Chiropractic Adjustment - One of Many Tools of Modern Chiropractic

Chiropractic adjustment has been a nearly magical tool for dedicated and talented practitioners.

My dear wife Joyce has used chiropractic treatment for nearly 40 years. She has received a lot of comfort and pain relief.

But only one chiropractor has been able to effect real permanent change - one out of about 5 or 6.

When applied kinesiology was discovered or invented during the 1960's, chiropractic began to develop into a great modality for treating all kinds of illness and disease.

Joyce's continuing bouts with back pain - sometimes severe - began with a fall down the cellar stairs while bailing water with a bucket from the cellar.

While she was preventing water from reaching the electric water heater, I was walking around in the mountains pretending to track down the wily wapiti.

I say pretending because I was never serious about shooting an elk, but walking around in the solitude of Western Colorado mountains was incredible.

Finding a highly effective chiropractor - one who is an expert nutritionist, applied kinesiologist who has a thoroughly working knowledge of several other alternative disciplines - has been a life-changing - no, life-saving find for every member of our family.

I'm repeatedly amazed and disgusted that many mainstream medical doctors have the nerve to show their profound ignorance by denigrating chiropractic as unscientific.

The science on which many medical doctors base their training and practice is apparently outdated.

Fortunately quite a few MD's have moved into a wider range of practices as a result of public demand.

Meanwhile, chiropractic continues to add more talented and caring alternative doctors to their ranks.

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