About Us - Life in the Slow Lane

but it moves faster with every passing year!

We're Bob and Joyce Graf.

She used to be Joyce Lusk.

We're now in our 54th year of marriage and in our 7th decade of life.  I just completed my 75th year last December - Joyce lags behind by about 2.5 years.

We met while we were both undergraduates at San Diego State. Actually she had just graduated from high school.

We met at a music camp during the summer after her graduation in 1963.

We were both clarinet players.

Music has been a large important part of our lives.

About Us Mt Evans We both still love and enjoy classical music. We both majored in music as undergraduates, though she started out as an English major. We got married after I graduated from San Diego State in 1965. My BA was in music education - so I went to work as a band, orchestra, and choir director in junior and senior high schools in Southern California and Western Colorado. That lasted for 11 years. Our two children, Robin and David were born in 1968 and 1970, respectively. They were the center of our lives - and now our grandchildren share that position to some extent. We're very fortunate to be living near our children, their spouses, and our grandchildren. It's a great pleasure to get to see them often. About Us Mt Evans

During our life together and even our lives separately before we met, we were fortunate to have used medical services very sparingly.

During the 1940's and 50's medical doctors were less specialized - probably many more general practitioners running their own family practices.

Our families were relatively healthy.  We didn't require the services of a doctor frequently.

When Joyce became ill in about 1978 with flu and cold-like symptoms, she wound up in the hospital here in Denver.

An unknown physician made a mistake which almost cost her life.

Very fortuitous.

After removing her from the hospital, I began buying carrots in 50-pound bags and started drowning her in fresh juice.

Her Uncle John had previously told us about the power of juicing.

He had also extolled the virtues of distilled water.

So, our journey into alternative health began.

Many events, books, articles, and path-crossings with amazing people later, here we are.

We didn't carry health insurance until we were forced to last year (2017).

At age 74 I had a major health crisis. Turned out I experienced an aortic dissection. My upper aorta came apart.

We didn't have any health insurance, but Joyce and our daughter applied for social security and medicare while I was laying in a hospital bed.

The last 15 months has mostly been spent recovering.

I put most of this website up during the years 2010-2012. Now, in July of 2018, I'm beginning to do some editing and updates.

We hope this site helps you in some way.