Causes of Cancer

Causes of cancer are quite well known, aren't they?

Everyone knows that smoking causes cancer, and that too much sun exposure does the same thing.

Common knowledge, right?

What are the other causes? discusses risk factors and ranks them numerically.

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Here they are: 1. Growing Older, 2. Tobacco 3. Sunlight, 4. Ionizing radiation, 5. Certain chemicals and other substances, 6. Some viruses and bacteria, 7. Certain hormones, 8. Family history of cancer, 9. Alcohol, 10. Poor diet, lack of physical activity, or being overweight.

The last one may be the only one of any real import, although number 5 must also be considered.

But numbers 6, 7 and 8? I don't think so.

I'm not a doctor of any type. I'm just a very healthy senior citizen who hasn't had any professional medical attention since childhood.

All of us are growing older - so why don't we all have cancer?

Of course, these are risk factors - not actual causes of cancer.

One small word is usually left off any list of causes or risk factors: fear.

Fear comes as a result of the high mortality rate of cancer victims - a rate publicized regularly along with admonitions about early detection.

Add the stories of pain and suffering from medicine's program of treatments and fear is compounded.

If you and I know that we will never be at risk of having cancer take hold in our bodies, we eliminate fear.

This is where mind power comes in.

Causes of Cancer Yellowstone River

Not that super intelligence is required. In fact the only requirement is the ability to separate truth from dogma.

The prevailing dogma on the American health care scene is that we are all vulnerable organisms susceptible to germs, genes, and other biological structures beyond our control.

The only reason that this dogma prevails is that the vast majority of Americans are products of the public school systems and have been schooled to accept the reverence for medical science and pharmacology.

If you are part of that majority, you most likely believe that the common cold is a disease you catch by being exposed to bacteria or viruses. And, you most likely run to your doctor at the first sign or sniffle - or maybe you just go to the nearest drug store or supermarket and pick up some Tylenol Cold and Sinus, or some Vicks Nyquil.

If you rely on a lot of those kinds of products sold over the counter at all the drug stores now located on nearly every major intersection of metropolitan areas across the land, you are likely ingesting the actual causes of cancer.

Not that cold products are the only culprits - not by a long shot.

All the toxins ingested from foods, body lotions and deodorants, sprays, hair products, noxious fumes from our environments, stress from external sources along with stress we generate internally - all contribute to the formation of cancer cells.

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But every single one of us has a body which is capable of getting rid of cancer cells as soon as they form.

That capability is compromised by the fact that most of us pay very little attention to our diets.

You could say we ourselves are the causes of cancer.

We typically eat whatever we feel like eating.

Hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, doughnuts, steaks from corn-fed cattle, lots and lots of bread made from wheat, all kinds of processed and packaged foods with chemical preservatives, gallons of carbonated beverages highly sweetened with sugar, or even worse, sweetened with high fructose corn syrup -- the list is really endless.

None of these items by themselves are actually causes of cancer.

They just cause us to be unhealthy, and reduce or eliminate our natural ability to get rid of cancer cells when they form.

The crap most Americans eat all the time is bad enough, but a terrible side effect of eating all that stuff is that our taste buds are trained to enjoy all those flavors, and they detest the organically raw green leafy vegetables loaded with chlorophyll and other natural substances which actually enhance the body's ability to eliminate cancer cells.

So, we could make a case for food being among the causes of cancer.

But real food, food that actually provides the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins and energy your body needs to stay healthy, is separate and distinct from the junk that masquerades for food.

Not that I never eat junk. Sometimes I can't resist.

There are quite a few things I never eat - such as anything containing wheat. At least if I know it contains wheat, I don't eat it.

If you think whole-grain wheat is okay, pick up a copy of Dangerous Grains, by James Braley, M.D. and Ron Hoggan, M.A.

Causes of Cancer The Sky's the Limit

Our bodies can handle a little bit of junk if we feed ourselves mostly really health-promoting foods. That means mostly raw fruits and vegetables - organically grown, or obtained from local growers you know and trust - or grown in your own garden.

Oh - one thing I didn't mention as one of the causes of cancer. Two things, actually.

Chemotherapy and radiation.

I can hear the howls from anyone who has a friend or loved one undergoing such therapies.

But, please. Consider the long list of side effects. If you're using any such therapies, you're being made sicker by using them. They ruin any natural immunity you might have left.

The procedures kill cancer cells, but they kill people as well. I'm amazed that some really hardy souls survive these so-called treatments. It's a testament to the incredible durability of the human organism.

If you survive chemo and radiation, you may have followed a strict diet consisting of juices of fresh organically grown vegetables during and after your chemo or radiation.

If, somehow, you've survived chemo or radiation, and have been declared to be in remission, congratulations! If you have yet to change your regular diet to one which is really healthy, please do so immediately.

Go out and buy a copy of Clean, by Dr. Alejandro Junger, M.D.

Please read it and follow it to the letter, paying close attention to what to eat and when to eat it.

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