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Ambien side effects are particularly scary. I have a friend and business associate whose wife had been put on the stuff by her doctor. She survived a devastating car crash after blacking out behind the wheel.

She didn't black out completely, though.  Her blackout only affected her consciousness, so she continued to drive, not having any idea what she was doing or where she was going.  She also had absolutely no memory of it after the accident.

Apparently this particular poison affects one's ability to remain awake while engaged in a normal waking hours activity.  Or, some victims may find themselves in a strange place after waking with no idea as to how they got there.

It's supposedly a sleep aid.

A lot of people in modern society find themselves unable to sleep. Many times their  doctors prescribe Ambien without informing them of Ambien side effects.

I'm not sure how many times doctors do this, but they might be justified in assuming that intelligent patients would read the printed material accompanying the prescription when they pick it up. At the same time it's obvious that too many doctors prescribe too much of the stuff.  Bad news stuff.

Depending on the pharmacy, that printed material may not begin to tell the horrifying story of this drug.  Ambien side effects classified as rare by the manufacturer have caused disastrous events in the lives of many users.

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Ambien users, along with users of the same drug under a different name, find that they've been involved in very bizarre behaviors with no memory of having been there, done that.

Label instructions strongly advise against alcohol use while taking Ambien. Many victims have been arrested on DUI charges when no alcohol was involved. The State of Wisconsin routinely checks all DUI suspects for Ambien, and in fact it is found in many of these folks' systems when no alcohol is found.

Users are often warned that sleep walking could be an Ambien side effect.

Sleep walking is a problem, but then, some victims also experience sleep driving, sleep house painting, sleep defecating in weird places, and sleep violence against friends or loved ones.

The incident I referred to above involving my friend's wife actually happened during the day, after she'd awakened.  When she blacked out, her driving continued with a series of hard turns and acceleration into an area where there was no road.

There were, however, some houses, one of which was severely damaged.  The car was also severely damaged, having gone through a brick wall, over some large boulders and bouncing off other vehicles parked in the garage.

Any number of very bizarre stories of Ambien users can be found on the web.

To find some of them, I Googled the short phrase, ambien horror stories.

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Only about 89,000 sites came up.  ONLY. Like I can begin to look at even 1,000 sites.

I guess I could if I want to stop all other activity for about a week.

It's only necessary to read a few horror stories to realize that no doctor with common sense would prescribe this stuff. Unfortunately, it really doesn't have to be prescribed, since some folks actually take it recreationally, often along with other psycho hypnotic drugs.

Common sense may be a rare commodity among medical doctors.

Several of those with Ambien side effects stories describe their doctors as having no idea about the side effects. Is it really possible that any doctors prescribe something without knowing of the side effects?

In one case, a man was given Ambien by an ER doctor after going to the ER complaining that he hadn't slept in 4 days. He took Ambien for the next 3 or 4 days, and experienced a little help with the sleep issue.

He also experienced extreme agitation, had the shakes, and the chills.  His wife, an EMT, took his blood pressure and pulse, and found both to be dangerously high.  He describes his mental state as racing 1000 miles an hour.

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You can read his story in detail here,, but if you'd like the short version, Pete was a normal man whom I suppose to have been in his late 30's or early 40's.

He'd allowed some stress over his relationship with his father to fester for years and had experienced the recent death of a close friend. He'd also been dealing with a teenager, whom I assume to be a son or daughter.

He was also trying to recover from recent foot surgery.

The first trip to the ER came after stewing over the tough circumstances of his life; the second came after 3-4 days of taking Ambien.

The second trip to the ER resulted in a 4-day stay in the psych ward of the hospital. It was determined that the Ambien likely pushed Pete into a state of anxiety.  They put him on Restoril to get him off Ambien.

I understand how people get into these emotionally charged mental states. I'm pretty sure that if doctors were better equipped to handle insomnia through non-medical means, even if by sending them to a non-medical counselor or practitioner, the severe Ambien side effects could be avoided.

