An Aids Cure:  Know as Much as Possible

An AIDS cure has yet to come out of the medical community.

If you've looked at other pages of, you know that I don't claim to have any medical expertise.  But I do know how to stay healthy, no matter what.

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Use Medicine to Postpone Death

The standard line from the medical folks is that various treatments consisting of expensive drugs will slow the progress of AIDS or that morbidity is reduced.  In other words, the best they can offer is to put death off a few years - maybe.

But there is an AIDS cure - just not strictly within the confines of Western Medicine as typically practiced in our country.  In fact, the AIDS cure involves staying away from medicines.

AIDS Sufferers Prove it's Not Fatal

At the same time a lot of AIDS victims have proven that the disease is not necessarily fatal.  Lots of AIDS victims have been living with the disease for 20 or more years - even while many of their friends and loved ones have died after the prescribed 3-7 years.

You may be among those skeptics who've been on the planet long enough to realize that AIDS just seems to have appeared magically out of nowhere a few decades ago.

If so you are right to be skeptical.  AIDS might well be the invention of bureaucratic incompetence spurred on by the power-hungry media.

Too bad the bureaucrats haven't blundered into an AIDS cure.

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AIDS is a New Condition, one without a Cure

Back in the fifties, sixties, and seventies there was no mention of AIDS or the human immunodeficiency virus, HIV.

But during the eighties, there was suddenly a lot of scarey sounding media noise about HIV and AIDS, along with terms like deadly epidemic and a disastrous world wide pandemic.

Even now we see or hear an occasional media release which perpetuates the standard dogma. And the release almost always points out the lack of an AIDS cure.

Medical scientists and journalists have come up with more than one detailed history cloaked in lots of long words, including a lot of Latin words and phrases which attempt to make it seem as though educated folks can't help but realize the genuine dangers involved, and must put their full faith and confidence in medical scientists and the drugs they prescribe.

AIDS is Cash Cow for Big Pharma

The epidemic, though, has been a real cash cow for the pharmaceutical companies and their researchers.  More than $40 billion has been spent by the Federal Government.

Still no AIDS cure.

Infection supposedly occurs through unsafe sexual practices, drug use on the street using a non-sterile needle, or occasionally even through faulty blood transfusions.

What about all the Healthy Carriers of the Virus?

A big piece of information mostly ignored is that there are multitudes of healthy carriers of the virus.

Lots of medical doctors who actually practice daily with patients know from experience that exposure to various microbes doesn't necessarily result in illness.

Many health practitioners of all kinds are completely aware of natural immunity - the body's inherent ability to fight off disease.

AIDS stands for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

How can Your Immunity be Affected by a Bacterium or Virus?

So supposedly some foreign micro-organism is capable of compromising our natural immunity - no matter how healthy we might be.

Oh, but maybe some individuals aren't so healthy, so therefore, a sub-microscopic organism is able to get a foothold and gradually take over.

So what actually caused the disease - the organism, or the unhealthy environment - the unhealthy body of the the sick person?

Is it possible that one's body might be unhealthy not as a result of invasion by tiny organisms, but as a result of toxins or malnutrition?

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Is it Possible that Toxins are Responsible?

Toxins are various kinds of substances - poisonous chemicals including all the preservatives poured into processed foods.

Many toxins commonly ingested by modern humans are the over-the-counter and prescription drugs so commonly and profusely used for relief of pain or other discomfort.

Toxins also include chemicals ingested from food materials which never should have been included as foods.  Even some natural foods are toxic - such as gluten containing grains.

Some naturopathic doctors such as Dr. D'Adamo have been telling us for years to avoid wheat and other grains.

Wheat is Toxic? No Way.... well, ...

But now, finally, a  medical doctor is very specifically and emphatically telling us that many of us are being severely harmed by wheat and other cereal grains.

Dr. James Braly, M.D., in his book written with Ron Hoggan, M.A. tells us that gluten and certain other difficult to digest proteins contained in wheat, rye, barley, oats, and some other less common grains, damage parts of the gastro-intestinal tract so severely over time that we lose our ability to absorb vital nutritional elements from healthy foods.

Look at what Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. has written in the Foreword to Dr. Braly's book:

It's been known for years that certain whole grains (wheat, rye, barley, spelt, triticale, kamut, and possibly oats) are the cause of celiac disease. 

This intestinal-tract disease can vary from mild (gas, bloating, loose stools) to life-threatening (malabsorption, weight loss, malnutrition) and is preventable and treatable by completely eliminating all of the aforementioned grains from the diet.

Known for years?  Who has known for years?  For how many years?

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Dangerous Grains was first published in 2002.  The two authors, Dr. Braley and Ron Hoggan, wrote the book because of their own experiences with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.

Some Great Info from Down Under

Dr. Wright, on the same page with the above quote, says he first became aware of the wide reach of gluten sensitivity in the 1980s when he read a book by Dr. Christopher Reading and Ross Meillon.

Dr. Reading's book was first published in Australia.  His practice was also there, in a suburb of Sydney.

Dr. Wright visited Dr. Reading's office during the late '80s, and viewed a large wall chart listing over 100 individuals who had consulted Dr. Reading because they assumed they had lupus erythematosus. 

All 100 individuals had experienced the debilitating symptoms and positive  blood tests for lupus, but they had all been symptom free with negative blood tests for five years or more.

Dr. Wright writes, That's right:  over one hundred people cured of lupus in the 1980s.  Even in the United States of 2002, any lupus specialist will tell us that's impossible and resume writing prescriptions for Prednisone, a dangerous, synthetic version of the natural cortisone molecule.

