Alternative Health Care - Many Exciting Choices

Alternative health care is highly effective, if you take the necessary steps to understand what it means and how it differs from conventional medicine.

I personally don't like the term alternative medicine because of the inclusion of the word medicine.

Medicines are usually substances or concoctions ingested or injected to cause quick relief from pain. Sometimes they are designed to stimulate healing or some other change in the physical body.

We may be aware that some medicines are more natural in their chemical composition than others. And sometimes, substances may be classified as medicines erroneously.

One of the reasons I don't like and don't trust medicines is that we tend to overuse them, and rely heavily on them.

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We as a society have come to expect quick and easy fixes for physical ailments - and the fixes often are not fixes at all. They are many times cover-ups.

For example, aspirin may quickly eliminate pain without dealing with the actual cause of the pain. So, when the pain comes again repeatedly, it's easy to get into the habit of popping aspirin in increasing numbers.

Decades ago I used aspirin a lot - and I found relief from a lot of headaches by using a lot of aspirin.

Headaches Have Causes - Usually Dietary

Lucky for me that through the efforts of my wife, I eventually discovered the various reasons for my headaches.

The causes were mostly dietary.

You may be aware that reliance on drugs - legal and illegal - is extremely harmful.

But it's not always obvious, and many do not realize just how harmful they are.

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Lots of Great Folks Want their Meds

Many individuals are convinced that they have no choice in the matter.

Their doctors say they must take the drugs to stay healthy. Or, in many cases patients demand drugs from their doctors.

For these folks, there is no alternative health care.

Or, at least they're convinced that they're permanently locked into the medications prescribed by their physicians - a situation relished by many who may tend toward hypochondria.

But there are many cases in which individuals have broken free of the drug trap.

Let me add the necessary caveat.

There are likely some situations in which sudden cessation of a drug regimen could be deadly.

I'm not a physician of any kind. But I am a senior citizen who has managed to stay very healthy most of my life having not seen a medical doctor for more than 60 years.

The simple course of action I'm suggesting is that each of us is better off if we take responsibility for our own health.

This is where mind power comes in.

We have to be diligent in using our minds to analyze our own situations.

The great thing is that more and more alternative health care professionals are becoming available. Some are medical doctors who offer alternative modalities of treatment.

Holistic Medicine = Functional Medicine

Increasing numbers of medical doctors are practicing functional medicine, also known as holistic medicine.

Many are non-medical practitioners who maintain expertise in several disciplines.

One of the best known is chiropractic.

Chiropractic was branded as quackery by the mainstream medical folks for several decades. Some segments of allopathic medicine continue to refuse to admit the value of chiropractic.

Our experience with chiropractic has been up close and personal. To find out more, please click here.

Allopathic = Treatment in Opposition

I had not seen this word, allopathic, until I read Physician by Richard Leviton.

It's a well-used term in certain circles which has roughly the same meaning as conventional medicine.

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Allopathic medicine relies very heavily on the use of antibiotics. This is because nearly everyone in the medical community accepts the premise that disease is caused by germs.

For another view of germs, please click here.

Germs are the Enemy?

The word germs usually is applied to bacteria, but common usage also sometimes includes viruses. Somehow, the public is generally unaware that many bacteria are not only not the enemy, they are absolutely necessary for human and animal life.

Viruses are still mysterious life forms in terms of how little is known about them compared to bacteria.

Protozoans are also included when they seem to create problems.

Trichomoniasis is a condition blamed on certain protozoans. Find out more here.

Chiropractic is the Best Answer for Many

Lots of chiropractors are truly amazing.

In our family, we use a chiropractor who is very much a holistic healer. We have all benefited greatly from his professionalism and expertise.

Do you use a chiropractor? Does he or she use applied kinesiology?

For information on applied kinesiology, please click here. Alternative Health Care Rocky Mtn National Park

Reflexology is A Great Alternative Health Care Tool

There's another alternative health care therapy which is very simple to learn and practice on yourself or family members.

Foot reflexology is a practice which is centuries old.

It was practiced from the 16th century on in India, China, and Egypt, but probably had roots many centuries before that time.

To learn more, please click here.

Acupuncture is Reflexology on Steroids

On steroids? Very interesting common phrase.

Steroid use is a dangerous practice. No doubt many feel they've benefited from the use of steroids. Unfortunately, many pay the price years after the use of steroids.

Another wonderful alternative health care practice is acupuncture.

Acupuncture may work on a very similar basis as reflexology, but acupuncture is much more widely practiced by a wide variety of health care professionals.

For an overview of acupuncture, please click here.

Take Care of Your Liver

Your liver is right up there with your heart as far as vital organs are concerned.  Somehow we manage to ignore it until it seems to cause severe problems.

But some liver maintenance activity can pay huge health dividends. please click here for more liver info.

Lots of Medical Doctors think the Gallbladder is Not a Vital Organ

The gallbladder is attached to the liver.  It acts as a reservoir for bile. It's a wonderful little organ which performs a very vital function.

Bile emulsifies fats. This is a vital step for the digestion of fats.

Bile is also required for the assimilation of certain fat soluble vitamins - namely A, D, E, and K.

Coconut oil is a very beneficial fat - one which is missing from the diet of most Americans.

Liver problems are often signaled by the presence of gallstones. please click here for help with gallstones.

Lots of Pure Water for Your Kidneys

Have you ever experienced the passing of a kidney stone?  It's an experience we can all do very nicely without, thank you very much.

Both kidney stones and gallstones can be prevented through correct dietary habits - and especially by drinking plenty of water.

Your drinking water should be pure water with no additives at all. Distilled water is the best for your vital organs.

Drink no soda, very little or no tea or coffee. No liquids should be ingested with solid food meals.

We'd all love to avoid pain, but pain is really essential sometimes.  Without it, we'd often be totally unaware of life-threatening problems needing our conscious attention.

Certain medications are very hard on the kidneys. The best practice is to avoid all drugs or medications.

The pain of passing a kidney stone can be excruciating. For information about non-medical ways of dealing with kidney stones, please click here.

Avoid those GMOs Modern Science is so Proud of

A large part of our alternative health care effort necessarily focuses on foods - what to eat and what not to eat.

We've recently become aware of genetically modified foods.  This awareness came to us from Vitamin Cottage.

please click here for much more info.

One major cause of disease in the United States and some other western countries is a very poor food supply.

We Americans ingest more dangerous stuff today than ever before in our history.

Our very poor eating habits have resulted in high death rates from certain conditions - including cancer.

Please visit my causes of cancer page, here. Then come back and visit my cancer cures page here.

Another major cause of disease and death - maybe the number one cause - is allopathic medicine.  This is why alternative health care is so vitally important.

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