The Best Drinking Water is...

The best drinking water for most of the last century has been whatever came out of the kitchen faucet.

Sometimes we drank it out of the garden hose. And it really tasted great on those hot summer days.

A lot of people wonder why anyone buys water when you can get it free out of the tap, or out of the hose.

During some of the early years of my existence, my parents, sisters and I were drinking well water.

It was always cold and refreshing.

But many of us now buy water - sometimes paying a huge price if you consider the price per ounce.

Maybe it's well worth the price.

What's your preference?

Do you go for the mineral water? Spring water?

There are no end of opinions with regard to the best drinking water.

And some seem to think it's critical.

Forty years ago my young family and I moved to Nucla, Colorado.

Our son was 6 months old, and our daughter was about 20 months.

One of the first local phrases we learned was, "the Nucla trots."

The public water system consisted of water from the San Miguel River brought to a rather primitive treatment plant through a system of open ditches.

But most everyone who lived there drove a few miles from town for drinking water from one of several mountain springs.

That water was clear, cold and very tasty.

Whatever minerals were in it were great as far as we knew.

We rarely became ill - so the water seemed to be fine.

But some health problems likely build up over a period of time.

Our bodies are capable of adjusting to lots of things we consume - things we would be better off without.

Municipalities have routinely chlorinated water for most of the last 100 years. Nucla was no exception.

But the problem with the Nucla water wasn't bacteria. Rather it was the particular mineral content of that water. The spring water we drank was superior, but who knows how many heavy metal type minerals we ingested.

Chlorine itself is a poison. But if you fill a container with tap water and allow it to sit open on the counter or in the refrigerator for a few hours, most of the chlorine will depart.

Showering in chlorinated water may be more of a problem than drinking it. The skin absorbs water and chlorine.

Most charcoal filters for showers will remove the chlorine along with other undesirable compounds.

Likewise, reverse osmosis filters will take out chlorine, minerals, and salts. Distilling is the only process which takes out everything.

But distilled water for drinking has been very controversial.

Some experts say it removes desirable minerals from your body. Others claim it causes your body to become acidic.

Acidic saliva and blood may mean susceptibility to cancer and reduced immunity to other illness and disease.

So, maybe we'd better go back to the garden hose.

Oh, wait.

We could invest in a device to convert tap water into ionized water. Would that be cheaper than buying bottled ionized water?

I don't know - but those aren't our only options.

The best drinking water is the cleanest, purest water which is most accessible at a price you can easily afford. It's vital that you drink lots of water every day.

For most of us, that means around 64 ounces each day.

If you can only afford tap water, drinking enough tap water is better than drinking less because of economics.

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