It sure makes one wonder why any doctor would prescribe the stuff, and why any patient would take it. Some of us who are not professional medical personnel have way too much confidence in doctors. 

There are many very exceptional doctors - doctors who have learned how to prescribe drugs only as a last ditch avenue. Far too many docs hand out powerful drugs like candy.

Ambien Side Effects Bierstadt Trail

I guess it's within the normal operating parameters of medical doctors to prescribe something whenever patients come in with a serious complaint. Lots of folks have trouble sleeping, and after trying the over-the-counter poisons and having no or limited success, they ask the doctor for something that works.

Some doctors may not be aware of the side effects - or maybe they'll go ahead and prescribe because the serious Ambien side effects are classified as rare.

There maybe hundreds of thousands of people taking the stuff who only suffer Ambien side effects that are barely noticeable. Some people take the trouble of going on some of the blogs and websites to defend the drug.

In spite of the fact that the information in the package or on Ambien's website indicates that the drug is only intended for short term use, many are taking it regularly for years.

In addition to the other side effects, it's also addictive.  Many patients find it very difficult to quit.

There may be some uses of Ambien for victims of traumatic brain injury. I watched about a 20 minute video put together by Hamilton Norris.

The video is a fascinating brief collage of amazing improvements in three comatose or nearly comatose individuals. These results are called the Ambien Effect by Norris.

The anecdotal information in the video seems to be of a groundbreaking nature presaging the possible normalizing of brains with damaged parts or cells.

The fact that the drug seems to have positive effects for 3 individuals - and considering that there could be a few more cases not reported, would indicate that this sleeping pill consists of very strong and dangerous chemicals.  The are plenty of safe ways to solve sleep difficulties which involve no drugs at all.

A Fox News webpage reports statistics about Ambien use that indicate it's deadly.

They give us the results of a study involving 10,000 users of Ambien compared to nonusers. Users were up to 35% more likely to develop some type of cancer, including lymphoma and lung cancer.  They were 4.56 times more likely to die of any cause.

Since everyone is likely to die sometime, I'm not sure what that last bit of information means.  I assume it refers to untimely deaths.

Dr. Daniel Kripke, the author of the study is quoted as saying that the risk of death was substantial even for people taking just 18 pills a year - but it increased the more they took. Dr. Kripke is with the Scripps Clinic Viterbi Family Sleep Center in San Diego.

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The manufacturer of Ambien responded by saying that the kind of analysis used by the study suggests association, not cause.  The drug maker says further that the drug is safe when used as directed.

With all the evidence of harm and death to many individuals, I'd say the last statement by the drug maker is blatantly false.

There are some great ways to get a great night's sleep without taking any drug or medication.

For some folks who may well be internally stressed from having taken other drugs or by having eaten certain dangerous foods, the first step would be to find ways to get off all drugs and so-called medicines.

Then, investigate thoroughly not only what you eat, but when you eat, along with quantities. Some foods are inherently dangerous, and should not be eaten at all - even if you have gotten away with eating them for years.

Sometimes bad eating catches up with you as time passes.

You can read more about dangerous foods here. You might also want to check out this page on best diet.

Your occupation can also be a major cause of insomnia. Even relatively low stress jobs can be made into pressure cooker situations by anyone who doesn't learn to perform well while controlling stress.

It's not easy to do, but the benefits include the ability to become stress free by bedtime.

The writings of Eckhart Tolle have been extremely valuable for millions of readers.  He brings ancient philosophies in modern language made easily understandable through his thorough understanding of their applications.

To learn more about Tolle, visit my Tolle page, then buy and read one or more of his books.

If you can learn to turn off that inner chatter produced by an overactive mind, you may be able to sleep like a baby with no drugs or alcohol at all.

It may take some time to implement dietary changes and absorb mind-relaxing philosophies.  Meanwhile, get some soft music to play in your bedroom. There's a wonderful CD called Adagios.

You definitely will benefit from ways of sleeping well with no Ambien side effects.

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