Alternative Health Techniques -- What Works Best for You?

What is alternative health-mind power?

Your mind is the most powerful tool available for maintaining your health. Its abilities for keeping you healthy exceed those of the most highly trained physician on the planet.

The biggest battle we have to fight is the battle for our minds.

Most of the health maintaining activity goes on automatically, whether you are awake or asleep.

Many times the actions we take - such as popping pills, or allowing someone to inject something - actually cause damage or illness. Side effects of so called medicines can be devastating.

That doesn't happen as a result of mental weakness. Rather it happens as a result of our education and the constant reinforcement of the medical and pharmaceutical establishments by mass media.

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We're forced by the pressures of modern living to compartmentalize our lives. We're brainwashed into leaving our health care to professionals - especially medical doctors.

Is brainwashed too strong? Maybe. Probably not.

Consider all the stuff on TV and in movies - whether ads or programming - stuff which leads us to believe that medicine is necessary.

All through the early years of our family - when our 2 children were small and as they grew up, we never worried about health issues. If someone didn't feel well, rest and home remedies were used. Recovery was quick.

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This site will provide a lot of information. You can decide which approaches are best for you. I'll cover methods and protocols our experience has led us to believe are highly effective, those given to us by nature for maintaining excellent health and vitality.

Along with maintaining, we can use our minds and other God-given resources to prevent and cure all common maladies without using drugs which actually produce other maladies .

What does the word "medicine" evoke in your mind? Do you think of the stuff doctors prescribe, the stuff sold by drug stores? All the pain pills, antibiotics, antiseptics, sleeping pills, diuretics, laxatives, muscle relaxers, legal and illegal mind-altering drugs?

The very best health and vitality happen when you consistently eat the right foods and avoid the wrong foods.

Nutrition is paramount in all alternative health schemes.

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How do I know which foods are right for me? Which ones are harmful?

Have you learned about body ph (alkalinity or acidity) ?

How about planning your diet and eating right depending on your blood type? Lots of information is hiding behind the Nutritious Foods button over there on the left.

Alternativehealth-mindpower Rocky Mtn National Park

For many of us, assurance of the best health comes from supplementing our diets with natural herbs, vitamins and minerals.

Combine a great nutrition plan with mind power. Knowing some key information about the mind-body connection will help greatly in your quest for optimum health and well being.

You can also live longer than the average bear. In fact, you can live as long as you want to live with mental clarity and physical vitality.

Exercise, of course, is very important. After all, these amazing bodies of ours were made to move. Bones, muscles, tendons, and joints all need to be kept in top condition.

Exercise has consistently been a vital part of our alternative health plan. Here again, mind power is key.

Think with me about the role your mind can play and the amazing scope and extent of mind power. Mind power is the key to making it all happen: continuous fantastic health, strong physical vitality, mental clarity and sharpness, and extraordinary longevity.

Mind power reaches all the way to the cell level of your physical body and into your physical and spiritual surroundings.

Alternative health with no mind involvement on your part is not possible.

Positive thinking is great. But we can reach way beyond positive thinking by knowing what our connection is to nature and the cosmos.

But you may already know: many great men and women from all walks of life, including scientists such as Einstein, philosophers and historians such as Emerson, along with great teachers from antiquity to the 21st century have recognized that we are connected not only with each other, but to the infinite creative power.

Your mind can remove all fear of any illness or disease. The complete absence of fear through knowledge and understanding greatly helps you and I maintain great physical and mental health.

Excellent diet and exercise are core elements to any alternative health plan, but...

Your mind is your most powerful tool for achieving and maintaining great health.

We'll explore our great gift of mind power in detail on the Mind Power page.

Now, feel free to explore this site, moving into the area of your greatest interest. If you'd like a recommendation, start with the Mind Power page.