Applied Kinesiology and the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Applied kinesiology has been a mystery to me - even though I've experienced it repeatedly while being treated by my chiropractor.

Do all chiropractors use it?

I really don't know. But I do know that most did not use it until fairly recently.

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Joyce has been going to chiropractors for a good part of the last 40 years - yet she did not encounter the use of muscle testing until she began using the services of Dr. Honert here in Arvada.

My own first experience with it happened when a good friend who was operating a health food co-op introduced me to it.

I thought he was nuts.

But, he was anything but crazy.

In fact, the late Jeff Michener was likely a genius - at least in some ways.

Jeff had been a licensed chiropractor in the State of Kansas, but lost his license because the local medical organizations did not like his methods.

Many of Dr. Michener's friends benefited greatly from his expertise in nutritional healing and kinesiology.

Strictly speaking kinesiology is not the same as applied kinesiolgy, the latter often being identified by the letters, AK.

Kinesiology is its own specialized field. It involves training used by physical therapists and exercise consultants, among others.

AK as practiced by alternative health professionals is also identified as muscle testing.

The method I've seen used most frequently is very simple.

The practitioner instructs the patient to extend an arm straight out from the side of his body, and to hold it there, parallel to the floor resisting downward pressure exerted on the patient's hand by the practitioner.

The patient might be holding a small container with some substance being tested for toxicity in the patient's other hand, usually holding it in position touching the center of his chest.

If the substance is toxic, the patient has greatly reduced ability to resist the slight downward pressure being exerted by the practitioner.

The process is also used frequently to determine whether various foods might be toxic to an individual.

Lots of individuals have learned to use muscle testing at home to determine whether to use certain foods or food supplements.

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As I was preparing to write this page, I looked in the index of Bruce Lipton's excellent book, The Biology of Belief and found kinesiology.

Dr. Lipton's first person description of his first encounter with muscle testing removed the mystery of the process.

His writing is very entertaining.

So, in his wonderful, easy-going style, he relates his first experience with a chiropractor.

He tells us that he had never been to a chiropractor - having been taught by his lifelong association with the allopathic community to avoid chiropractors as quacks.

Since Dr. Lipton was in great pain from a motorcycle accident, he did see this chiropractor, who used applied kinesiology to pinpoint spinal misalignments.

The process as presented by Dr. Lipton loses its mysterious nature.

Applied kinesiology uses the power of the subconscious mind.

When a phrase was voiced by Dr. Lipton, as instructed by the chiropractor while the muscle testing was in progress, the subconscious mind caused the muscle to weaken momentarily, and the arm flopped down to his side.

This is probably a simplification of the AK process, but it appears that both the conscious and subconscious minds are involved in the process Dr. Lipton describes.

Several years ago while Jeff Michener was still living and operating his health food store, I had the privilege of observing while he worked with various individuals.

I found out later that Jeff had been able to easily provide amazing relief to a lot of his friends and associates using this wonderful natural tool.

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As practiced by Dr. Michener, applied kinesiology was not only a diagnostic tool but an incredible, powerful way to facilitate the body's innate ability to heal itself.

Some of the people who were helped by their friend had serious illnesses. They had found no help from their medical doctors.

In fact, their conditions had been made worse by prescription drugs with side effects worse than the supposed disease.

At the time - which was about 15 years ago - I was mystified.

I simply had no clue as to what Jeff was doing.

Many of you who read this page know exactly what he was doing, and some even know the science behind it.

Even though various forms of the same practice have been used for centuries in eastern cultures with great success, applied kinesiology has been ignored by western medicine.

Not only ignored, but branded by many as quackery or witchcraft.

Shame on all the ivory tower folks who think their knowledge of drugs is superior to ancient practices which not only work, but have no side effects.

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