Acupuncture Points - Stimulation and Release of Humanity's Built-in Healing Energies

Acupuncture points are part of everyone's physical and spiritual makeup. Not only for us as humans, but for all other mammals as well.

We know, at least, that the use of this highly effective therapy is being used by veterinarians on household pets as well as on horses.

So, acupuncture is effective for all of us as a means for healing and comfort.

The fact that it works for animals - maybe even for non-mammals - means that the allegation by some medical doctors that its efficacy depends on placebo effect is nonsense.

It's fascinating that many medical doctors and other self-proclaimed scientific experts are prone to smugly proclaiming that theirs' is the only reliable approach based on modern science.

At the same time, many other doctors are discovering that this 3 or 4 thousand year old therapy is not only highly effective, but has no side effects.

I have not taken full advantage of the therapeutic power of acupuncture.  I have had some limited experience with the use of the points as they are used by my chiropractor.

Overall, acupuncture is still a bit of a mystery to me. But the more I read on the topic the more I'm convinced that I've overlooked an incredibly valuable means for maintaining great health and well-being.

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Chiropractors use Acupuncture Points

Our chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Honert, uses his knowledge of acupuncture points without using the tiny needles.  Lots of physicians of various backgrounds use the points in connection with electrical impulses to stimulate healing.

My dear, sweet wife of over 53 years has used foot reflexology on herself consistently for relief of tension or stress, as well as congestion and pain. There's also a point on the foot for the eyes. Joyce concentrates on that point nearly every night.

Foot reflexology, along with hand reflexology and ear reflexology all seem to operate on the same basis with acupuncture.

Quite a large number of students and experts of these ancient methodologies have concluded that they are closely related.  They all use what Richard Leviton calls a matrix of connection for complex energy systems within the human body.

Chapter 4, The Holographic Human: Probable Locations of the Body

In his book, Physician, Leviton has pulled together information from a rich background of researchers and practitioners from around the globe and skillfully shows how various approaches to acupuncture points, meridians, electrical circuitry and fields, are all part of a complex scheme which involves biology, physics, and astronomy of the universe.

It's clear to me that understanding the basics of acupuncture can open a lot of doors for each of us - doors to ancient methods of healing and human development which provide wonderful relief with no side effects.

My approach to staying well tends to concentrate on prevention through diet and exercise.

Now that I have a better understanding of the incredible wealth of possibilities for healing and health maintenance, I will most certainly take advantage - probably by visiting Dr. Jeff more frequently.

Maybe you suffer from chronic pain, or lack or energy.

The pain may well be an indication of something which needs to be corrected.  Healing must happen for immediate and long term results.

The body is marvelously able to heal itself - it sometimes just needs the right stimulus.

Acupuncture Points Alluvial Fan RMNP

So the application of stimulus to exactly the right point by someone who knows precisely how to find that point produces the healing impetus.

Knowing the precise location of the points to stimulate is key, but also knowing exactly how to apply stimulus is vital as well.

Now we can find practitioners who use the classic method using the very fine needles applied to the outer layers of skin, or we can find others who use minute electrical currents and still others who use lasers.

Masters of therapeutic massage often use the acupuncture points to stimulate comfort and healing, or remove blockages along the body's lines of natural energy flows.

Apparently there are hundreds of points along various meridians.

Traditional acupuncture used a much more limited number of points and meridians.

I assume from some limited research that many modern acupuncturists use primarily 21 points along 14 meridians.

Each of the 21 points may be used for treatment of multiple disorders - which may be related in terms of how they affect the patient.

Skilled acupuncturists know just how long to work with each point, and just how long to allow each session to last.

Here's an excellent page on a site by a very well-trained acupuncturist who provides solid, useful information about acupuncture points and how acupuncture works.

Experience has made successful practitioners capable of providing nearly miraculous relief and healing in cases where traditional Western modalities have failed.

Acupuncture Points Alluvial Fan RMNP

Often, though, acupuncture is used as a complementary treatment along with other alternative health care approaches.

Some acupuncturists are highly trained in closely related areas of alternative health care.

Combining understanding from ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine with knowledge of the perils of western dietary practices provides some practitioners with great healing abilities.

Precise knowledge of which acupuncture points to concentrate on for particular patient complaints results in quick relief from illness.

The additional knowledge of specific dietary flaws causing a particular problem enables the well-trained acupuncturist to treat his or her patient with permanent results with no side effects.

There may be lots more acupuncture points available to each of us than we're typically aware of.

Most practitioners typically zero in a  relative few points depending on where their experience has provided the most success. I'm sure that as experience and study continues, the number of points used increases dramatically.

The more I read and study the writing of Richard Leviton in Chapter 4 of Physician, the more I'm convinced of the spiritual or cosmic connection involving everyone one the planet is worthy of our time and effort for clear understanding.

For some us who have long assumed a very limited version or vision of reality, acceptance of some seemingly mystical aspects of our existence is challenging. Even realizing the implications of quantum physics, quantum mechanics, and their application to biology stretches our minds and imaginations.

Aspects as basic as energy fields or electromagnetic fields are hard for some to accept as vital parts of our experience.

So when anyone claims that each of us is energetically connected to the universe or cosmos, my subconscious mind throws up some red flags.

Here's an interesting quote from Chapter 4:

Acupuncture theory tells us that the human energy anatomy comprises "stems and branches" into the electromagnetic field of the earth and the solar system....

If the human totality represents the holograhic presence (and distillation) of planetary and solar energies, we must say of the human body before us--mine, yours, our associates--that it is only probably located in this visible, tangible space. Other locations, according to the holographic metaphor, include the planetary environment, solar system, and cosmos.

I'm really not aware of how many practicing acupuncturists - many none- actively promote any of this acupuncture theory.

Probably most just quietly and expertly apply their understanding and skills to the objective of promoting the great health of their clients.

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