline was told his cholesterol was too high, so he began taking Lipitor, another statin drug.  Six weeks later he began to lose his mind.

Those are disturbing words.  I read them in Dr. Fife's book.  They may also be found in the writings of Dr. Graveline himself.  What happened to make him think he was losing his mind?

When someone with the specialized training required of physicians and astronauts, someone who relies on his mind during all waking hours for performance based on quick decision making, quick recall of minute details along with complex communication skills, suddenly doesn't know who he is and doesn't recognize his wife of many years, he would certainly think he'd lost his mind.

During the 2-6 hour long episodes which resulted in trips to the emergency room, he might not have had a clue as to whether he was animal or vegetable.

A few days after the initial experience his mind began to return to normal.  Turns out he had stopped taking Lipitor during and after the episode.  Luckily, his mind didn't remind him to take more of the poison.

But he didn't remain lucky. His experience was not the result of Crestor side effects, but apparently was the result of the primary purpose of Lipitor. 

Dr. Graveline says on,

I soon realized the adverse reactions involved far more than impaired cognition, including personality change, myopathy, neuropathy and a chronic neuromuscular degeneration similar to ALS and all statins were contributing to these adverse reactions, not just LipitorĀ®.

The primary purpose of the statin drugs including Lipitor and Crestor is to reduce blood levels of cholesterol.

Crestor side effects are bad enough - but the primary purpose of the drug is reducing a highly beneficial compound, cholesterol.

A year later during his next astronaut physical, he was again told by the doctor to reduce his cholesterol levels by taking a statin drug.  When Graveline balked by discussing the drug's effect on his mind, his doctor told him that statins don't do that.  His doctor convinced him to resume taking the poison at half the previous dosage.

Another 6-week period went by, then Dr. Graveline had a second episode similar to the first.  The second was quite a bit more serious than the first.  This time he lost all memories of his adult life.  Nothing was left of his career as an astronaut nor of his medical training.  All memories of his immediate family were gone.

After recovering again, he quizzed examining doctors, who all parroted something like the phrase, statins don't do that.

Convinced that the statin drugs were the culprit, Dr. Graveline sent an email to the People's Pharmacy, a newspaper column that appears throughout the nation.

The result was hundreds of letters from around the country reporting similar situations. Many folks reporting on uses of statins resulting in loss of cognitive functions along with other stroke-like symptoms bombarded the editors of the newspaper column and Dr. Graveline.

The result of hearing from hundreds of folks with similar experiences - all people who had been taking statin drugs - and after researching and finding studies which link cognitive problems with statin use, Graveline wrote his first book, which is titled Lipitor Thief of Memory, and set up

Crestor side effects are downplayed big time by some of the medical websites such as  If you look at the way the side effects are presented, it's easy to see that this site is on the side of the drug company.

Just the fact that only one effect is listed under common side effects for Crestor Oral - and that one is muscle pain - that all the others are either infrequent or rare -  gives the impression that, hey - this drug might be okay.  After all, I have a little muscle pain already.

But then, check out the terminology.

Instead of saying anything about cognitive problems, or stroke-like symptoms, WebMD just lists things such as dizzy, or head pain, or flu-like symptoms, or feeling weak.  These could also mean disorientation and temporary amnesia, or dementia.

Crestor side effects should not be downplayed by anyone.  This stuff should not be taken by anyone.  Please don't join the millions of victims of this poison, which is called a medicine.  Even calling it a drug is being kind. 

Calling it a dangerous drug is more accurate.

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