This Alzheimers Treatment Actually Reverses Alzheimers

Alzheimers treatment as promulgated by the medical establishment  concerns itself with slowing the progression of the disease.

The vast majority of the websites start out by stating that there's no cure. 

Even when there's a link to the Alzheimer's cure page, that page often makes the statement that there's no cure.

Alzheimers Treatment RMNP Alluvial Fan

Within the last couple of years some Alzheimer's patients have found a way to limit the damage and even reverse the effects of Alzheimer's.


Wow!  This is huge!

While working on the research for this page, I looked at many of the sites listed on the first 15 pages of search results for Alzheimers treatments.

Out of all the sites, I only found one which really offered any hope for actually curing and reversing Alzheimer's Disease.

A few months ago, I stumbled across an amazing book while standing in the checkout line at Vitamin Cottage here in Arvada.

Vitamin Cottage is a wonderful source of food supplements and organically grown produce - along with books which offer healing and prevention against disease of all sorts.

Joyce and I shop at Vitamin Cottage every week - where we buy many of the food supplements we use as well as most of the fresh, organic produce for our meals.

At Vitamin Cottage we've also found a lot of the books we've used to become aware of the many non-medical means of staying healthy.

Coconut Oil is a Miracle Food

You don't have to read very far into Stop Alzheimer's Now! by Bruce Fife, N.D., to find the only way I've found to actually reverse this disease.

In the very first chapter we're quickly given the information needed by anyone who has a family member afflicted by Alzheimer's.

Contrary to popular belief, coconut oil is a delicious and natural saturated fat which everyone should be eating every day.

Alzheimers Treatment RMNP Alluvial Fan

The popular belief with regard to fats of all kinds has been produced by unrelenting propaganda generated for decades by misguided health experts.

Turns out we actually need fats, especially saturated fats, in order for our lives to continue.

The only time fats are harmful is when they are consumed along with lots of carbohydrates.  Even then, the real culprit is excess consumption of carbohydrates.

Dr. Fife in Stop Alzheimer's Now tells us that coconut oil is the best fat to enable our bodies to make ketones.

This is the basis for his Alzheimers treatment.

Except for those health nuts who are body-builders, ketones are generally thought of as being undesirable, or even dangerous among nutritionists and health care professionals.

There's an amazing amount of conflicting information floating around on the web and in books.

Associated with the word, ketones, is the word ketosis.

Ketosis apparently results when there is an abundance of ketones circulating in our blood.

An extremely dangerous condition known as ketoacidosis normally only happens with type I diabetics who have difficulty controlling blood-sugar levels.  Lack of insulin prevents glucose from entering cells to be used as fuel for energy.

Alzheimers Treatment RMNP Alluvial Fan

As a temporary survival measure, the body burns fat to produce ketones for fuel.

Some body-builders purposely create a state of ketoacidosis in order to promote the burning of fat. They do so by nearly eliminating all carbs from their diet - eating only protein and fat.

Ketones are also made directly from certain fats, without having to approach that dangerous state of ketoacidosis.  Those fats are known as medium-chain-triglycerides, or MCTs.

The most readily available, cheapest, and possibly the best tasting of the MCTs is coconut oil.

This amounts to possibly the only Alzheimers treatment which actually works.

All the other Alzheimers treatments focus on trying to slow down the downward spiral of the symptoms of dementia, while clearly and emphatically stating that there is no cure for Alzheimer's.

The book by Dr. Fife does a great job of showing us how and why coconut oil works.

It's also loaded with great practical information for sufferer's of many other illnesses or diseases, including Parkinson's, MS, and epilepsy.

There may even be hope for anyone diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease.

The Foreword of the book was written by Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

This entire book is a great read, including Dr.Blaylock's Foreword. 

It's not an easy read - chock full of some technical words, but it's so packed with great nutritional information that anyone with patience and a good dictionary can learn a tremendous amount of highly beneficial stuff.

Alzheimers Treatment RMNP Alluvial Fan

One thing I'm learning while reading and studying this book is that many well-accepted dietary practices have resulted from propaganda-like presentations from the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and even from some well-meaning health food companies.

I've been among many health-nuts who have always accepted the idea that fats - especially saturated fats - are very dangerous to our health.

Like most health-conscious folks, we've gone out of our way to avoid saturated fats for decades.

Polyunsaturated fats have been heavily promoted and sold by food producers for 20 years or more.

Consumption of those polyunsaturates over long periods of time appears to be one of the major reasons western countries have seen huge increases in the numbers of folks suffering from all the neurodegenerative diseases - including Alzheimer's.

So, part of the effective Alzheimers treatment is to stop using polyunsaturated oils, and drastically increase the use of the saturated oils, especially coconut oil.

Another aspect of the this most effective Alzheimers treatment is a drastic reduction in the carbohydrate consumption.

Lots of us senior citizens along with no small number of middle-aged people are noticing a decline in mental sharpness as we age.

For a long time, this decline has been accepted as normal - just an inevitable part of life.

Dr. Fife builds a very convincing case for the idea that our brains are fully capable of not only staying as sharp as when we were in our prime, no matter how long we live, but the brain can regenerate itself through the right nutritional practices.

He also includes an entire chapter on the dangers of root canals - the often used procedure which generates a lot of money for a lot of dentists.  The chapter is titled, THE DENTAL CONNECTION.

The primary dietary practice is simple:  just begin eating lots of coconut oil and drastically reduce carbohydrate intake - especially if you and your family typically eats lots of carbs.

Stop Alzheimer's Now! provides great evidence of dramatic anecdotal evidence that coconut oil is a miracle food - a super food for the brain.

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