Cancer Cures

Cancer cures are abundant and effective. You can effectively eliminate cancer from your own body.

In fact, you have been doing it all the time throughout the time you've been relatively healthy.

The word cancer does not need to be a fearful word. Cancer cells are a fact of life.

So are cancer cures.

Your body has always been well-equipped to eliminate cancer cells as soon as they form.

It does that using its built-in immune system.

By the way, I'm not a doctor. Nor am I a health professional of any sort.

But that does not invalidate what I'm telling you.

I'm just a very healthy senior citizen who has benefited from reasonably good reading ability along with life experiences which have resulted in coming in contact with the right reading materials.

Most of my reading experience has been with books - you know, those dusty artifacts sitting on shelves since the blossoming of the personal computer.

My views on cancer cures are the result of reading and practicing alternative health information during several decades.

Some of the books I've read were acquired 30-40 years ago. Some we just bought this year.

We bought Paavo Airola's Handbook of Natural Healing titled How to Get Well during the late 1970s for $9.95. That was the publishers price for the hardback version.

Airola's book doesn't claim to give cancer cures, but it does offer extremely helpful information about necessary nutrition.

Joyce bought Dr. Junger's Clean earlier this year.

In between we probably acquired 20-30 other books on nutrition, health, and exercise - most of which I've referred to for various pages of this site.

Other books, such as The Stress of Life by Hans Selye, I borrowed from the library.

Not all the books discuss cancer cures - but many touch on them.

Paavo Airola also wrote Cancer: Causes, Prevention and Treatment -- The TOTAL Approach.

I don't have it, but I'll get it if I can find it.

Paavo Airola was attacked by Stephen Barrett on Quackwatch. I think Barrett is the worst quack of all. He would like to prevent any information contrary to the gospel of conventional medical practice from achieving the levels of credibility it deserves.

The actual Quackwatch article was written by two other people. The last disparaging statement is that Dr. Airola was only 64 when he died from a stroke.

The article fails to mention that the stroke may have resulted from complications from injuries sustained during his emigration from Finland to Canada after World War II.

A lot of books, both medical and non-medical, don't really attempt to explain the nature of cancer. Most treat it as mysterious or baffling.

The best sources of information simply tell us how to prevent it from becoming a problem.

As one excellent online article states, everyone actually has cancer - usually to a very limited extent. The article's a good read.

You can check it out at This is not a link, but you can copy and paste it - just don't include the last period.

Most of us have relatively few cancer cells at any given time, because our natural defense mechanisms isolate and kill the cancer cells long before they become a problem.

It's likely that those procedures are the only genuine cancer cures on the planet. They're really the only ones we need.

Cancer only becomes a problem if our natural immune systems are compromised.

That happens if we eat the wrong foods over a long period of time, and fail to drink enough water - preferably clean, pure water.

Regular exercise is essential.

Toxins have been identified as the primary culprits. Medical doctors, for the most part, have typically said that the idea of toxins as primary causal factors is ridiculous.

That's primarily because of their training and the influence of the pharmacological companies.

After all, if toxins are really the primary causal agents of disease, we don't need any medicine whatsoever.

Turns out that's exactly the case.

We still need doctors such as Dr. Alejandro Junger, M.D. - who are willing to step outside the allopathic box and actually facilitate real healing.

It'll be a long time, though, before that approach becomes generally accepted again.

Toxins prevent humans from being able to kill and eliminate cancer cells. They do so by interrupting normal metabolic functions - chemically disrupting normal cell biology.

The toxins come from foods - especially processed foods and foods which probably should never have been made part of the human food supply.

They also come from medicines, over-the-counter and prescription.

Naturopathic and holistic health practitioners have been saying this for decades, going back as far as 200 years in recent history, and at least 2 or 3 millenia in ancient history.

There have even been some medical doctors who have tried to bring the same correct information to their patients, and in some cases to the public by publishing books and websites.

They've had a very steep uphill battle.

That's because the pharmaceutical companies would soon be put out of business if enough people began to realize that big pharma's products are not only not needed, they are actually part of the problem.

These companies effectively control the FDA, the USDA, medical schools and major universities across the country.

So if your natural immune system has been overwhelmed by poor nutrition, dehydration, and lack of exercise, all you really need to do is drastically change your eating habits and drink lots of clean, pure water.

If your health has deteriorated to the point where you actually have one or more tumors, go see a naturopathic doctor who will assist you in determining exactly which foods, beverages and personal hygiene products to eliminate.

You will most likely be advised to stop eating all meat and all processed food, including all bottled beverages.

You will also determine the best strict diet to use. It will probably include of a lot of organically grown green leafy vegetables, beets, and carrots, all to be eaten raw.

Apparently a lot of folks have used juicing of specific vegetables, and in some cases, certain fruits to rid themselves of tumors.

Tumors are not necessarily a problem. But they can be depending on the location within the body.

A former medical doctor, Dr. Lorraine Day, has a website telling and showing how she rid herself of a very unsightly tumor using carrot and beet juice.

There are a lot of different formulas being offered on the internet by various individuals.

Some are quite elaborate. is a massive site devoted to various elaborate cancer cures. The site owner covers cures originated by quite a few different individuals.

Many of these cancer cures probably work. They're all better than the poisonous substances called medicines by oncologists, the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies.

I don't plan to recommend anything specific, other than to recommend that anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer and faces a future of chemotherapy or radiation immediately find a naturopathic health practitioner, and change your diet immediately.

You already have the best of cancer cures as part of your mind-body consciousness.

Your natural immunity might be temporarily damaged from years or decades of stress and abuse by toxins, but you can make it functional again.

Paavo Airola says the anti-cancer diet must be a 100% natural raw food diet, with emphasis on raw fruits and vegetables, particularly red beets, along with some high quality proteins from vegetable sources such as almonds, buckwheat, millet, sesame seeds and sprouted seeds and grains.

He says all foods must be natural, whole, unprocessed and organically grown with no man-made chemicals of any kind.

The same basic advice can be found in Clean by Dr. Alejandro Junger, M.D.

Dr. Junger's cleansing plan is the best I've tried. It's not specifically for cancer - although it's great for that. It's highly effective for re-building your body's immune system to its highest possible level.

I said at the beginning of this page that cancer cures are abundant and effective.

That statement is true because every healthy person on the planet is actually curing cancer every day - within his or her own body.

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, makes and supports that statement in the online article cited earlier on this page.

His article is excellent - very informative. If it had been the first or only piece I'd read on the subject, I most likely would not be able to accept it.

After more than 35 years of reading about the amazing ability of the human organism to heal itself, Mike's beautifully written article adds much to my own understanding.

There was another medical doctor who had a long history of curing cancer before his death in 1959.

Max Gerson, M.D. was born in 1881 in Germany.

For 60 years he helped large numbers of patients cure themselves of various life-threatening diseases, including cancers of various types.

You can learn more about the Gerson Therapy on a separate page of this site.

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