Bruce Lipton - A Great Scientist, Healer, and Teacher

Bruce Lipton is also known as Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

Judging by his writing style, I'd say he prefers to be known as Bruce, or maybe Dr. Bruce.

I'm very excited to have read and studied his incredible book, The Biology of Belief, Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles.

Dr. Bruce Lipton was enjoying international acclaim for his work in stem cell research and cloning when the wheels fell off his personal life.

He was devastated emotionally and financially by a series of terrible events which turned out to be life changing in wonderful ways.

Wonderful for all of us who will not only enjoy his writings, but his video presentations widely available on the internet.

Dr. Lipton was solidly anchored in the medical and scientific worlds as a medical school professor - and anchored in the Darwinian belief in the complete separation between mind and matter.

His writing is extraordinary.

It reads like an exciting novel rather than a presentation of scientific information.

Yet his science is clearly as solid as science can be - more solid than the pronouncements of blind-leading-the-blind scientists who cling to the time-honored separation between mind and matter.

Check out this statement found on page 95 of The Biology of Belief:

The fact is that harnessing the power of your mind can be more effective than the drugs you have been programmed to believe you need.

Multitudes of people all over the planet have known this fact for centuries and probably even millenia - but to have a medical school scientist present the evidence based on cell biology is earth-shaking.

It's earth shaking because now many folks who have always been mentally and emotionally hamstrung by the medical and scientific communities can break free.

I've had the pleasure of knowing a lot of individuals quite well over the years.

For eleven years it was my pleasure to be a music teacher in public schools in Southern California and Western Colorado.

Then for the last 33 years, I've been involved in the real estate business.

Both of these activities brought me into close contact with a lot of wonderful people.

So many people are impacted drastically by medical conditions.

Dr. Lipton provides the solid science behind a new biology.

He tells how he went from a medical school professor who relied on medical dogma to full realization of mind power.

The transformation as he tells it is entertaining, fascinating, and a tremendous break-through for everyone - especially those whose lives have been damaged by allopathic medical practices.

None is us can possibly estimate the damage done to the world by allopathic medicine.

The vast majority of the public most likely still believes that western medicine has largely improved the lives and health of many if not most individuals - but that's because of the very pervasive propaganda machine which dominates the thinking of most people in our culture.

It seems true that the ability of surgeons and other medical doctors to save lives in emergency and disaster situations is incredible.

But countless numbers of people have been and are being victimized by medical practices which are antiquated and based on false theories or assumptions.

Listen to Dr. Lipton's writing in the Introduction of The Biology of Belief:

My new understanding of the nature of life not only corroborated my stem cell research but also, I realized, contradicted another belief of mainstream science that I had been propounding to my students--the belief that allopathic medicine is the only kind of medicine that merits consideration in medical school.

A few lines later, Bruce Lipton says:

There is no doubt that human beings have a great capacity for sticking to false beliefs with great passion and tenacity, and hyper-rational scientists are not immune.

It's incredibly refreshing to cross paths with the writing of Bruce Lipton - who had been a staunch advocate and teacher within the western medical establishment - and who is now bold enough to present the truth of new biological information which flies in the face of established scientific dogma.

The majority of mainstream medical practitioners - including hospitals, medical schools, clinics, and of course - the huge pharmaceutical companies - have been treating illness and disease by dealing with symptoms while ignoring real causes.

Genetic determinism - the theory that we're all subject to the predetermined programming of our heredity - has opened a lucrative area for medical practices based on another false assumption.

Dr. Lipton deals with this latest fad of so-called scientific inquiry by revealing the connection between quantum physics and biology.

Not that I can understand any of the technical aspects, but Bruce Lipton has given a solid explanation in words which make it possible for all of us to understand the wonderful truth - the truth which shows each of us how to enjoy the fullness of life without chronic illness or disease.

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