Bottled Water - a Great Convenience, but Not So Great for Your Bod

Bottled water has become a huge money making industry.

It's an incredibly convenient way to get high quality water which is highly portable.

And you can pick any one of so many kinds of water -- mineral water, spring water, glacier water, ancient water, rain water, wet water, dry water - whatever strikes your fancy.

It's almost a cultish thing - certainly a fad which has lasted a lot of years.

There's only one little problem.

The bottles are plastic.

And water is the best solvent on the planet.

So when you drink water from a plastic bottle, you're feeding yourself plastic.

I remember when Deep Rock and other drinking water companies brought water to our doors in five-gallon glass bottles.

Apparently the insurance companies suddenly decided they could no longer insure the water companies which used glass containers. This happened about 15 or so years ago.

Workers comp expense probably went through the roof. Those five-gallon glass bottles full of water were heavy.

So now, you can get Deep Rock and all the other brands in plastic five gallons bottles, or just buy it by the gallon from the supermarket.

About 12 or so years ago, I tried carrying my daily allotment of distilled water in a half-gallon hydro-carbon plastic bottle.

After a week or so, I began having headaches - which didn't go away until I went back to glass.

Waters other than distilled may not dissolve as much plastic as distilled, but most waters likely leach some plastic - which our bodies can ill afford.

It seems imperative that we carry our drinking water with us whenever we leave our homes.

But we'll be better off if we treat tap water either by filtering it or distilling it, or both - then use glass bottles or stainless-steel containers for taking it with us.

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