How did Dr. Reading do it?  His program included complete elimination of all grains from the diet, except rice and  corn (it also included elimination of milk and dairy products combined with heavy nutritional supplementation both orally and intravenously).

Evidence that AIDS Cure could be Diet Change

The medical establishment has no cure for lupus, and no AIDS cure.

So, what do celiac and lupus have to do with AIDS?

Lupus and AIDS appear in Appendix D in Dr. Braley and Ron Hoggan's book, Dangerous Grains.  Appendix D lists nearly 200 diseases or conditions related to Celiac disease and to each other by similarity of symptoms.

So, AIDS might actually be a disease caused by food allergies and malnutrition.

Or, it might not even be a separate disease or condition at all.  It might well be celiac disease, or gluten sensitivity, or lupus.

Very possibly the simple AIDS cure involves a drastic change of diet.

Blood Test for AIDS Produces Horror

But if you've had a blood test which shows positive for HIV, the first powerful reaction of the medical folks who administered the test is typically strongly negative - even one of horror.

So right away, you're automatically programmed to think you're going to die soon - not just by the medical folks around you. 

The programming participants include your own conscious mind - having been receiving all the horror messages from the media and maybe even your colleagues.

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Compare Symptoms of AIDS with Symptoms of Celiac

When I read Dangerous Grains, I discovered that the symptoms of celiac and non-celiac gluten sensitivity are very numerous, varying widely from one patient to another.  In fact, some celiac victims have no symptoms at all, and their condition is described as silent or asymptomatic Celiac disease.

This sounds a lot like many people whose blood has been found to contain HIV.  Or, at least they're told their blood contains HIV.

For comparison to AIDS, here are some of the common symptoms of classic celiac:  chronic discomfort, lethargy, chronic fatigue, thin or skinny, pale appearance, short stature, sleep disorders, headaches, anemia, loss of appetite, weight loss, GI bleeding, bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain, depression, hopelessness, skin lesions, dental caries, heartburn and reflux, nausea and vomiting.

What are the symptoms of AIDS?

Here are some of the commonly listed symptoms:  depression, fatigue, lethargy, sleep problems, lack of appetite, nausea, feelings of hopelessness or lethargy, low self esteem and guilt, thoughts of suicide, diarrhea, bad taste in the mouth, weight loss, slim disease or wasting syndrome, tingling in hands or feet.

Symptoms are very interesting.

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Just How Precise are Symptoms?

We should all realize that symptoms are not precise.  They vary from one person to another.

The symptoms for AIDS and those for lupus, celiac, and plain old gluten sensitivity are surprisingly similar.

Maybe the AIDS cure is the same as the cure for lupus:  elimination of all grains from the diet.

Too simple.

How Precise are Blood Tests?

Medical doctors love tests.  They especially love blood tests.

The medical community promotes the idea that blood tests are conclusive - that they're never wrong.

Did you know that the test for HIV doesn't actually show the virus?  It shows certain antibodies.  Antibodies which supposedly result from the presence of HIV.

But, for many medical scientists and microbiologists, the theory behind the HIV blood test is far from proven.

And, the theory that HIV causes AIDS is also far from proven.

There's evidence to support the idea that the medications used to fight AIDS are the cause of the destruction of patients' immune systems.

To me and many others who practice self-help health, immunity means being immune to all sickness and disease.

The number of people from all walks of life who have been told they are HIV positive but show no symptoms of AIDS is huge - probably in the millions.

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Many Diseases are Labeled as Incurable

An amazing number of diseases have been labeled as incurable by medical science - but an incredible number of individuals have proven the scientists wrong - many with the help of their professional health practitioners.

I have no faith in the medical scientists, and I have very little confidence in medical doctors in general.

There are those exceptional M.D.s who have stepped outside the medical establishment box.

Courageous Medical Doctors

Now we're seeing more and more courageous M.D.s publishing astonishing information - astonishing because the information has been around for more than 100 years, but has been effectively buried by political and financial interests of big pharma.  One doctor in that exceptional category is Dr. Alejandro Junger - who has written that <b>there are no incurable diseases</b> - just incurable patients.

I think he's absolutely correct.  The main reason anyone is ever incurable has to do with their beliefs about medicines.

If AIDS exists, there is certainly an AIDS cure.

The AIDS Cure is Non-medicinal

If you believe the cure comes from medicines, you're believing in powerful, toxic chemicals, which may kill you in spite of your natural resilience.

One of my favorite authors, Richard Leviton quotes Paracelsus, a Swiss physician of the 16th century who made the following statement: 

God has not permitted any disease without providing a remedy.  Only ignoramuses allege that Nature has not provided a remedy against every disease.

A lot of folks would say only ignoramuses believe in God.  Apparently Paracelsus, ignorant or not, equated God and Nature - which may be closer to the truth than the complicated doctrines concocted by various theologians.

The Cure is Detoxification and Lifestyle Change

What victims of most diseases want is a quick fix - a magic potion, a pill, injection or a procedure to make them well.

Doctors such as Dr. Junger, Dr. Braly, Dr. Reading, along with a multitude of others, are telling us that what we eat and drink  will cause us to be sick.

We will only be incurable if we are unwilling to change our eating and drinking habits - along with getting off drugs, possibly including tobacco and alcohol.

Drugs includes both legal and illegal chemical substances.

The AIDS cure is the same.

AIDS may or may not be a separate disease from any other sickness or malady caused by our lifetime of consuming toxins.

If you've been told you have AIDS, and have been put on powerful drugs, find an alternative health practitioner, or an M.D. such as Dr. Junger. 

The AIDS cure will be there if you're willing to drastically change your diet - and go through detoxification as Dr. Junger describes in his book, Clean.

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